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How to prevent drowning in the pool?

The pools are one of the main meeting points to enjoy the aquatic surfaces; friends, families, and any number of people usually meet for tourism purposes. Therefore, it is important to know how to prevent drowning.

Although the perception of swimming pools is quite positive thanks to everything that is possible to do in them to entertain ourselves or hang out with lifeguard class, there are also aspects that you should not omit at any time. Drowning and other series of accidents occur in and around them; therefore, the need arises to prevent them.

In order to avoid any type of problem of this nature, the pools must have lifeguards or supervisors. However, the responsibility also falls on you and any lucid adults in the pool.

How to prevent drowning?

The majority of people who suffer from drowning in swimming pools are children and this is influenced by many determining factors. The lack of muscular strength, the little control of the body in the water, and the ignorance of techniques to float are the main ones.

However, anyone can get into an accident and drown. Therefore, it is necessary not to overlook any; especially if you can’t swim.

In that order of ideas, we will show you a series of recommendations that you should not ignore if you really want to know how to prevent drowning. Do not miss them!

Check regulatory measures

This is a point that is overlooked quite regularly in almost all pools, especially by people who are just vacationing or hanging out. Despite this, it is advisable to check that the measurements are adequate.

Normally, the pools have signs outside the water surface for lifeguard class. There, the height is marked in meters or centimeters in order to let bathers know whether they are standing or not.

Of course, it is not necessary to walk with a meter to be strict, but through the calculation and the measurements of your body, you can take into account if they correspond to the reported value.

Constant accompaniment

If it is about you, find someone you trust to go swimming in the pool, so you can accompany each other. Although many prefer to swim alone, accompaniment as a preventive measure is never in excess.

With regard to children or minors, do not trust their swimming abilities, any carelessness can cause drowning. Therefore, try to offer constant accompaniment or leave them in charge of an adult who knows how to swim.

Employ security features

If the child entering the pool is under 10 years old, it is preferable to use floats or an inflatable vest. These types of objects offer a lot of help when floating in the water or in order to prevent drowning.

Even if the person is of legal age and does not have the skills to swim or “defend himself in the water,” the most appropriate thing is to provide a life jacket with a lifeguard class. It is not a matter of shame but of security. Do not forget.

Some professionals insist that these types of elements provide false security and attachment; therefore, they do not advise them. However, the decision depends on each person or the guardian of the minor.

Do not neglect

If you are in charge of ensuring the safety of the pool or you work as a lifeguard, the most important advice on the subject revolves around attention. It may read cliché or repetitive, but you cannot neglect yourself at any time.

There are many scenarios in which small distractions such as talking on a cell phone have triggered drowning episodes. You don’t have to be a robot or a security camera, but you do need to be vigilant at all times.

Remember that your responsibility is focused on looking after the pool attendants and your role is supremely important.

How to prevent drowning, the best solution?

The main recommendation to prevent drowning in the pool is to learn to swim; In this way, you will be able to overcome the challenges present on the aquatic surface.

However, even the most experienced swimmers have suffered from problems related to drowning. Knowing how to swim is an excellent alternative, but you should not ignore the recommendations set out above; prevention is worth two.

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