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Get The Maryland Medical Marijuana Card Patient Instructions

The use of medical marijuana has been decriminalized in many states of the United States. However, it is certified to use as a medicine for various illnesses. There is a proven study behind the effectiveness of marijuana in treating and managing multiple ailments. Therefore, Maryland has passed a law regarding the use of medical cannabis. Maryland is among the 33 US states that have legalized weed use. This state joined this club in 2014, and now with Maryland medical card, one can obtain weed. However, the procedure is not straightforward as it would seem. You can legally buy the weed but have to follow the legal procedure. As a novice user, you might not be able to find the right way to serve your purpose. So, here is some education you must go through in this post.

Confirming a qualifying condition

It is fine if you want to use this natural remedy to manage your chronic illness. But, as per the law, every patient is not authorized to use cannabis. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission has released a list of qualifying medical conditions in Maryland. Therefore, as an initial step, you must look forward to confirming whether your illness comes under this list. There are various medical illnesses like wasting syndrome, chronic pain, glaucoma, cancer, PTSD, etc. So, in the first step, you must confirm that MMCC qualifies for your illness. Else, you will only have to bother while applying for the medical marijuana patient’s card. Once you have confirmation about a qualifying medical condition, you can proceed to the next step. 

Complete registration

Registration is an important step that you can proceed with once you are entitled to confirm the qualified medical illness. If you are above 18, you can fill out an online registration form which is easy to complete. If you are a minor, you need your parents and legal guardian above 21 to file the registration process. The state would not deny you to apply for the card even if you are a minor. But you must have a person who can act as your caregiver. The person would also require registration with MMCC before becoming your caregiver. To finish the registering process, you will need:

Valid ID proof with photos such as driving license, State ID, and valid US passport

You would have to bring your US social security number.

You must have a working email ID used for future authentication.

You must prove as a permanent resident of Maryland state.

Get a doctor’s certification

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission will require you to obtain written certification from a registered practitioner. This certification will establish that you have qualified medical illness. The doctor will mention that you are eligible to use medical weed as an alternative treatment for your ailment. This certification can play a vital role in acquiring Maryland medical card. If you are unable to consult with the authenticated doctor, you can get help. MMCC has uploaded a list of registered doctors who can provide you with the nearest physician’s address. You can visit the professional and can get the certification. The doctor will evaluate your previous medical history and record. This will help the physician conclude whether you can avail of medical marijuana benefits.

Application submission

Once you have acquired the certification from a doctor, you can apply. You can accomplish it on your own and can complete the application process. For this, MMCC’s official website can be used to submit applications with medical certification and other IDs. The MMCC will send you a notification about the approval of your application via email.  Remember, you should verify your email address during the submission procedure. Keep in mind that the medical certification will be valid for 120 days only. So, you must submit it within the required time. 

Wait and watch

This is the step that will require you to do the effort which is probably the difficulty in this world. You have to do waiting for at least 30 days after submitting the application. During this period, MMCC will review your application and make the final decision on approval. Once your application is provided, you will get the notification through the email that you have given. Along with approval confirmation, you will also get a payment link by MMCC. You will have to be ready with a debit or credit card for making a payment. You have to make a payment of 50 $ which is the authorized fee for the Maryland medical marijuana identity card.

Visit the dispensary

After paying the fee, you will get the card in the mail. You can get it laminated and can visit the nearest dispensary. It helps you to acquire cannabis legally from the dispensary. However, you cannot exceed the buying limit of 120 grams of dried flowers. You must get weed as per the prescribed amount to use. 

To sum up

Maryland medical card is your token as an authorized patient to use cannabis. You cannot get weed until you have access to the dispensary with a physical card. Medical cannabis has different varieties in form of flowers, edibles, and creams. Therefore, you should choose the right firm to manage your illness. This is the complete procedure to obtain a medical cannabis card in Maryland.

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