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Holiday Promotion Suggestion For Dispensaries

The busiest time of year for dispensary sales is around holidays. This means that in order to stand out, creativity is essential.(promotion strategy)

These dispensaries are running intriguing holiday discounts. Consider the following list as you plan your holidays for 2022 and beyond.

The Green Nugget: November is National Customer Appreciation Month

The Green Nugget, which is situated in North Spokane, Washington, takes pride in having Leafly’s.

1. Largest Selection in Spokane.(promotion strategy)

They observed Customer Appreciation Month throughout the full month of December in an effort to encourage repeat business. In addition, they provided 30% off ounces of flower costing above $100!

By extending the promotion for the entire month, buyers had ample opportunity to benefit while also feeling appreciated.

2. Veterans receive 20% off at Bloom Cannabis Co.(promotion strategy)

Veteran-owned Bloom Cannabis Co. operates 3 dispensaries throughout Oklahoma.

They are committed to assisting veterans, and one way they accomplish this is by paying for their medical marijuana cards and giving them a very kind 20% discount all day, every day!

Over 200 Veteran Medical Cards have already been purchased by Bloom Cannabis Co.

Although not specifically related to holidays, this illustrates the value and significance of providing discounts to certain customer segments. Veterans are supported by Bloom, but you can also choose to assist any other organization you like, such as teachers, nurses, or students.

3. Lots of stocking stuffers in Fire on Fore(promotion strategy)

Some of the greatest gear in the cannabis industry can be found at Fire on Fore in Portland, Maine! By providing and promoting exciting, distinctive, and reasonably priced clothing and equipment, they capitalized on the holiday gift-giving aspect.

Customers now have more options for things to purchase than cannabis products thanks to this strategy. Additionally, if you sell hip merchandise that people desire to wear, your consumers will serve as brand ambassadors for your company.

4. Stoned soup drive on Planet 13

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission, SHARE Village Las Vegas, and SafeNest benefited from Planet 13’s second annual “Stoned Soup Drive,” which took place in November 2021.

As long as you communicate clearly and let customers know to bring products with them when they visit your store, this kind of offer is rather simple to put into action. Anyone who gives on your behalf can receive special offers or other savings.

It is always open on Planet 13. Put them on your “must-see” list the next time you’re in Vegas.

5. Locally owned and operated Gallatin Valley Organics

Gallatin Valley Organics in Bozeman, Montana offers a warm, informed, and welcoming environment that encourages consumers to get into the holiday spirit.

One error that many companies make is attempting to appeal to a large audience. Sometimes drawing a clear boundary and moving relentlessly in that direction is more effective. Gallatin Valley Organics is a terrific location to go if you’re having trouble picking a present for someone who values more natural things in life because their company model concentrates on organic products.

6. Serra offers 10% off all edibles on Mondays.

Serra has stores in Los Angeles, California, as well as Portland, Oregon. Their brand is not only distinctive but also incredibly contemporary. Check them out if you want a high-end dispensary purchasing experience and some design ideas.

Serra discounts 10% off all of its tasty, premium delicacies on Mondays.

Gumdrops, High-Dose Bonbons, and Serra x Woodblock Chocolate are a few seasonal favorites. Come in and pick up a handful of these lovely treats to add to your Christmas charcuterie board or to give to the friend who has everything.

7. Embarc Tahoe: Free New Year’s Eve concert

The vacation experience is all-inclusive at Embarc Tahoe.

Their store sells “naughty and good” items as well as seasonal stockings and gift wrapping. This is not only joyful and festive, but it also gives visitors a fresh reason to come in December.

They also supported a sizable, totally free New Year’s Eve performance in Tahoe to keep the holiday spirit alive! The majority of promotions revolve on Thanksgiving or Christmas, so this is a fantastic idea. Continue running promotions until January to stand out.

8. Consume Cannabis Co. – Make a donation to receive rewards points

Consume Cannabis CO. gathered non-perishable food items for neighborhood food pantries in December 2021 to commemorate a month of giving! All of their Michigan-based locations took part.

Customers get 25 loyalty points for every two donated products.

This is a fantastic concept because it encourages clients to spend more money with you during that month while also benefiting a nearby charitable organization.

9. 12 Days of Christmas Deals at The ECS Shop

As part of their “12 Deals ’til Christmas” campaign, The ECS Shop in Oklahoma gave a unique daily deal every day in December until Christmas.

Vape cartridge prices have been reduced, and kits for manufacturing edibles are 25% off!

This strategy is entertaining since it capitalizes on a well-known holiday motif. Just make sure to give compelling bargains every day; extra points for giving special or holiday-related deals.

10. Pinnacle Emporium will have a 20% off sale on December 20th.

In order to put clients in the festive spirit, Pinnacle Emporium has five warm locations throughout Michigan.

For their two-year anniversary on December 20, they gave 20% off to the entire store. This strategy takes use of one day, and it’s likely that day was quite busy!

They offered significant daily discounts as well during their “12 Days of Christmas” sale from December 12 through December 24 because they didn’t want to concentrate on just one day.

The problem is making sure you’re properly connecting with them far enough in advance with 12 days of promotions and the anniversary bargain thrown in (but also heavily in the few days before).

Source: promotion strategy , promotional strategies

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