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Selling your Car ? Things to consider

Selling your car? Perhaps you want to buy a new vehicle. Perhaps you want some extra cash. Whatever the reason, you want to become a seller. In addition make sure sure your vehicle is in good condition by having it cleaned and inspected, you’ll have to decide the best way to sell it.

Selling to a dealership can be convenient, but a dealership may not always pay the best price for a used car. You might get more cash if you look for an independent buyer.

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Study the Market

Proper analysis and study the market for the pricing before you take the first step, Certainly the prices varies depends on the vehicle’s condition and mileage along with elements such as the season and region deciding the final price.


Make sure to support with all available documents including , registration, insurance, Service history , Previous owner history , Invoice and bills


buyers may want to test drive a vehicle to be sure it works fine. Similarly, before listing your current car for sale, you may want to take it to a dealership or independent mechanic for a professional inspection. That way, you can fix problems that might otherwise force you to sell for less money

Clean Car

A vehicle is usually worth more if the buyer thinks its previous owner took care of it. You might be able to negotiate a better offer if your car is clean rather than deciding to sell as-is

How to Sell

Decide whom you want to sell, Do you want to sell to a dealer, a private-party buyer, or a third-party service? Or opt for online classifieds (buy or sell )Websites to reach maximum reach.

You’re likely to get the best price with a private-party sale, and less money if you sell to a dealership or used-car showroom. Consider publishing your Ad in a classifieds (buy or sell ) groups to reach maximum potential customers. Always remember selling to private parties gives more value.

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Making AD

Spend some time in creating an ad, that best describes your car. Attach Clear pictures that can help potential buyers to take a faster decision.


In short when you are thinking of selling your car, it is important to understand the importance of research. Good research helps both the buyers and sellers in making the right decisions and avoiding rookie mistakes.The three essential things that define the car price is mileage, condition, and age. It is best to set a realistic price to make the process simple and easy.

Quoting unrealistically high prices often discourages the prospective buyers and make the process complex and lengthy. That’s the reason why it is vital to research the market prices of similar models and condition cars before setting the car price. It is a fact that realistic prices attract more used car buyers and delivers a positive message about your intent to sell. Many prospective buyers and dealers will make low offers to strike up a negotiation, and it is crucial to be patient and a tad bit flexible.

The most expensive vehicles around aren’t family-friendly vehicles for families. They are usually kept in showroom-like garages and are seldom taken out. They are used to hosting car shows and weekends far from the family. They’re more of artworks than just cars. They are expensive, and others can’t afford them, and they can be intimidating for those who cannot pay for them. While these are luxury cars, they’re not affordable for the typical family.

Value and Duration

The longer the car stays in the market, the faster its value will drop. Normally, the offers drop down as the days and weeks pass because now the prospective buyers know that the car is still unsold. That’s why it is pivotal to be flexible from the very first day and make the most of the genuine offers. However, you shouldn’t also get over-excited or set high hopes based on the first few calls as not every buyer who calls shows up and nor every buyer who shows up is genuine.You must have a realistic bottom line when it comes to negotiation as it helps make the decision-making process easy.

If the car is still unsold after a couple of weeks, you must consider lowering the price a little to attract more buyers and make the process easier.

Tire-kickers are the ones who share a minimal interest in buying your car or want to buy the car at a price much lower than your demand. It is not hard to differentiate between a tire-kicker and a genuine buyer and the direct approach of a tire-kicker is one big giveaway. However, genuine buyers who are willing to devote their time to inspect and review your car holds the right to test drives and further mechanical inspections. No buyer will ever buy a used car without having complete satisfaction and a test drive and mechanical inspections are a must.


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