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QuickBooks Subscription has Lapsed | Quick Fix Easily Answered

Lapsed Error in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks is a comprehensive used application in small and medium-sized businesses. Every businessperson who is in their business to keep an accounting record needs to purchase a subscription and when the subscription ended, so there is a need to renew the subscription. Whenever you try to update the QuickBooks desktop application, then it will show you a message of ended subscription.

The lapsed error message is also shown when QuickBooks is unable to accept. With the help of this article, we will try to find the reasons behind the subscription has lapsed error in QuickBooks Desktop and will discuss in also troubleshooting solutions.

You might see the following error message on your desktop screen:

Unable to get the preferred result or troubleshoot the problem seems to be your “QuickBooks subscription has lapsed”.

QuickBooks-Desktop-Subscription-Error - Screenshot-Image.jpg

What are the valid causes of QuickBooks Subscription Has Lapsed Error?

There could be various reasons behind the QuickBooks subscription has lapsed error and that point you need to deem. So that the lapsed error can be recovered, and the reasons are below in points. Let’s see due to which points error occurred so you can easily solve your subscription issue.

  • Your credit card is not updated, which you attached with the subscription.
  • It could occur due to a poor internet connection.
  • If you are using that version of QuickBooks Desktop which is desist by Intuit, then it will show
  • The expired “product and License info” file is one more reason for the error.


  • Your data could be lost from your data file.
  • Irrelevant journal entries.
  • You can face a Constituent missing error like missing PDF from QuickBooks

Make sure that you should know how to troubleshoot software problems. Otherwise, you may have to face one of the situations mentioned earlier.

Methods to resolve subscription has lapsed error.

Let see what they are, please have a look on the below given solution methods.

Method 1: Update billing Information with the help of CAMPS

edit-from-the-billing-information - Screenshot.png

If you have made some changes in your business accounts or credit cards, then you might need to update some changes for payment of subscription. you can do this by following ways.

  • Log into the CAMPS (Customer Account Management Portal) as an admin. CAMPS manage all the details of accounting. you can renew your subscription, buying products and you can update your payment method also.
  • Go to the section of ‘Products and Services’ and click QuickBooks Desktop
  • Change your payment details and click on the option of Save and close.
  • Now, open your QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • From ‘Help’ menu choose the option ‘Manage My License’
  • Finally, click on the ‘Sync License Data Online’

Now, you updated the billing information completely, and from this procedure you must get solution of your lapsed error message. The overdue application sometimes proved to be reasons of in constituents while giving various errors. You can free from these errors by doing above application updates.

Method 2:  Update your QuickBooks Application

  • Just log out your company file and come out from your QuickBooks Desktop Application.
  • Right Click on the QuickBooks icon and then choose the option ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • There will be open a QuickBooks Desktop and then choose ‘Help’ option from the top right.
  • Go to the ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’ option.
  • From the ‘Options’ choose ‘Mark All’ button and then click on ‘Save’.
  • select the ‘Get Updates’ tab.
  • Now, let the updates downloaded and when it gets done then close the application.
  • Restart the application again and then click ‘Yes’ button to install the updates.
  • Now, finally restart your computer again to see the effect of updated on application.

If you still face the same issue of subscription has lapsed error, then switch to the method 3. It will surely help you because this our final method.

Method 3: In the case of subscription Expired “Restore the Product and License file”

QuickBooks keeps the product and file information in the product registration file in your computer. If the QuickBooks Subscription showing that your subscription has been ended that means it is indicating that the product registration file must be damaged. You can recover your file with the help of following points.

  • You should have ready your ‘product and license information’.
  • Shut down your QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • Open your computer’s file explorer.
  • Take the cursor to C drive then choose the path some like that Program Data > Intuit> Entitlement Client > V8 or V6.
  • Now, in this folder find the file ecml.

rename-the-Entitlementdatastore.ecml-file - Screenshot.jpg

  • Right click on file and the choose the option of ‘Delete’
  • Select the tab of ‘Yes’ for confirmation.
  • Now, first open your QuickBooks Desktop application and after that go for company file.
  • You will be evoked to register your QuickBooks Application again.
  • Provide about the product and license information to register or to delete the QuickBooks subscription has lapsed error message.

The Final Words

Through this article, we examined different justifications for why you might get the QuickBooks subscription has lapsed error message. We additionally made sense of for you the pertinent investigating strategies to determine the error.

You can follow these strategies and dispose of the error without any problem. Assuming that you are yet battling and need assistance from a specialist for the goal of the blunder, then contact 24X7 QuickBooks error support team at 1-800-761-1787.

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