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How Madina Became Tokyo Olympic Anime Style Heroine

The Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan were difficult for Judokas, who hails from North Ossetia. It was not her favorite for the weight category of 70-70 kgs. Yet, she fought her experienced competitors and made it to the semifinals.

What happened when Madina Taymazova became the anime main character in the Tokyo Olympic games. And how she defeated the Japanese in the form of AiF-SK.

Madina Taymazova beat the gold medalist from the 2014 World Cup. Maria Bernabeu from Spain 10th place in the world rankings Maria Portelo (Brazil). And the Greek Elisavet Teltsida 28th place in the ranking.

The biggest test for her was in the semis, in which Madina suffered massive bruising over the right side of her eye. It happened during her battle against Portelo.

To earn the gold medal in the competition, the Russian female fought against the world champion of five times, Japanese Tizuru Arai. Before the match in Tokyo Olympic, the anime style ladies played a draw in their private matches – 1:1.

In the subsequent fight, the other girls set a record for the duration of the Games, nearly 17 minutes, incorporating Golden Score extra period. Before Madina, Madina received a reprimand.

In the most decisive part, the Russian athlete was unable to fight with no loose patches and an enormous swollen black eye in the seventh minute. She bent her opponent’s arms around 180 degrees using a banned technique. Taymazova shouted in agony but refused to quit. Arai declared the winner by “Ippon” However, the verdict reversed.

At the eleventh second of the game, Taymazova gave a second warning and could have lost ahead of time. In the next minute, she was able to win the match. A Russian woman hit Arai upon her back to protest, but it was not praised.

The first offense acknowledged to be Arai, the Japanese woman. Within 56 seconds, Arai attempted to choke her. But Taymazova continued to fight, did not quit, and lost consciousness. It was her turn to come to her awareness.

Madina was able to leave the tatami with the help of trainers and doctors after suffering from a swelling eye.

It reported that the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) stated that Madina involved in three controversial incidents during her fight against the Japanese woman.

The fight was unbelievably unappreciated by judges. The counterattack, a devastating one that was a breach of rules and an incident in a gold score. Taymazova, as well as the representatives of the ROC, is sure that she will win.

Madina Became Tokyo Olympic Anime Style Heroine

“It was a sloppy decision! My coach and I both believe the judge made an appropriate assessment! When I fell to the ground, my opponent obstructed the free throw and caught my arm using an illegal technique.

I yelled at the judge, but the judges didn’t punish her. After those incidents, I was ready to fight to win. This isn’t a reason to be slack; however, I awoke with a defeat, “said Taymazova.

A little later, after defeated by Madina. A Japanese female, Madina, entered the fight for third place. At this point, her right eye was not seeing the fight. But that did not stop Taymazova from overcoming Croatian Barbara Matic in extra time by 1:0.

The bronze medalist woman from North Ossetia burst into tears. Her award was her first judo medal awarded by the team of nationals.

Madina Taymazova Heroic Performance

After her heroic performance, doctors confirmed Taymazova with post-traumatic periorbital-hematoma. And allowed her to play in mixed team events (mixed pairs). The judoka herself was ready to play in raucous spirit, despite the eye injury.

“I will not give up! It’s possible that I was an idiot on the outside; however, as a team member, I’ll be more alike. It’s one thing to stand up for yourself, but it’s a different way to fight for the entire team and Russia and us.

The responsibility is more; however, it’s far from the ones that shatter the team. But there is the responsibility that I’ll fight to protect them! – the athlete stated during an interview with the TASS.

In the mixed team tournament, The Russian national team beat Mongolia (4 2:2). However, they lost in the semifinals to Japan (4 1:0) and were then defeated by Japan in the finals. They also lost to Israelis in the final match for third place (1 4:1).

Madina Taymazova took two wins out of three bouts. The only loss she suffered in the mixed doubles event was again imposed upon Taymazova by Japanese lady Arai. The rematch proved to be quick. The player who owned the tatami took the victory by a single Ippon.

Taymazova’s bronze award is one of the three prizes awarded to Russian Judokas during the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Two bronze medals awarded from Niyaz Ilyazov (up to 100kg) and Tamerlan Bashaev (over 100 kg).

The chief of the Russian Judo Federation, Vasily Anisimov, described his students’ performances unsatisfactorily. However, he praised Taimazova’s fighting skills.

“Whoever is hero-worthy is Madina Taymazova. She was a wonderful girl with a massive perspective. Everyone saw the things she was doing. She fell asleep after snared and was victorious.

She was a good person, a patriot, and a tough worker. But we concerned that she was physically exhausted after the initial fight. So I fought for a total of forty minutes, and I had worthy opponents. Only eyeballs were burning, “Anisimov declared.

Madina Taymazova coach, Mikhail Rakhlin

The athlete’s coach, Mikhail Rakhlin, calls Taymazova’s prize “bronze with golden hue.” She confessed that the athlete could not even imagine that his student would be a medalist at the Olympic Games before Tokyo. Olympic Games.

“Honor and praise to the doctors and coaches for the speed with which Madina recuperated in under one hour after returning from a semi-conscious state. In the race to win third, Madina pinned her opponent to the point that she committed mistakes.

Madina went beyond the limits of her physical and mental efforts. She is a fantastic person who is our hero. It’s bronze with a golden shine, “Rakhlin stated.

The gold medal earned Taymazova immense fame and acclaim with the Japanese. In Tokyo Olympic, she surrounded by anime fans at every step, and admirers accompany her steps.

Pictures of an Ossetian Judoka sporting a unique nickname for the regional population Madina shy anime girl in the Tokyo Olympic anime style and sporting a black eye seen on Japanese social media.

After his daughter returned from Tokyo, the athlete’s father, Andrei Taymazov, promised to host the quad to honor her, a traditional Ossetian celebration that included three pies that are ritually eaten. He believes that the character of Madina has helped Madina succeed in her sports career.

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