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Why My Arlo Camera is Not Recording but Detecting Motion?

Arlo is a well-known security camera brand for homes, businesses, and other applications. These cameras provide high quality and reliable performance.

However, sometimes users face issues like the Arlo camera is not recording or capturing the video even in motion detection mode. If you are also facing this issue then you can go through this article to resolve the issue.

Why My Arlo Camera is Not Recording?

If your Arlo camera is not recording or capturing the video then there may be various reasons behind it. Some of these reasons include:

  • Low battery power
  • A damaged Wi-Fi router
  • Arlo camera is not connect properly to the network
  • Updating the firmware of your Arlo device
  • If your base station is not connected to the internet.
  • If your micro SD card is full.
  • The battery of your camera might be low.
  • If your Arlo camera is not in the active status.
  • You may have reached your cloud storage limit.

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So, it is important to first find out why your Arlo camera is not recording and then troubleshoot the issue accordingly. Here are some quick tips that can help you to fix this issue:

Troubleshooting Arlo Camera is Not Recording

Check the Arlo camera’s battery and power supply

If your Arlo camera is not recording, the first thing you should do is check its battery and power supply. When it runs on batteries, make sure they are charge up and correctly install inside the device. If it uses a power cable, check that there are no loose connections and that it’s properly plugged into a working outlet.

Check your internet connection

The Arlo camera requires a working internet connection to record and send videos to your device (phone or computer). Therefore, make sure your router is connected to the internet with an active subscription plan from your ISP. It would help if you also checked its settings to make sure everything is configured correctly.

Restart your Router

Restarting your router can fix minor internet issues that are preventing your Arlo camera from recording footage.

Restart Your Arlo Camera

Restarting the Arlo camera will help you to get rid of any technical glitch that is stopping the camera from working normally. Below are the steps to restart the camera:

  1. Remove the back cover of your camera and take out its batteries.
  2. Wait for a few seconds and then put the batteries back in the camera again.
  3. Once done, put on the cover again and wait for a few seconds until your camera comes back online on your device.

Verify that your camera is online

The first thing you’ll want to do is verify that your Arlo camera is online. If the status says Arlo Camera Offline, try resetting the base station by unplugging the power cord for about 10 seconds and then reconnecting it. You should also check your router to make sure you have an internet connection there as well.

Check your notifications

If you have your Arlo notifications set up properly, and the Arlo camera is not recording, then you will see a notification on your smartphone or smartwatch. Check for a notification before doing anything else. If you don’t see one, move on to the next step.

Check your device settings

You can configure your Arlo camera to only record in certain situations. If it’s not working as expected, and there is no notification set up, then you can check these settings in the Arlo app.

Open the Arlo app on your phone or tablet, and tap “More -> Settings -> Advanced Settings”. This will open a menu where you can check if the camera is recording video based on motion detection or sound detection; make sure it’s enable for both. You can also check if there is a schedule set up for when these features should be enable, and make sure it doesn’t conflict with your needs.

How To Connect Arlo Camera to Wifi?

Before we move further to connect the Arlo camera to wifi, it is very essential to check if it’s working or not. After that, use the below-given steps in the same order:

  • Download the Arlo app from your smartphone or tablet
  • After downloading the Arlo app complete the Arlo Camera Login process.
  • Once the login procedure will be successful, open the app and go to “settings” followed by “my devices” 
  • From the list of various Arlo cameras, select the one that belongs to you.
  • Select the choice of “device settings” and choose “wifi networks”. 
  • Select the wifi network and enter the password to connect Arlo to wifi.
  • You can save the password if you want
  • Go to the device page and tap on the “re-enable camera” button for 10 seconds.
  • Wait for a while and then you will be able to stream anything.


In this guide, we have mentioned all the steps required to fix Arlo Camera is Not Recording issue. If you apply the steps carefully, the issue will be solve easily.

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