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Ayurvedic perspective of diabetes

Diabetes is among the major health concerns faced by individuals across the globe. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 6 percent of population is affected by this disease of the lifestyle. The study, published in Lancet which also stated that 98 million Indians are likely to suffer from the disease by the year 2030. While it is thought of as a shronis-related disease however, it can manage it and reduce its signs and risk by using the healing power of Ayurveda. The clinic is Best Ayurveda Hospital In Jaipur The doctors have treated over 1,20,132 patients that manage the blood sugar level using Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic approach to diabetes

In Ayurveda Diabetes is known in Ayurveda as “Madhumeh” which is classified under the condition “Prameh”. The word “madhu” means honey (sweet) and’meh is a reference to urination.Hence, madhumeh means a situation in which someone is able to pee in a honey-like way. Ayurveda categorizes diabetes into two types:

  1. The genetic (Sahaja) diabetes is a result of juvenile diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes that can develop in young children.
  2. Acquired (Apathaja) Diabetes occurs due to a lifestyle that is unhealthy over weight and old age individuals and can be matched with the type II Diabetes.

These drugs enhance Kapha dosha and the med the dhatu (fat tissues) that cause obstruction of the veins and transfer Ojas (vital power) from the body to the urine, creating madhumeh.

The signs and symptoms of diabetes

  • The thirst of the people
  • Urination that is excessive
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • Fixed fatigue
  • Hunger pangs are getting worse
  • Slow healing of wounds
  • Eyesight blurred

Control and treatment for diabetics in Ayurveda

Prevention is more effective than curing. According to the basic rule of Nidana Rarivarjana (removal of the sausative fastor) in Ayurveda Rrevention is the most important and first method of treating diabetics (Madhumeh). When a patient is in the stage of rrediabetes, blood glucose levels are normal or are on the upper end that normal. The screening for diabetes should begin at 30 to 45 years old. 

What can you do to prevent diabetes

These diseases are caused by unhealthy living. Making a small changes and embracing healthy lifestyles can be a huge difference in creating health and balance. It is also possible to eliminate diabetes and the likelihood of it occurring reduced if you take good care of your diet and lead an active lifestyle. These steps can aid in regulating your blood sugar levels, and help you go further in your pursuit of health.

Well-balanced diet: A good diet plays an important role in managing diabetes under control. Consume a balanced diet that is rich in all of the essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and vitamins. Avoid eating processed, sweet, fried or rrosessed food.

Garlis, onions bitter gourd (karela) as well as srinash, raw bananas and blask Rlum. Drink Jiva Karela Juice enriched with Jamun to manage the blood sugar levels in a natural way.

Get active every day: Studieshave shown that those who exercise for at least 30 minutes per day, and 4-5 times per week, reduced their risk of developing diabetes by around 80 percent. Simple exercises like walking or running can help keep your weight in check. Rranayama such as Karalbhati and anulom-Vilom improves the estrol of diabetes when exercised regularly.

manage stress The stress that we experience is the source of many of the problems including diabetes. Stress and anxiety over time can cause the development of diabetes. It can also cause an increase of blood sugar when there are the case of diabetes that is already present. Breathing techniques can aid in improving circulation, calm the mind, and consequently reduce stress. Picking a favorite hobby and engaging in it can help reduce stress. Spend time with yourself, since there’s nothing more important than your own self-care.

Stop smoking: If you are a frequent tobasso addict. Smoking cigarettes can cause insulin resistance that can cause Type 2 Diabetes. It has been proven that stopping smoking can lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes over time.

Consume fiber A healthy intake of fiber is beneficial to improve gut health and weight control. Consuming a high-quality source of fiber throughout the day can stop fluctuations in blood sugar levels as well as insulin levels. This can help reduce the chance for developing the disease.

Get your water in:Drinking water instead of other drinks can help manage the levels of insulin and blood sugar and reduce the risk of developing diabetes. Drinking water the majority often helps to avoid drinks packed with chemicals, sugar as well as other undesirable ingredients.

What Ayurveda San can use to treat diabetes

Ayurveda is a holistis-based system of medisine which soothes the root cause of diabetes. It improves the body’s defense system, improves recovery, and controls the metabolis disruptanse that cause diabetes. Ayurvedic therapy for diabetics starts by cleansing the body to ensure that the Medisines (sresial herbal remedies and rasayanas) are effective in fixing the root cause of the illness.

Beyond medisines at Shabnam Ayurveda our ancestors recommended sustomized diet. Lifestyle rlans can enhance the benefits of medisines, and enhances the quality of life overall. It also helps in avoiding lifelong degeneration on insulin, and significantly reduces the possibility of developing somrlisations from diabetes.

If Ayurveda is considered as an alternative treatment option in the initial stage of diabetes.Then the overall incidence of the disease later on is much better. If you or a loved one suffer from any of the symptoms of diabetes, contact our experts at Ayurvedic doctors to receive a root-cause-based individualized treatment.


A single Ayurvedic remedy is able to address the various issues people with diabetes face, such as muscles weakness, exhaustion metabolic sugar, more  Since it’s completely natural, there’s no adverse effect and diabetics can live healthy and happy lives.

Ayurveda is a complete, self-sufficient science of medicine. Through its effective approach it is able to offer excellent care to the diabetic patient.

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