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Business Management Courses in UK

Management is a necessity for everyone and is a core of everybody’s routine. But when we talk of pursuing a particular degree in management then this term bifurcates in various divisions. Management is a required field in every subject. For example, in events, in hotels, in tourism, in business, finances, marketing, etc. Business management courses in UK are the top priority for the students. They are because of many start-ups, and the demand for professionals in top companies.

 International students want to study MBA abroad to improve their business skills and also to get a good job opportunity there. Due to the huge requirement and good salary packages, students migrate abroad for their business studies.

Why pursue business management courses in UK

The United Kingdom is a group of well-developed nations which possess more than 3 trillion dollars in GDP. The UK has a great environment and works to strive toward the excellence of its people. London, which is a great business city is the dream of many students. The UK not only provides quality education but also provides high placement jobs to the students. There are many reasons why an international student should choose the UK to pursue business management courses. Some of them are:

1.   Globally recognized in Business management courses in UK

The United Kingdom is recognized as a leading business education provider in the world. As we have heard of London providing business education from ancient times, the tradition is followed till today also. The Universities in the UK are globally recognized and possess a great global reputation.

2.   Top-class universities

The United Kingdom has cream-layered universities. These universities have occupied their place in the world’s Top 100 Universities. They provide a well-researched education to the students. Therefore, the students of these universities have a separate place all over the globe. The Russell Group of Universities is placed in the Top 100 best Universities in the world. Enrolling in these universities can develop a student’s career in a strong way.

3.   Research-based environment

Students want to study In UK, so that they can develop their research-based approach. The Universities do not focus on rote learning. However, they focus on developing the research-based or practical approach in the students. This provides the student with a new way of learning and applying things in the real world.

4.   Affordable fee structure

The UK has an advantage over other countries when it comes to the fee structure. A different group of universities has different fee structures. The fees of the business courses range from £12,000 GBP to £80,000 GBP. It can go higher if the university demands so. But, in general, the fee structure is very nominal in comparison to other countries.

One more advantage of the UK universities is they provide an MBA degree of 1 Year. The benefit of this is that rather than studying for 2 years the students can complete their studies and can work in the UK in that time. This provides them a quicker opportunity to pursue a job and also saves money and time.

5.   Availability of scholarships

Besides having a nominal fee structure, Universities in the UK provide various scholarships to international students. The motto behind this is to encourage the students to study abroad. The international student gets a lot of benefits than the natives.

6.   High Job placements

As the student will be able to complete his MBA in UK in one year, he will find a job earlier. Some universities provide a placement year with an MBA degree. The students can easily get placement due to the high requirements of the professionals.  The international student will receive a 2-year PSW in UK which will help them to earn money after their studies. The salary of the students in the UK depends upon practical skills more than theoretical skills.

Top Universities for MBA in UK

To pursue a master’s in Business administration (MBA) in the UK, students need to know about the types of universities. This helps them to understand the requirements of that university and their qualifications. There are more than 150 universities present in the UK. Great Britain has more than 100 Universities out of the 150.

In the UK, the students majorly enrol themselves in one of the 2 groups of the Universities. The 2 groups are described below:

1. Public-funded Universities

The public-funded universities are those which are funded by the UK government. These Universities are quite cheaper than privately-funded universities. Public-funded universities also include the Russell Group of universities. These universities are placed in the Top 500 world’s best universities. However, these universities also provide great Job opportunities in UK. 

The names of some of the public-funded universities in the UK are:

  1. University of East London
  2. Birmingham City University
  3. Sheffield Hallam University
  4. University of Aberdeen
  5. Queen Margaret university
  6. Oxford Brookes University
  7. Falmouth University
  8. University of Worcester

2. Russell Group of Universities

The Russell Group of universities is considered a group of top-class universities in the UK. The group involves 24 top universities ranked in the world’s top 100 universities. These Universities have world-class research-intensive programs which develop a different perspective in students.  The Russell Group of universities has a high reputation in the entire world. More than 32% of international students are enrolled in the Russell Group of universities. The name of some Universities are:

  1. Queen’s University Belfast
  2. University of Oxford
  3. University of Cambridge
  4. Imperial College London
  5. University of Edinburgh
  6. University of Manchester
  7. King’s College London

Living Costs in UK
The major problem students face is the problem of living in another country at affordable prices. In the UK students pay the living cost according to the city chosen. For example, the living cost inside London is quite higher than the outside London cities.  An international student needs to choose where they want to study which can help them evaluate their living cost.

To know more regarding the eligibility criteria for the business management courses in UK, you can reach us at You can also call us on our toll-free number (1800-1230-00011). If you want face-to-face counselling from our experts then you can visit our nearest branches. You can resolve your queries by scheduling a video session on our website also.

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