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What are the services included in nail care?

A beauty salon is a paradise on Earth. A lot of people will agree with me. When you ask somebody what do they want to have? Among their answers, you will definitely find “good looks”, “perfect skin”, “beautiful hair”, and of course, “perfect nails”. You can be really perfect but when your nails are undone or have ugly forms you are not feeling as beautiful as you should. You may think that nowadays taking care of nails is a trend, but you will be wrong.  Archeologists discovered Egyptian mummies dating to 5000 BC with glided nails, nearly that time ancient Babylonian men used kohl to color their nails. As you can see taking care of nails is not a discovery.

Not only have people take care of their nails for centuries but they also tried to make them as beautiful and impressive as possible. That’s when long nails were one of the trends as well as they do now. It’s interesting but some people even broke a record of it. For example, Diana Armstrong grew her nails so hard that now they measure 42 feet (1.306,58cm) and she was announced in Guinness World Record.

Nail trends are changing every season. Every now and then you have different colors that are on trend, and different nail designs and you try to keep up with the trends, which is not a bad idea. Life is too short to have boring nails. The best advice is to go for beylikdüzü escort it.

So, when you go to the salons, they offer you a bunch of nail services. Let’s see each one of them.

Nail Care

Before thinking about beauty, you need to think about health. Nail care is very crucial. After nail care your nails will be healthy and good-looking, sometimes you don’t need anything more.
Professional nail services remove your dead cells, debris, and cuticles. Then it is time of filing nails.
It is highly important to find a professional that can file your nails safely, otherwise, you will have some injuries from which you will suffer for some days.

The other important decision is nail shape. Nowadays you can see that there are various nail shapes. And when you go to the salon, they ask you to choose one. It is better to pay attention to the natural shape of your nail bed and then make a decision. As trends are good but comfort is better. If you match your nail shape with your natural nail bed your fingers will look beautiful and natural too.

Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure is a beauty treatment for hands and accordingly, a pedicure for feet and legs that consider a beauty salon offers. Manicure includes filing, shaping, and massaging the hands.  As mentioned above filing and shaping the nails are very important, and they are like the base of nail care. But let’s not underestimate hand massaging. Hand massage has a bunch of benefits, the most important of which is blood circulation.
Our hands are working for us 24/7 and we have to give them the best treatment. They need to relax sometimes and massages are the best for that.
Pedicure also has massaging service, which really provides a good feeling for your legs for the rest of the day. Removing dead cells and preventing the build-up of dead cells are included in pedicure services as well. Manicure & Pedicure has moisturizing services with various lotions which are the best part of the treatment.

Nail art

After having nail care it’s a good idea to do nail art, just give it a try. Want it or not we type all day long. At work, at home, at train stations, on buses, at cafes, everywhere. Accordingly, we look at our fingers most of the time and when we see a cuticle hanging around, or damaged polish we get irritated. And most of the time, unconsciously it affects our mood.

A creative approach to paint, embellishing, enhancing, and decorating nails is nail art. It is a form of nail art that can be applied to both finger and toenails, typically following manicures or pedicures. Nails trimming, shaping, and polishing are part of manicures and pedicures, which are beautification procedures.

That is why it is crucial to pay attention to our nails and not only to nail care but also to nail art. So, why not make it beautiful? Nowadays, nail services suggest a lot of options like Shellac manicure, acrylic manicure, dip powder manicure, just polish, nail extensions, and etc.
Before doing your nail art, do some research and find your style, and after, talk to your manicurist, who will give you some advice.

Does not matter what services you go for, go to the salons that are sterile. Ask specialists if the tools they use are sterile, always be aware as it is very easy to catch viruses and diseases.


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