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Graphic Designer: What does it do, and why your company needs one

Many people are still wondering what does a graphic designer do? And the fact is that there are still people who tend to think that a designer limits himself exclusively to “making everything more beautiful.” Perhaps this could be because not many people are well aware of the amount of work involved in the entire process until the final result is found or all the areas and notions that a graphic design professional must master to find that “beautiful result.”

So I will take advantage of today’s article to delve deeper into it.

Table of Contents:

  • What is a graphic designer? What tasks does it perform?
  • The job opportunities for a graphic designer
  • Is a graphic designer the same as an illustrator?
  • Graphic designers are communicators.
  • Five reasons to have a graphic designer in the company.

What is a graphic designer? What tasks does it perform?

A graphic designer is a visual communication professional. We capture in images the messages that need to be transmitted. It is a key figure in any company’s marketing, an ambassador of your brand, which can be on staff or outsourced thanks to a freelance designer.

Graphic design professionals must be good at drawing, spatial vision, composition, typography, image software, etc. In addition, we need to understand colors, shapes, harmony, etc., to generate a design that evokes emotions. Finally, we need to solve challenges at the level of communication.

A graphic designer needs to develop a critical eye, yes also with himself, since we need to be very detailed in our work, but above all, a graphic designer must be excellent at giving ideas. Ideas to solve problems. Ideas to communicate visually and better our messages.

That is the pillar on which the work of the graphic designer is based.

Job prospects for a graphic designer

It is enough to look around us to recognize the importance of graphics design firm in the online and offline world. Ask yourself this question: How many chances are there to make a great first impression?

The channels where a graphic designer operates on a visual level today are increasingly varied and range from the traditional field of printing or publishing to film, television or the Internet. So, for example, we can work as Creative Director, Art Director, Packaging Designer, in Visual Identity and Branding, logo design … we have many and very different job opportunities.

Is a graphic designer the same as an illustrator?

Many people still often confuse us with illustrators, but graphic designers and illustrators are not the same things. Although both disciplines can coexist wonderfully together, graphic designers work to create solutions and messages to achieve a goal. On the other hand, illustrators develop more artistic work if possible and are initially less communicative since illustrators do not have communication skills.

Graphic designers are communicators.

And is that graphic designers are, above all, communicators, capable of creating new concepts or solutions. A graphic designer must always work to capture the viewer’s attention and know well what audience the message is aimed at.

A graphic designer should not only think about how to deliver a solution that the client likes but how we can find the best solution for their problem. The customer will still be happy in the end. Everything that the designer develops must always start from its functionality.

Oh! And we must not leave aside a really important aspect. A designer must have good taste. So it is key that we relate our work to art whenever we have the opportunity. Of course, we will help our client by offering a solution to his problem. Still, when it comes to getting our hands on the design, we must work so that this solution also has an artistic value without neglecting our communication skills.

In addition, a graphic designer must always be aware of the latest trends, software or design programs and other tools or relevant aspects of our profession and sector. But I advise you to avoid being blindly led by trends and to always adopt a critical and creative point of view.

Five reasons to have a graphic designer in your company

All people have creativity and imagination. As the owner of your company, your ingenuity has likely developed more about where and how to find products or services that are demanded by your customers, how to generate income or create growth strategies. It is more than likely that your ingenuity is not too closely linked to graphic design and communication.

Therefore, hiring a designer can guarantee success in the company’s communication. A good graphic designer can save you a lot of time, help improve the company’s image as perceived by the client and even generate more income. Hiring a graphic designer will always be a wise decision, whether your business is starting or if you haven’t bet on it for a while.

Here are some reasons the company should bet on a graphic design professional.

There is no chance to make a second first impression.

The first impression the company will have on its customers should never be overlooked, and the brand’s visual identity will be the first thing they come across. If that first impression looks poor and neglected, sooner or later, the business will suffer.

A graphic designer can help you achieve consistency by ensuring that all brand communications have the same aesthetic and identity. Precisely this coherence in the use and practice of visual identity will give the brand professionalism and make it easier for customers to gain more confidence.

Consistency is the key to success.

As I mentioned, being persistent and consistent is key to building trust and confidence in our clients. A graphic designer understands the importance of consistency and can ensure that each marketing creative makes the right impact.

Consistency is more than just using the same fonts and color palette. It also includes the tone, energy and communication that reflects your brand. A graphic designer can help the company explore new communication forms according to the brand and its identity.

A graphic designer saves time.

One can take advantage of their free time, or the know-it-all brothers-in-law, to make those pieces for the social networks of the week. However, online graphic design services can do the same amount of work, creating more original and effective pieces that are not based on templates used by competing companies. On many occasions, he will be able to perform those pieces much more agile and faster way.

Why spend time creating artwork when you could use that same time to generate income? Don’t waste your time in areas where you are not an expert or have the ingenuity.

A graphic designer can save you money.

A graphic designer can help your company not lose money. On the one hand, it will prevent money and resources from being invested in design assets that do not work or have a low response rate. And for another, good graphic designers can create assets that generate a higher return on investment. A skilled graphic designer creates designs that attract more clients and generate more revenue.

We are experts in giving birth to new ideas.

Generate new ideas for brand communication. Graphic designers are true professionals when it comes to coming up with ideas. When we need to find the best way to launch a new product or impact a certain audience, a graphic designer can always bring you a new approach. A graphic designer is constantly looking for new ideas to boost her brand.

We must get used to listening to our designer when we need to talk about new ways to represent the visual identity of our company and how to communicate with our clients.

Designers can provide new solutions because we are experts in visual communication, and know-how designs can have an emotional impact.

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