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Lucida Laminates- Worth Every Penny

The new Lookbook 2020-2022 by CenturyLaminates is the final destination for you to unleash your creativity. With the theme of ‘Picture perfect spaces,’ the Lookbook has been created to inspire the creative nature that is present in all of you. Every laminate product has its niche in the book with its information written on the same page.

There are several new additions for laminates in this Lookbook. One of them is the solid styles for the Lucida group of laminates.

Why should you choose Lucida laminate sheets?

There are so many laminates in the market. All of them boast of this feature or that feature. So, customers have some common questions. Why should I choose Lucida laminates over other laminates? What makes it better and worth my money?

Lucida products are not only meant to give you the best look. They are not to give you the most long-lasting products. Lucida is the summation of these features and more. With Lucida, CenturyLaminate wants to give you the best experience possible. A home that meets all your needs and demands very little. One of the primary features that Century insists upon is that the product should be very easy to maintain. A product that needs constant attention and regular maintenance or repair are not a desirable one at all. For the best comfort

With the following points, you might be convinced to get laminates from the Lucida line for your next construction or renovation project:

  • Lucida products are made pretty durable. They are some of the sturdiest laminate sheets that you can find in the market.

For example, if you have poor quality laminates installed in your home. From the exterior, it would not look any different from other Lucida. It might even have a flashy look to compensate for its quality. So, there is no way to understand the extent of its endurance from the outside. The moment you drop something heavy on the furniture or the laminates experience a strong push, the façade falls away. You are left with a damaged product that is probably way past its warranty period.

  • These laminates are made such that they are not affected by daily use. The constant use of any object can wear down its qualities and features. Just like in the case of wooden laminates. Rough use of laminates can leave them with inevitable scuffs and marks. It is not something that you can avoid.

Over time, the laminates of your furniture will be affected by regular handling by you and the other people in the family.

The laminates from the Lucida group are created with the ability to resist any stain and scuff marks which are very common occurrences. So every time you spill food on the furniture or the cabinets, you do not have any cause to worry. You know that the laminates are not going to get stained at all because they are Lucida products that can be cleaned with a single swipe.

Even while cleaning the laminate surfaces you can afford to be a little rough. A slightly harsher scrubbing will not destroy the surface of the laminates.

  • The laminates from the Lucida line of laminates are highly glossy in nature. The shine from these sheets adds to its visual appeal. So if you are looking for a classy and stylish look for your home, you do not have to look any further. Additionally, their colours do not tend to fade with time.

The Bottom Line

For all the money that you are spending, Lucida by CenturyLaminates is worth every penny. It delivers all the features that it promises.


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