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How to create the perfect Instagram Story that Wows Your Viewers

Do you remember an era before Instagram Stories? It’s difficult to believe that these adored 15-second videos were introduced in the year 2016! Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine a time when the creators and brands were not focused upon Instagram stories. Stories have become hugely loved by Instagrammers. 500 million users share stories each day. 33 percent of the most watched stories originate from companies. Companies like IGDean also proffer services like Buying Instagram followers Greece in order to get more reach in another way.


Are you able to make the perfect Instagram story? What is it that makes people so obsessed with creating Instagram stories?

For one they do work. They raise awareness. 60% of users claim to be more attracted to products or brands when they read about the story in another. They also boost engagement. one in every five story receives the opportunity to send a clear messages! And let’s face it, they’re just plain enjoyable.


Let’s look at the best ways to develop Instagram story strategies that assist you reach your goals of more followers or a more engagement.


Even if they aren’t your objectives and you’re just looking to have more enjoyment when it comes to your Instagram storytelling and understand more about creating content to use on Instagram and other platforms, this article is ideal for you.


Do you need some more ideas? Download 13 Customizable Instagram Stories Templates


How to make an Instagram story

First , let’s ensure that you know how to make Instagram stories. Instagram.


If you’re at the Instagram home page move your finger to the right or click the tiny + icon in the upper right-hand corner. Or click on that blue plus symbol in the area where it reads ‘Your Story.’


You’ll be brought to a screen on which you can choose to add a video or photo to a story or choose the mode of creation (you’ll notice it to the left side of the display) in which you are able to create a story or even share an online poll or quiz. It’ll look like this:


If you’re pleased with your work, you can select the profile photo of the circle in the lower left corner that says “Your Story” to upload it.


If you have your Instagram business account, which is linked directly to your Facebook profile, you’ll be able to share the post on your Facebook page as well.


What type of content should you include when you create Instagram stories?

Of course, the most important concern that everyone has regarding social networks: what do I really want to be discussing via social media?


You might be considering how you can create content to Instagram users who would like to interact with. Making consistent good-quality content can be difficult, however we love to make categories to create a well-balanced plan for content and you could create similar!


How you categorize your content, for example, those on Instagram, is about identifying the essential elements of your message and branding. Buy Instagram likes for your brand in order to get more reach and impression.

What do you know about your field?

Do you intend for your viewers to experience, think about, experience and be able to do as they are exposed to your material?

If you’re struggling to think of concepts for categories of content We suggest you look at the four objectives for content marketing.

Here are a few categories you can use in your story planner template that we’ve employed in the past:


  • Social Media Tips (Educate)
  • Polls (Engage)
  • Entrepreneur quotes (Inspire)
  • behind the scene shots (Entertain)
  • Content Ideas (Educate)
  • Quizzes (Engage)
  • Spotlights on customers (Inspire)
  • Marketing Memes (Entertain)

In deciding what you’re planning to publish it is important to consider the characteristics of stories. In contrast to posts on the main feed that can be a single photo the stories are intended to be a sequential format.

We like this one of Harvard Business Review. They mix education and the engagement of their audience and even a touch of inspiration before putting in the call to take action.


AirBnB is another excellent example of how they use the poll feature to connect with their customers and create an interesting 3-sequence tale from it.


Here are some more excellent examples of how to make Instagram stories that work well:


Share limited-time discount codes

Give your most loyal customers a treat by offering discounts on your products. The running of an Instagram Stories promotion is the perfect way to attract your followers to go to your site (where the magic really occurs)!


Are you not able to attract enough people to View More? It’s not a problem. Just include the link in the description section of your profile!


Get behind the scenes

Are you putting together a new recipe? Making a new blog post? Skydiving in Antarctica? Whatever you’re doing it is important to take your viewers behind the scenes will keep them connected to the end product!


In the event that Minimalist Baker Dana Shultz shares her Behind-the-scenes stories, her readers realize that she puts a lot of work into her blog and creates excitement for the recipes that are scheduled to be posted on her blog in the near future!

Links to your own brand via your private account

Are you a fan on your personal Instagram account, but are you trying to set up an entirely brand new Instagram page for your business? Connect your new account using an @-tag and then your followers will be able to visit and provide you with a follower for your business also! (Tagging your followers – which includes yourself is incredibly simple.)


Links to brands of other kinds

When it comes to @-tags in Instagram Stories Be sure to include links to other brands. It’s an excellent way to reach out and take advantage of the social feature of Instagram!


Learn the method Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income achieved this in this instance He tagged a blogger as well as the event they both attended to inform readers what he was been up to and with whom is he hanging out with.


(Hooray for meeting new people (Hooray for making new friends!)

Create your item to stand out

Are you looking to grab someone’s attention while they’re tapping through their stories? Let your product shine by making it move!


Instagram Stories lets you upload video bursts lasting up to 15 seconds each, or capture GIF-like images using the Boomerang option. Explore these options so that you can showcase someone dancing in the outfit you created or washing their hair with your natural sugar scrubs or even posing for the most stunning wedding pictures!

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