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A Guide About Choosing Your Career As A Security Guard

The security field is frequently overlooked. Security requirements for safer areas in private and public spaces are constantly growing. So the need for a security guard is also growing.

So Security has developed into a multimillion-dollar business. That offers a wide array of opportunities to anyone who wants to pursue a career path in this sector.

Contrary to the common perception of the public regarding security jobs, the job doesn’t just revolve around physical Security from a security guard company.

It also encompasses numerous other fields that include but do not limit to Security of data, economic crime, terrorism, and fraud.

Every area requires experts to guard against potential attacks or misuse from any criminal organization or individual.

Each field requires different abilities that professionals need to be able to acquire. Professionals seeking jobs in the security field face challenges in advancing their knowledge base. And understanding of how security functions.

Every security avenue requires a thorough understanding of how the company operates to protect against potential criminals.

For retail businesses, for instance, shoplifting is becoming a significant issue, as is internal employee theft.

Cyber Security Issues

Information and cyber security industries are facing increasing threats from cybercriminals. Identity theft, leaks of corporate data, as well as the potential of trading on information are some of the most significant challenges.

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals also require to improve Security for privacy. Similar to what could be said for hotels.

Public and government areas need better security personnel to avoid and deal with possible security risks.

Depending on the specific field, there’s a distinct way to progress your career. In general, security professionals are classified into three broad categories, which include:

The contract Security (also known as proprietary Security) the main concern in this field is the Security of assets.

Professional Security Guards

Security officers and security guards who are professional and have the required skills. To manage the responsibilities are sought after by various organizations, agencies, and businesses.

In public or private spaces, indeed, the private sector generally needs security jobs. However, government agencies, particularly at the federal levels, require security experts to perform the same task as their counterparts.

Law enforcement: The government has its law enforcement personnel. However, security professionals are the first to arrive at the crime scene.

Furthermore, security professionals must be able to manage critical situations and implement security strategies. And programs before the law enforcement personnel of the government arrive.

Everyone must always acquire all required skills to look distinguished from others. And increase their knowledge of every subject they work in.

Security, as we’ve said earlier, is not just about physical strength as much as privacy and economic issues.

According to this, the courses in Security do not just concern physical force or the ability to deter physical crime.

Still, they include computer science, psychology, business management, political science, philosophy, electronics, police science, and information management.

Specific Security Fields

You can find security jobs of three categories in various industries, as described below.

Banking or Financial: A security professional must deal with financial institutions and related fields like mortgages, credit card banks, online banks, insurers, and many more.

The possible earnings for entry-level workers can range from $35,000-$65,000 per year. Personnel who are certified can earn anything from $100,000 to $150,000.

Commercial Real Estate: Security experts in this field handle physical structures like retail malls, residential facilities. And even shopping centers. Salaries Starting range is between $40,000 and $50,000.

Cultural Property: The most excellent examples of cultural assets are art and museums. Security personnel are accountable for the health and Security, fire protection technical services, and administrative.

The salary for entry-level security personnel ranges between $20,000 and $40,000 annually.

We hire security professionals from educational institutions like colleges, schools for private students, and colleges. The starting salary is between $40,000 and $50,000 per year.

Security and Gaming Security: Security professionals are employed with many gambling and gaming facilities. Starting salaries range from between $8 and $15 per hour.

Government/Industrial: this is probably the most challenging and requires academic degrees from accredited institutions and strict background checks.

A security company needs an established track record in addition. The starting salary is 55,000 to $75,000.

Healthcare Security: This area has responsibilities that range from safeguarding assets to investigations of employees.

Educational Requirement

A bachelor’s degree is typically the minimum requirement, and prior working experience in health care is desirable. Starting salaries range from $30k to $50,000.

Security specialists in Information Systems in this field must protect themselves from harm using hardware software, hardware, and the associated processes.

Authorized users must access the system while maintaining security protocols. Certifications like CISSP are mandatory. The starting salary ranges at $40,000 and goes up to $80,000.

Mobile Patrol: Mobile security services are also required for construction site security, commercial building security, apartments, etc.

Investigations: This field requires many specializations, including computer forensics, criminal analysis, the possibility of violent incidents in the workplace, and much more.

Graduate degrees in criminal justice, criminology, and business are highly sought-after. Starting salaries range between $35,000 and $55,000. Professionals with certification could earn up to $85,000.

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