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Reasons To Use The WhatsApp On Shopify Website

Whatsapp is one of the largest Social Networks available in the world. With around 200 million active users. Whatsapp being a social network application is now playing a huge role in the business industry as well. It is one of the simplest ways to get connected with one another. You can easily share voice notes, text, images, etc with no hassle at all. 

All online businesses are using Shopify WhatsApp integration on their stores which allows customers to directly interact with customer support or merchants to make any query that they might have clear without any hassle. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should use WhatsApp for your business. 

It’s Free of Cost

Any business owner would be happy to hear that Whatsapp business is free of cost. It offers numerous features to help you communicate with regular and potential customers. It is simply a matter of making sure that you are connected to the Internet. Afterward, you’re good to go!

WhatsApp Business Makes It Easy to Communicate

With the help of WhatsApp business or any Shopify WhatsApp integration now you have the option to automate responses, label messengers under particular groups, and also have a tool for scheduling messages.

When you’re not available to message your customers, you can create an “away” message, which ensures that the personal relationship stays intact and the customer does not feel neglected.

With the extra free time you’ll have, you can spend your energy on things that will help you scale up your business. 

If there are messages that you want to prioritize, you can pin conversations on WhatsApp and it will appear at the top of your chat list. This helps reduce any hassle to remember or finding any particular chat. 

WhatsApp Is More Accessible to Everyone

WhatsApp is used by nearly 2 billion people worldwide. With a huge amount of people coming onto the app regularly, putting your business on WhatsApp expands your reach and makes it more accessible to possible customers.

Customers can easily reach your business through WhatsApp, a platform they already use, rather than having to find your website. This also increases your business’ engagement rate. From your desktop, you can make WhatsApp voice and video calls to your customers.

Improved Customer Service

It’s not necessary for your customers to send emails or call your business constantly to get answers to their questions. WhatsApp Business both facilitates and improves customer service. The end-to-end connection provides more personalized service and builds customer loyalty. Rather than emails and phone calls on hold, there is now communication through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Makes it Easy to Shop and Sell

Those days are far gone when social media is only used for socializing. With WhatsApp, you can have great conversations with your friends and add items from your favorite small businesses to your cart.

WhatsApp has included a shopping cart feature that makes shopping online even simpler. The catalog feature on WhatsApp Business allows your customers to search and add products onto their shopping carts.

If your customers are satisfied with the items in their cart, they can send the order in one message. This enables you to track orders more easily.

Market Your Business

Your brand is asserted with WhatsApp Business. Your profile can be customized to suit your business. This helps you present the right image to your customers.

You can also update your customers whenever you launch a new product or service with WhatsApp Business.

Whatsapp Business:

As part of your profile, you can add important information about your business, such as the name and category. As well as specifying working hours, you can also showcase a product catalog. Customers can see what you offer and get info without having to look up other sources or hassle much.

A plus feature of the WhatsApp business is that you can now help your customers place orders easily through the cart feature. The cart helps provide a new way for your customers to begin the order process directly, without having to individually message you for every product listed on your catalog. In your chat or on your business profile, customers using the WhatsApp Messenger app will see a shopping button next to your business name. This shopping button allows them to browse your catalog and add items directly to their cart.

Beneficial Features of Whastapp Business

Message Templates:

With WhatsApp’s message templates, you can send pre-written messages such as appointment reminders, delivery updates, and confirmations.

Save time with quick replies:

Whenever possible, avoid reinventing the wheel. Customers can chat back with you by using quick responses that you crafted, without having to write a full response. 

Automated Messages:

Messages will never be missed again. You can send automated messages 24/7, so customers never feel overlooked or neglected. You can help your brand promote goodwill by adding a welcome greeting to new customers’ messages. 

More time-saving messages include:

  • Notify customers of wait times
  • Follow up with links to FAQ resources
  • Prompt users to schedule a time to chat

Gain peace of mind with built-in security:

Whatsapp offers “security by default.” Unlike other messaging apps, it encrypts all messages and calls. Not even WhatsApp can read the contents of each message, only the sender and recipient. 

Get desktop and web convenience:

Respond to customers via desktop, mobile, or smartphone. Keeping your communication channels accessible across devices and locations is a powerful way to ensure you are always on top of your customer’s needs.

Create a branded business profile:

By providing customers with information like your business address, contact information, and website URL, you inform them and make it easier for them to find you online and in person.

Organize your chats

Text messaging moves fast on mobile devices. By labeling your conversations, you can ensure that your customers’ messages don’t fall through the cracks. Sort conversations by type, color code departments, and retrieve messages more quickly.

Get delivery data stats

Know when your messages are being read and received, giving you valuable feedback on your delivery and messaging efforts.

Create a catalog 

Your business profile can display up to 500 products or services. Linking to your catalog on social media can help customers discover your business and contact you directly with inquiries.

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