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Yoga for beginners: Tips and Tricks to get you started

Roll your yoga mat out and discover the blend of physical and mental exercises that have hooked several yoga practitioners across the globe. The best part of yoga is you will not have to be a yogi to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Whether young or old, fit or heavyweight, you can strengthen your body and keep your mind calm with yoga. Yoga is for all.

Yoga might be an ancient practice, but its power is growing with time. In recent years, it has increased in popularity, with more than 200 million people worldwide practicing yoga in their everyday wellness exercises.

When you are new to yoga, you will most likely have several questions about what you will do, what you need to wear, what you should bring to your yoga class, and how to prepare yourself best. Proper knowledge of what is expected from you and what will work best helps you be more comfortable in your first class.

If you are thinking of starting practicing yoga in one of the best yoga schools in Rishikesh or are completely new to yoga, then here are a few tricks and tips to best start your yoga practice.

Look for a good yoga instructor

It becomes easy and enjoyable to learn about yoga when you are well aware of its physical and mental aspects in detail. Therefore, finding an experienced and well-qualified yoga teacher who can guide you through all beginner yoga poses is best.

Learn yoga through expert assistance

If you have a certain medical condition, then it is advisable to inform your instructor before commencing yoga training. It helps your teacher customize your yoga asana practice and avoid injuries and complications.

Give respect to your body’s limitations

Do not push yourself to carry out anything dangerous or not right for you. This is called Ahimsa or practicing non-harm, which is important for skillful and valuable yoga practice. Remain mindful of all contradictions applicable to specified situations.

Wear a comfortable dress

It is best to wear it in your yoga class or while doing yoga at home. Do not wear belts or any heavy jewelry, as it will come in your way of yoga practices.

Be regular

Practicing yoga during the early morning is best, but any time is fine if you do not have it early. It’s important to practice regularly. If morning time is not suitable for you, don’t make it an excuse to give up practicing yoga.

Stay light

Practicing yoga on an empty stomach or at least 2-3 hours after the last meal is often recommended. Also, it is good to drink three to four liters of water during the daytime as it helps flush all toxins formed during your yoga practice out from your body.

Do warm-up exercises before you hit the yoga mat

Warm-up exercises, also called sukshma Vyayam, assist in loosening your body and preparing it for all kinds of yoga asanas. Some of the warm-up exercises are

  • Massage your head, cheeks, nose and your brows.
  • Do neck rotation in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions to relieve stiffness.
  • Pump your shoulders and shake off your hands to shrug off all kinds of lethargy.
  • Select a comfortable place

If you have thought of practicing yoga at your home, there are high chances of getting several distractions. Yoga needs constant mind and body connection as you practice several breathing methods and physical postures. All these exercises need focus and a relaxed mind. It is good for your yoga practices to select the right corner for your yoga session at your home where no one can distract you or come your way.

Start easy

As a beginner, it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by several disciplines such as Vinyasa, ashtanga, or hatha. But to start, it’s good to do some easy-to-do yoga poses and stretching exercises. When you have mastered all the basics, you can explore several advanced poses with a good teacher who can guide you through all the good aspects of yoga practices.

Stay gentle

Yoga is a physical practice, but the sole purpose is relaxing while you do the workout. Wear a comfortable dress and do exercises without any rush. Take some breaks between every pose and enjoy your workout with a good smile.

Set your mood

Yoga is about mental clarity and finding peace. So, set up your mood at your home for mental wellness. You can dim the lights and play some soft music in your background to reduce stress and remain motivated while practicing.

Relax in between to recharge

After completing yoga asana practice, don’t rush to get up and move on with the tasks lined up for the whole day. It’s best to lie down in yoga nidra for some minutes as it assists in cooling down your body and unites all energy generated through yoga asana practice. Yoga Nidra is also good for relaxing your body and mind after a yoga workout.


So, following the above tips and tricks makes it easy to include yoga practices in your wellness routine. A 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is one of the best ways to start your yoga practice.  You can experience all the profound benefits of yoga when you practice regularly. Yoga includes yoga asanas, philosophy, meditations and pranayamas that take you beyond your body level, thereby providing some spiritual experience. Offer yourself some precious time and remain patient for the outcomes that make you highly flexible, effective, healthy and enthusiastic. Maintain a good schedule, give respect to all your body limitations and take some off days at intervals to allow your body to take some breaks.

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