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You Don’t Have To Be A Plywood Pro To Understand These Quality Features Of Sainik Plywood

Plywood is an excellent alternative to solid wood. In many homes, plywood is used in the kitchen. Plywood was invented in the early twentieth century. It was initially considered an alternative to solid wood, but now, a lot of people consider plywood as their first preference due to several properties it possesses.

While it is an excellent substitute for solid wood, it also has several advantages:

  • It appears exactly like solid wood, although it is a substitute for solid wood.
  • When the veneer is applied on top of it, it gives it a more polished appearance.
  • Plywood is thought to be as durable as solid wood.
  • Plywood is made out of wood sheets that have been pressed together and glued together using powerful adhesives, and it is believed to be both durable and lightweight due to its sheer strength.
  • Because there are fire repellant variations on the market, it is employed in a variety of applications.
  • During a fire, this property gives additional time for victims to leave.

CenturyPly SAINIK 710 is a type of plywood that is entirely waterproof and offers good value. The following are the three main benefits of using this sort of plywood:

  • It’s classified as a BWP grade plywood, which implies it’s a Boiling Waterproof plywood, which makes it extremely durable.
  • This type of material is commonly found in kitchens and eating spaces.
  • While plywood is a cost-effective option, SAINIK 710 offers cheaper renovation costs.
  • This allows you to create your areas without having to worry about the costs of renovating the house. Kitchens are an excellent application for this material.
  • Plywood, as previously said, is a very robust material. As a result, it’s an excellent application for kitchen cabinets.

Sainik Plywood is BWP-certified plywood from CenturyPly that is an economical option (Boiling and Waterproof standard). Apart from its long-term endurance, this material is also cost-effective and of high quality.

When it comes to materials, you want high-quality materials that are durable, robust, and long-lasting. Unlike other vendors, CenturyPly provides an 8-year warranty to aid with this.

CenturyPly SAINIK plywood can be used as follows:

  • You no longer need to worry about the cost of building. Using such materials will ensure that it is waterproof, making it easier to install aesthetically appealing furniture and equipment in bathrooms and kitchens without having to worry about water falling on them and spoiling the same.
  • Plywood provides great durability, but Sainik provides high resistance to all climates, making it a great material to use. This is considered high-quality plywood, where resistance to harsh temperatures and super humid climates makes this a clear winner among other types of plywoods.
  • When you have wood installations, you will have to be wary of termites and borers. With SAINIK, you no longer have to worry about this as this material helps retain the look and feel of the objects where you have used this material and also does not get damaged by termites and borers.
  • Sainik comes in different thicknesses to meet all your requirements. It is also available in different dimensions. This gives you the power to customize your order based on your needs and requirements.

What does 710 grade plywood mean?

Commercially, 303 and 710-grade Plywood is used. Here are some features of the latter type of plywood:

  • Has BWP grade of waterproofing by making use of resins which impart this property. This performs a lot better than MR and BWR-grade plywood in terms of moisture resistivity.
  • BWP grade plywood has a high resistance to boiling water, as the name suggests, and is best suited for applications where plywood has contact with water over prolonged periods.
  • This type of plywood is relatively heavier than 303-grade plywood, and it should not be used for shelves. If you wish to use it for shelves, do ensure you make use of extra hinges.
  • In terms of strength, it is very powerful due to the adhesives holding it in place. It is considered better than both MR and BWR grade plywoods in terms of strength.
  • This is slightly expensive due to its features over MR and BWR grade plywoods. It is worth the investment because you are also getting yourself an 8-year warranty against bores and termite damages.
  • This type of plywood is best suited for outdoor applications as it can withstand extreme weather conditions. However, for indoor applications, it can be used in areas where there is prolonged exposure to both moisture and water.


SAINIK 710 can be used for indoor furniture like beds, wardrobes, and shelves. This type of plywood is considered completely waterproof as it can survive the 72 hours of boiling water test under conditions set by the laboratories. For users looking at blockboards, SAINIK 710 also comes in 19mm for blockboards. The biggest advantage of this type of plywood is that you get 8 years of warranty against damages caused by termites and borers.

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