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Health and Fitness

8 Things To Know Before You Start Your Scalp Micropigmentation

If you are suffering from general hair loss or a receding hairline, the scalp micropigmentation procedure is one of the best ways to treat such hair loss conditions. However, before opting for this technique of getting rid of hair loss, you need to look at a few aspects of the procedure. Once you have a clear understanding of scalp micropigmentation cost and how the procedure works, you can then decide whether it is the right procedure for you or not. 

The SMP procedure is Permanent.

An SMP procedure is one of the hair loss treatments that is only done once and offers a permanent solution to receding hairlines or other hair loss conditions.

Is it a Painful Process? 

In many cases of patients who have undergone the scalp micropigmentation procedure, many say that the procedure is not painful. However, some have reported that they felt some discomfort. Therefore, it will all depend on how a person handles pain. Needles used in the SMP procedure are very fine. This means that the patient won’t feel much pain. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is Not a Tattoo

Many terms have been used to describe the scalp pigmentation procedure. Even though many people view it as a tattoo procedure, it should be known that it is not a tattoo. It is not a tattoo because the pigment used is cosmetic, making the SMP procedure one of those permanent cosmetic treatments for hair loss. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is 100% Effective.

Many of the procedures used to treat hair loss are not that effective. Scalp Micropigmentation on the other hand, is quite effective when treating hair loss conditions, especially a receding hairline. Once you go for it, you are guaranteed 100% effectiveness. 

The SMP Procedure is Customizable 

One of the best things about getting a scalp micropigmentation procedure is that it allows the patient to decide how the procedure will be. This means that it can be personalized to suit a client’s personal hair restoration goals. You just need to explain this to your provider and leave the rest to him or her. 

Don’t Use Blood Thinners or Alcohol Before the Session. 

Before undergoing the SMP procedure, your practitioner will ask you to avoid alcoholic beverages or blood thinners for a few days. Aspirin is one of the drugs classified as blood thinners; therefore, you should avoid using it before undergoing the scalp micropigmentation procedure because it may lead to over bleeding. Coffee, energy drinks, or tea are also things you need to avoid an SMP appointment. 

You Can Still Grow Your Hair After SMP 

Once you have had the scalp micropigmentation procedure, you can still grow your hair out if you want. However, the SMP treatment aims to create an illusion of fuller hair but not to grow new hair. The pigment injected into your scalp mimics the hair follicles, meaning it looks like you have shaved your hair. 

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost is Relatively Cheap 

Before you decide to undergo the scalp micropigmentation procedure, you need to know that the scalp micropigmentation cost is relatively cheaper than other hair restoration procedures. Typically, it will cost you about $2.8k and $4k to pay for the procedure in a reputable facility. For the best results that meet your hair restoration goals, you need to choose a professional hair restoration clinic with highly trained practitioners. 


Since there are many hair restoration procedures, you need to seek medical advice from a professional hair therapist to know which procedure suits your needs. You need to know some things about the scalp micropigmentation procedure before having it. 

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