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5 Ingenious Ways to Make Use of Your Home Office Corner

Getting that extra square footage for the home office is quite a difficult task, but maximizing that space takes the challenge to a whole new level even further.

Even if you’ve finally managed to free up a small room for the home office, making the most of every available inch means tackling those tricky corners.

Often overlooked and easily overlooked, this drab, closed, dark corner of your home office has a lot of potentials. It’s about finding what works best for you.

Of course, with a little creativity and the right inspiration, you can easily (and sometimes sparingly) turn that forgotten corner into your humble home office. Today we take care of the last part of that equation by presenting 23 home offices that make maximum use of angles.

And while browsing through these wonderful home workspaces, you may come across this elusive idea that will change your home office forever!

1. Meeting Your Storage Requirements

Besides the desk and chair, the number one thing that concerns us in the home office is storage space. Some of us may want to stack files; others may just need a little shelf space for stationery.

Whatever your needs, turning into corners is a smart way to solve your home office space problem. Corner shelves are easy to fit in and you can even customize wall cabinets that take up zero feet of space.

The open floating shelves in the corner can also help decorate the home office by making it look more open and airy. Visit the website for more details about the fireplace for the home office corner.

2. A Peaceful Reading Corner

Maybe shelf space isn’t the most important consideration in your home office. Then, take it a step further and transform that drab corner into a cozy and stylish reading nook.

All you need here is a comfortable couch, a side table with a table lamp (or a sleek floor light), and, of course, a tiny shelf to house your favorite books. Once you’ve finished working on your laptop, you can relax in your home office with a book and a drink, thanks to your new corner reading nook!

3. A Relaxed Conversation Area

We understand that not everyone wants to spend countless hours flipping through books, and many may want to relax with a pleasant chat with someone they love.

If you are looking for a comfortable, stylish and peaceful space, then this forgotten corner of the home office could be just that. Add a few club chairs and a  coffee table, and you’ll not only have conversation space but extra space for your customers as well.

4. A Hot Makeover

What would truly complete your fantastic and delightful ‘discussion corner’? Of course, a fireplace! Corner fireplaces are a stunning and contemporary focal point for the home office, bringing both beauty and ergonomics to the working.

You don’t have to be concerned about wasting space, and those who want to go the additional mile may even install a TV over the fireplace to complete a stylish home office.

5. Changing to a Guest Room

The spare bedroom/home office combo is a popular and affordable option for many, and again, the lonely nook can come to your rescue here.

Adding a murphy bed or even a smart sofa bed to your home office nook is pretty straightforward and in many of these cases, the beds tend to disappear completely when not in use.

Whether you are desperate for space for an extra bedroom/guest room or have frequent visits from friends over the weekend, this is a solution that makes your life easier.

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