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4 Ways To Let Someone Know They Matter This Christmas

Although Christmas can be a wonderfully magical and joyous time, it can also be a lonely experience. The season of goodwill can be a tough time for many people, all over the world. When you’re busy writing personalised Christmas cards to send to your family and friends, it’s thoughtful to consider charitable ways in which you can let people know that they matter.

By helping those in need this Christmas, you’re also benefitting yourself. Through kind words and actions you can make a positive difference to someone’s life, and enhance your own happiness and wellbeing in the process.

  1. Make Real Connections

It’s all too easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of activity that’s caused by having a hectic modern lifestyle. That charming old tradition of acknowledging everyone that you come into contact with, on a daily basis, can have a huge impact on making a difference to someone’s day.

In the lead up to Christmas Day, commit to making an effort to bring the quaint old-fashioned custom back, by greeting everyone in a positive manner. Acknowledging someone, by saying a cheery “good morning” or ‘hello” goes a long way to brightening up their day, and inspiring a pay-it-forward attitude. If you’re feeling shy, greet people with your warmest, genuine smile.

When someone goes out of their way to acknowledge you, you feel valued and that your presence matters in the world. This Christmas, make it your mission to spread positivity and love, in your community and beyond, and make real connections with everyone – in person, or virtually.

  1. Focus On Others

As you’re shopping for personalised Christmas cards and gifts for family and friends, consider purchasing an extra present for someone you don’t know.

It’s estimated that as many as one in three elderly people feel lonely and isolated. Their physical and mental health may also be in decline because they no longer feel that they matter. If you have elderly neighbours, pop over to check on them, and engage in friendly conversation. You can also offer to lend a hand with practical tasks like shopping, gardening, or helping them get to medical appointments. Giving them a Christmas gift, of homemade biscuits or a selection of jams, will also help to lift their spirits.

If you don’t already have an existing relationship with a neighbour in need, and you’re not sure how to initiate communication – as some senior citizens may feel intimidated or scared of being approached by someone they don’t know – contact a local charity that supports the elderly. Some charities run volunteering opportunities to befriend an elderly person, through regular home visits or chats on the phone.

Another way to focus on others is to follow the reverse advent calendar trend and fill up a box with non-perishable foods. Add a new item to the box every day until Christmas Eve, and then take it to the local food bank for Xmas Day delivery.

  1. Gift Your Time

The ultimate Christmas present you can gift loved ones is your time. This could be a number of hours in which to enjoy each other’s company, or a shared experience that creates happy memories that you can treasure for many years to come.

Being fully present when you communicate with someone is also important, if you want to let them know that they matter to you. Make yourself available for everyone at Christmas, and give the time and attention that honours their presence. Make people feel that they are the most important person in the world, when they are engaged in a conversation with you. The selfless act of focusing all of your attention on someone will have a positive impact on their wellbeing and their perception of you.

Offer support, help or encouragement. Say thank you, and inspire others through your kindness and good deeds. It doesn’t matter how you choose to let people know that they matter. What’s important is that you do.

  1. Send Personalised Christmas Cards

It can be difficult to clear time in your busy life to be able to catch up with good friends and family members, especially in the lead up to Christmas. To make up for the lack of socialising opportunity, it’s lovely idea to pen a special message of gratitude.

Instead of writing the usual short and sweet generic message in your beautiful and luxurious Christmas cards, or a lengthy round robin, spend a little extra time expressing your love and appreciation. Let your loved ones know how much you cherish and value them, and how lucky you feel to have them in your life.

Many people find that it’s much easier to put heartfelt sentiments into words that are handwritten in a card, than it is to say the words out loud in conversation. If you’re more comfortable with this option, it’s helpful to recall memories of happy times you have enjoyed with someone, as a means of finding the inspiration that you need to express what you feel.

It’s important to let the people who love, nurture and support you know that they matter. A message as simple as: “You mean so much to me. I appreciate you and value you every day”, can deepen friendships, and strengthen the bond with family members.

Sending personalised Christmas cards that contain a meaningful message of gratitude could also help to heal a family rift, or to mend a broken heart or friendship.

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