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How to Read OLM file without Mac for Outlook?

Summary- If you’re seeking for a means to read OLM file on a Mac without using Outlook, you’ve come to the correct place. On this page, we’ll show you how to open or read a document step by step. So keep reading the blog since you’re almost there to figuring out how to finish the assignment without a hitch.

OLM to PST Converter is a sophisticated tool that helps you convert Mac Outlook files into Windows PST. So that you can use Windows Outlook to access or import OLM file data. Before upgrading the software, try out the free tool.


Well, OLM is a Microsoft-created file format that is totally compatible with Mac Outlook. All Mac Outlook linked files including archived Mac Outlook are contained in an exclusive OLM file.

OLM files are a database file format for Mac Outlook that was introduced in 2011. Microsoft has launched an email service for the Macintosh operating system called Outlook for Mac. All Outlook emails, contacts, calendars, notes, and other items are saved by OLM. Mac Outlook versions are the only ones that can open OLM files. As a result, we’ll go over the best way to open an OLM file on a Mac without using Mac Outlook.

On the internet, you may find a variety of OLM readers, but the main question is whether or not these programs give a secure solution. It is not a good idea to upload your email file to the internet. As a result, read the article and immediately preview your Mac Outlook email files.

Problems faced by mac users to view and read olm file on windows

Let’s have a look at some of the issues that customers are seeing in real time while trying to open an OLM file on Windows:

“I’ve been using Outlook 2011 on my Mac OS for a few years now. I recently began utilizing Windows OS to complete various business duties. My whole Mac Outlook data, on the other hand, is saved in the OLM file format. I need to open these OLM data files in Windows 10’s Outlook program. My OLM files contain a lot of vital information, and I’d want to learn some safe procedures for viewing OLM file data on Windows OS without losing anything. As a result, could someone help advise me on how to proceed?

“One of my coworkers sends me an OLM data file that contains a lot of sensitive information about our company.” I don’t have Outlook installed on my computer. I’ve tried numerous times to open this file, but I’m still not sure what’s wrong. Is it necessary for me to install Outlook on my computer in order to open this file? I need to open this file in order to continue my work. Please, if anyone knows what’s going on with this file and how I may safely open it, please let me know. Your valuable advice will be much appreciated.”

Methods to Open OLM File

To open Mac Outlook OLM files in Windows Outlook, convert them to a Windows-compatible file format. There are both manual and automatic methods for safely completing this task.

Method 1: How to open and view OLM file in windows? – Manual approach

Step-1: Your OLM files can now be opened in Windows Outlook.

Users must first physically locate the OLM files and back them up for security reasons. These files are stored in the following locations by default:

  1. Office 2011 Identities >> Main Identity >> Databases >> Documents >> Microsoft User Data >> Office 2011 Identities >> Main Identity >> Databases. Otherwise,
  2. MS Office 2011 Identities >> Documents >> Microsoft User Data >> Message >> Main Identity >> Data-Records
  3. It is possible, however, that you will not receive the file at the same spot.
  4. Double-click File, then select Export.
    Select the entire data list that appears in the preview pane.
  5. Select the enable option while exporting. Alternative to deleting objects if you don’t want to delete them
  6. Then browse to the location where you want to save OLM files and click Save As.

Step-2:In the Mac Outlook software, set up your Gmail account.

You’ll need to set the incoming and outgoing server details, as well as the port numbers, for this.

When the Gmail account configuration is completed properly, a green symbol appears in the pane.

Step-3: We’ll import our OLM data files into Gmail in this phase. To do so, follow the instructions below:

To migrate a mailbox folder, first select it and then copy it.

Look about the area.

How to Open an OLM File on a Mac Without Outlook?

In most cases, the associated file format opens with the associated software, and if you don’t have that software, you’ll have to convert it to another file format to read it. As a result, we will do the same in this part. To view or read an OLM file on a Mac without using Outlook, you must first convert the OLM file to PST, which can then be simply imported into Outlook for windows.

How to Switch From Mac to Windows Outlook?

How can I move emails from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows? This is the primary reason for OLM to PST conversion, as Windows Outlook does not support importing Mac Outlook files.

The following are the steps to convert OLM to PST without Outlook:

1. Download and install OLM to PST Converter on your computer.

2. Go to File > Add File and choose the Outlook OLM file.

3. Select a precise target position.

4. Analyze the process by clicking the Convert button.

Finished! This is how the program converts an OLM file to a PST file.


There are numerous customers who have asked the same question because there is no manual approach for completing this activity. So, after evaluating the requirements, we’ve explained the best technique to read OLM files on a Mac in this blog. Now go through the blog and find the answer to your question.

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