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Buy southwest airlines tickets for an outdoor adventure in Phoenix

southwest airlines tickets

You are three miles from where your Phoenix journey begins as you step off the plane at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Urban villages, some of which are older settlements that the city annexed as it expanded, make up Phoenix. Regions, districts, and neighborhoods can be found within these villages. Encanto-Palmcroft Historic District and Roosevelt Historic Neighborhood are located in downtown Phoenix. Both are great places to take a stroll through streets lined with trees and admire the region’s architectural history. There are also a ton of unusual outdoor activities available in Phoenix. And many guests now take extreme levels of interest in such activities. You may get to experience every adventure no matter what your skill is. So plan your next trip to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport by learning more about Southwest Airlines reservations.


Why should you choose Southwest for your adventure trip to Phoenix?


The amazing outdoor adventure is calling you and what’s better than answering it by flying with Southwest Airlines flights? Southwest, a low-cost carrier offers flights to this adventure city for as low as $139 from various locations. However, reserve your flights at least 39 days before your departure date so that you get a decent fare. At Phoenix International Airport’s Terminal 4, Southwest Airlines flies. If you frequently travel, you can use the airline’s rapid rewards. Southwest provides a free round-trip ticket good for one year if you finish 16 credits in less than 24 months. To have the best travel experience, book your tickets with Southwest.


The most amazing adventure places to visit in Phoenix:


So you have finally made Southwest Airlines booking? Now is the time to explore the outdoor adventure of the city. Below are some of the locations to check out.

  1. Water activities at Lower Salt River

Phoenix has several stunning water bodies to discover despite being in the desert. One of the roughest rivers you may go through in a kayak, SUP, or tube is the Lower Salt River. Any age or skill level of paddler can enjoy the river’s slow-moving, tranquil waters. For many local wildlife species, the Lower Salt River supplies water. While exploring the river by boat, it’s not uncommon to spot javelins, coyotes, and many bird species hanging out close. You can observe wild horses drinking water or grazing on the riverbanks if you go kayaking early in the morning.

  1. Hiking & biking at The McDowell Preserve

The McDowell Sonoran Preserve, a sizable environmental reserve in Scottsdale, effectively encapsulates the spirit of the Sonoran Desert. There are few sites to explore the vast natural regions of the desert near the Phoenix area. This includes wildlife watching, mountain biking, hiking, and more. This Preserve is open from sunrise to sunset and offers a variety of quintessential Phoenix hiking trails. This includes Tom’s Thumb and the Lost Dog Wash. You can also explore the preserve by mountain bike to take in all the sights the preserve has to offer.

  1. Take Sunrise hot balloon rides

Enjoy breathtaking sunrise views of the Sonoran Desert in North Phoenix from a hot air balloon. You will begin ascending into the air as soon as the first rays of light appear over the horizon. It will eventually float easily among the clouds. As the rising light pours its golden yellow rays over the valley, the earth below turns into a dreamlike landscape. Over 1,000 meters above the ground, you will glide for over an hour while taking in 360-degree views. A luxurious brunch and champagne will be waiting for you when you land. Costs for a sunrise hot air balloon flight over Phoenix range from US$180 to US$215 per person. While less-priced tours merely serve champagne, pricier tours also include some snacks or breakfast.

  1. Jump from a plane

Yes, this is another outdoor activity you must undertake while you are in Phoenix. You will never really comprehend the pure feeling of freedom that a terminal velocity free fall can bring. So unless you’ve personally experienced it, you will not understand it. There’s a strong chance you’ll find a skydiving facility close to Phoenix that meets your requirements. There are so many different skydiving businesses in the area. Whatever your experience level, ask for their help, from beginner-level free fall sessions to more challenging ones with an instructor. To save up to 50% off, you can reserve this activity in advance. Lastly, remember that you will jump from this plane at 18,000 feet.

Bottom Lines:

You can attempt a variety of adventure sports there. However, we have only covered the top four outdoor activities you absolutely must undertake while in Phoenix. So what are you still holding out for? Plan your trip to the Valley of the Sun right away by getting Southwest Airlines tickets. It is possible to go on every adventure, regardless of your level of expertise. Make sure to plan your next excursion to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport by reading the details about Southwest Airlines reservations.

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