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Why Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a Game-changer For Data Center


If you roll your eyes towards the survey, Virtual desktop infrastructure has had brought a strange but positive impact on the data centers. It is not wrong to say that VDI is becoming the game-changer in the data center field. Its higher efficiency has attracted many companies, and its demand keeps increasing in the data center’s infrastructure.

The entry of the VDI worked as a revolution because of this; the control of the desktops is now in the hands of data centers from the environment back. It adds to the demands that have already been made by traditional server environments and on other supporting infrastructures.

There is a high demand for VDI due to several benefits. One of them is security, and there is enough control for the IT sector. And it financially helped the companies, too, by reducing the annual expenditure on hardware needs.

But looking at the large organizations that run several websites and have regional offices too, virtual desktops bring challenges. There are 3 challenges they face while working with VDI: networks and WAN, data storage, and server management.

  • Regional offices and virtual desktops:

    Before working with virtual desktops, the regional office needs to clearly account for their requirements. They need to think about what their network is doing currently and the usage profile of their remote users. Regardless of the factors and reasons for implementing the VDI for your regional offices, it will put a burden on your network capacity. The need for WAN optimization will keep increasing at a high rate.

    Although, this is not going to end with just the designing phase of your virtual data center project. It will continued where you have to think about the initial cost and timeline of the categorization. This may also lead to a drastic change in categorization strategy. Some of the elements of VDI may need to have ultra-fast storage. In that case, others have to adjust their performance by working more than their capacity. The use of tiered storage and automated tiering technologies helps to manage performance.

    This contributing with reduplication can give smooth results and decrease the overall performance requirements for a new solution. But there are many solutions present out there to overcome all these challenges that come up in the way of implementing Virtual desktop solutions. This will surely help to have healthy competition among other choices in the market.

  • The IT management VDI challenges:

    VDI implementation brings another IT management challenge in the data center. There are so many elements that are difficult to run in a VDI environment it makes it difficult for the management team to understand them. In these big organizations, I am not sure if there is any team that will take responsibility for it.

    The infrastructure is being hosted in a virtualized environment on servers with desktop build-ups and applications based on needs. That is why it must be built by compiling desktop teams and existing servers.

Cloud Remote Desktop


Any company or organization seeking VDI will work on their thinking, which must be altered for the data center. They need to work on the new strategies that will work well with the VDI. Ace Cloud Hosting is a company that provides a wide range of cloud services, including DaaS, private service hosting, and many more. This way, clients can achieve their business requirements by getting first-class cloud solutions.

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