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What is the best women’s wallet

Banknotes, credit cards, business cards, driver’s licenses and subscriptions are all our daily companions, which should be quickly accessible and preferably organized. For these purposes, we buy wallet since the choice is huge both in terms of design and price preferences.

And if it seemed to you (like many) that the difference between the mentioned accessories was only in the name, after reading our review you will understand all the intricacies of choosing a wallet and purse.

Wallet design

Wallets designers created lots of types of wallets for any age. There are wallets for girls, boys, and men, and the most wanted is leather wallets for women. And we can say that women wallets are so popular.

How to start choosing an accessory? Yes, in order to decide what exactly we will choose – a purse or a wallet? A purse is an exclusively male attribute, while a wallet is an accessory for both women and men.

A men’s wallet, which is similar in functionality to a women’s wallet, has distinction of a more strict design, clean lines, and the absence of decorative elements. It is flat, horizontal or vertical, with several compartments for bills and cards and (often) a hidden zipped pocket.

The purse is smaller than a wallet, and folds in half or three times. The clasp is absent, or is available in the form of a “hatch” on the button.

A women’s wallet is a real expense for design ideas. A ladies wallet is always large and horizontal, with many compartments inside and a closing button or zipper running along the entire side. But this is only a cursory description, and further we will analyze the characteristics of each accessory in detail.

It is worth noting that today, people call a purse a wallet and vice versa (as they are used to or as it is more convenient), without knowing and without thinking whether the definition is correct, and whether there is a difference at all.

 Choose a men’s or women’s wallet by functionality.

The following men’s wallets are distinguished by size:

  • Purse for chest pocket (Breast Wallet). We also call them men’s wallets. Large vertical wallets with several internal compartments for banknotes and plastic cards. These are vertical purses where banknotes are stored in full size, without bending. Such a flat wallet is convenient to carry in a breast pocket, in a compact bag, and just in your hand. For carrying in a pocket of trousers or jeans, it is not suitable due to its size. In a chest pocket wallet, as a rule, there is no pocket for small change, but there is a compartment for a driver’s license (modern type, plastic) with a transparent window.
  • Bi-fold wallet / purse. This is the most familiar and most common type of wallets, or rather, a purse. It folds in half and fastens, either with a strap or simply by slamming like a book. The men’s bifold wallet has several compartments for bills, which also fold in half. Along with money compartments, there are pockets for plastic cards, and also, often, a compartment for coins. Purses vary in size, and smaller ones are great for carrying in the back and front pockets of jeans, trousers, and a jacket.

The following men’s wallets are distinguished by size

  • Tri-fold wallet/purse. “Trifold” – the most multifunctional type of purse. It consists of three folding parts and has a large number of compartments and pockets, in a word – everything will fit. “Trifold” – small in size, however, it is thicker and more voluminous than “bifold”, due to three folded parts. Numerous offices allow you to take with you several plastic cards, credit cards, discount cards, subscriptions, as well as driver’s licenses and banknotes of different currencies. Men’s triple-fold purse, although thicker, fits perfectly in the pockets of jackets, jackets, handbags / purses.
  • Clips for money (Money clip). This, of course, is not a wallet, but a completely usable accessory. Its functionality is simple – to clamp folded bills. In the era of “plastic” money clips are gradually losing relevance.
  • Cardholder (Front pocket wallet). The name speaks for itself: the accessory are common exclusively for plastic cards, although you can put a folded banknote.

How do you want your wallet to be closed?

  • Classic men’s wallets. Actually, the wallet does not close at all, but “slams” like a book, and its two parts, under their own weight and stiffness of the skin, remain in the closed position. If the plastic cards in such a wallet are in their compartments, and the banknotes are folded in half along with the wallets, then there is no risk that even without a clasp something will fall out of the purse. The advantage is that you do not need to spend extra seconds opening your wallet, as is the case with a “whip” or a zipper.
  • Men’s purse on the button. The clasp with a button provides a more secure closure than the “classic”, but the purse with a clasp opens longer. Of course, this is a matter of a second and the habit of the owner of the purse. If you subjectively feel calmer with a more secure type of closure, choose a button-down strap. The button should be fastened not too tight, but not too loose, to ensure that even a tightly stuffed wallet is fixed.
  • Men’s wallets with a zipper. The zip fastening is inherent in wallets, not purses, and provides the most secure closure. Lightning is rarely found in men’s wallets and is more common in women’s accessories. Men’s zippered wallets, as a rule, have an original design and stand out against the background of classic wallet types. In addition, the zipper provides more time to open the wallet, and men still do not favor “extra movements”.

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