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Key Features of UPVC Pipes and Fittings

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC Pipes), commonly known as hard PVC pipes and fittings, are utilised for all plumbing applications in both domestic and commercial structures. Particularly suited for looping at each floor level, outdoor installations, and cold water distribution pipelines. uPVC is well-known for its high resistance to chemicals, UV, and water oxidation. Because it is long-lasting, inexpensive, and simple to deal with, uPVC is commonly used in construction activities. It is also corrosion and abrasion-free. These pipes can withstand pressure and do not fail even in the most extreme situations. Its smooth inside surface lowers friction, preventing internal decay and extending the life of the pipes. It is also incredibly energy efficient due to its poor thermal conductivity. The joint procedure for uPVC pipes/ASTM pipes and fittings is completed fast and simply using low-cost tools, lowering labour and installation costs.


  • Pipe without lead: Because uPVC pipes and fittings are lead-free, they are suitable for drinking water.
  • Lightweight and strong: uPVC pipes are sturdy, durable, and light, making handling and installation a breeze. Many individuals are unsure that uPVC pipes are more durable than standard PVC pipes. uPVC pipes are more ductile than standard PVC pipes, allowing them to withstand higher pressures.
  • Simple to set up: Because uPVC pipes are lightweight compared to steel pipes, they need less shipping and are easier to install. In the case of plain end pipes, solvent concrete can be used to construct joints; however, threaded pipes do not require any solvent concrete. Joining uPVC pipes and fittings is rapid and simple, using only a few basic tools. uPVC fittings significantly lower labour and installation expenses.
  • Avoid of harmful compounds and odours: Fungus and germs do not affect them. They are composed of virgin, unplasticized polyvinyl compounds that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, they require no maintenance, making these pipes ideal for all types of cooling water plumbing activities in both residential and industrial facilities.
  • Corrosion-proof: These are resistant to most substances, are corrosion-proof, and can survive the impacts of weather. Because of their strength and durability, uPVC pipes can last longer than their competitors, saving money on maintenance. In the long term, uPVC pipes support scaling even in hard water conditions and have high impact resistance.
  • Fire-resistant: uPVC pipes are fire-resistant, which will cease burning if the burning source is removed.
  • Used in water supply lines: uPVC pipes are commonly used in water supply lines, tube wells, downpipes, discharge and sewage pipelines, electrical installation, and even bathroom ventilation. The uPVC pipes and fittings are adaptable, and it is one of the main reasons for their appeal.

Benefits of uPVC pipes and fittings

  • Joining of uPVC pipes and fittings may be done quickly with the company’s unique solvent cement, which offers 100 per cent leak-proof couplings.
  • It is hygienic to transport potable water in this manner.
  • uPVC pipes feature little flow head loss due to their mirror-smooth interior surface.
  • Even after several years of use, there is no silt accumulation and hence no diminution in the cross-sectional area.
  • uPVC pipes are constructed of UV-resistant materials and retain this feature even after prolonged exposure to sunshine.
  • Availability of a complete variety of fittings for all applications.
  • It extinguishes itself.
  • 100% cost savings on materials, shipping, and installation.
  • They have a specific weight of 1.43, which is one-fifth of steel pipes, reducing shipping costs and allowing installation in difficult and isolated locations.

Application of the Product

  • uPVC Pipes and fittings can be used in both main and supply lines of drinking water pipeline distribution systems.
  • It is ideal for sewage and discharge pipelines systems. The the substance utilised is completely resistant to all sorts of metallic corrosion due to its non-metallic character.
  • uPVC pipes and fittings are tasteless and odourless since they are constructed of a tasteless and odourless substance.
  • There is also no building of interior deposits, which is especially beneficial in constructing sewage systems.
  • Because uPVC is not conductive to combustion and, in the case of a fire, flames cannot move, it provides enhanced safety when used for home and industrial electrical installations.

uPVC pipes have many benefits and can be employed widely because of their lightweight. These pipes are sturdy and light, making general handling and installation a breeze. italiano xxx film , sesso film tube

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