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How to develop reading habits in students?

The reading habits in students are something that is required to develop from childhood. When a habit is practiced from childhood it stays with us till the end of us.

You as parents need to help your child develop a reading habit. If you don’t introduce the reading habit to them then they will find it difficult to get into the habit.

As parents, you can buy some simple storybooks which they can start with as a toddler. When children start reading at a young age they will automatically be keen on reading habits.

Why reading habit in students is necessary?

It is really important to develop reading habits among children. When the students read on their own they slowly become fluent in reading. They begin to understand the stories on their own. The habit of reading evolves a child much more than a child who doesn’t read.

How do develop reading habits?

If your child is not getting interested to read then you should take some steps which will help them get into the habit of reading. Here are the steps you can take to develop reading habits in students.

Start with short stories

When the kids start reading short stories they will need minimum time investment to it. The students will enjoy the short stories which come to their conclusion in no time.

Students should always start with making the habit of reading first. When they are already habituated then they should be given books on prominent writers.

When your child doesn’t want to read you can read the story to them. When reading turns into a habit they will never miss a day without reading.

You must read

A child takes in whatever they observe in their surroundings. When they see you singing all day they tend to love songs too.

Likewise, if you religiously read every day for some time in front of your kid then he or she will imbibe that habit. The children try to copy what they see around them. You should read to your kids when they start understanding stories.

When the children start to listen to stories from a tender age they will enjoy listening to stories. So, when you want your kids to do something make sure they see that reference in their home.

The influence of parents plays a pivotal role in the development of a child. It depends on how you influence that they will result in that way.

A space for reading

Many read on their bed. But studying in bed is not a good habit as it makes you tired. Likewise, you shouldn’t read in bed too. You should make a corner where you feel comfortable reading.

If you think you can make your child read in their study room then that is the worst decision you make. This is so because the students generally don’t enjoy the place where they study.

So, they will not connect to reading if they read in their study room. This reading will be no less than punishment to them.

You can even connect with nature while reading. This will give the students a soothing feeling that they will wait to have each day.

Group reading in school

Every school must incorporate a reading class for its students. When the students learn something in their school they follow that as a rule.

So, the reading class should be there to initiate the reading habit. In this class, the students will read out different paragraphs and will complete a story.

The teachers should take the students to the library and let them read books on their own and narrate the story to their class. When the students start selecting their preferences they will develop a reading opinion.

They might like it or may not like it. But they will explore to know which suits them more. You will be surprised to know how well they will find what suits them.

Let your child decide

You shouldn’t always dictate what to read. You can help them start with reading. But you must leave the choice to the children.

Let them decide which genre excites them. But you can help your kids find the books.

Re-read favorite books

There are certain books that we all like to read at any time of the day. Students also have favorites of their own. So, give them the books they like to re-read.

This practice is not at all boring. When we read a book for the first time we may miss certain elements that we may notice in the following read.

Also, we will enjoy the company of a story that we love to read. A good story can brighten our day as well as us.

Ask them to narrate the stories

When your children begin to read you can ask them to narrate the stories to you. When the students narrate back the stories to anyone they find added interest to read the stories with attention.

You can have a reading time with your child where you can have reading sessions with them. Also, as parents, you can tell your kids to alternatively read the stories to each other.

If they have an hour of story-telling each day then it will brighten the mood of the students.

Give the booking form for the movie

When you have seen a movie it is thrilling to read a book with that same plot. The students will be intrigued to read the story differently.

When a movie is made it feels different from the book that is written. When you read the book it will give the real feeling of the writer. Readers can connect better when they read a book.


Although it is very scientific to read books and experience their twist and turns of them. But you can also listen to audiobooks. Some students find reading to be a boring task.

For these students, audiobooks are the best option that they can take up. Audiobooks have a thrilling environment where you listen to the stories in the voice of some known or unknown personality.

Take them to the library

When your child starts to read you can take them to visit libraries so that they can choose their books. They will be able to choose their books among the numerous ones.

Your child will want to visit more of the libraries than they do when they will see the humongous collection. The weekend can be spent in a library where the students can lend and even spend time reading books.

What are the tips you can follow to develop reading habits in students?

● You should understand that the process will take time. You can ask your child to start with reading for 15 minutes a day.

● When they connect with an author it becomes very easy to make the habit. You will not need to push your child to read daily.

● Hear them when they share the narration with you.

● If your children are bored of a single genre then you must introduce some others to them. When the students read different genres they become creative with them.

● You should take your kids to book fairs where they will be introduced to a range of books.

● Make them learn how to relate the story to real life.

● Give your kids a challenge to read certain storybooks in a month. The target will make them read the books on time.

● Let the young reader understand how reading is impacting their lives.

● The students should be given a proper space where they can enjoy reading for length. They should not be disturbed by the world of their stories.

● You include an annual book reading session in your school. This will be a gesture to promote reading among the students.

● When you want to increase books in your library you can take references from your students on which books they want to read. From that list, you can choose the suitable ones.

● The students must have a fixed time for reading which will help them concentrate on that particular task.

● It may happen that you don’t get the time to read for long hours. There you can read for a minimum of 10-15 minutes a day to keep the habit going.

● Your child can even enjoy reading if they are traveling. It is interesting to read on a train, bus, or fight. Here you get accompanied by the nature itself.

● You should read for your pleasure, not for the sake of reading.


The reading habits of students are the best habit that they can practice. Once the students start enjoying reading they won’t be able to stop them.

Reading enhances the thinking capability while making the child creative. It also makes our perspective better and broader.

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