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Computers and Technology

Why Streaming App Security Is Crucial for OTT Service Providers


Ever since the global pandemic has changed the way of life, OTT platforms have grown in popularity. The at-home culture continues to catch up with families’ attention toward streaming applications.

In the past few years, OTT services have scaled themselves from just a niche segment to full-time entertainment sources. But unfortunately, the exponential jump in the demand for these OTT apps has fuelled a surge in cybercrimes as well.

And it’s even more terrifying when service providers skip the security metric when investing in OTT app development. But, being rooted in this business, why you should care for it? Read on because we have explained it all.

The Importance of Streaming App Security For OTT Providers 

A single cyber-attack is dangerous enough that it can be readily exposed to customers’ sensitive information. Simply put, through this data breach, they can acquire streamers’ credit card and bank details in no time.

And no wonder, this raises challenges for streamers and service providers as well because the safety net that protects buyer/seller personal and precious information is broken.

 Nope! That’s not enough. Cybercriminals can also manipulate the OTT platform app’s source code to collect log-in details to sell them to someone on the dark web. That’s being said why Streaming App security has turned into an indispensable thing to OTT service providers.

Security challenges to the OTT app:

As technology continues to outpace technologies, cyber threats are also emerging with alarming stats. A recent study by Forbes tells that almost 66% of online business have experienced at least one cyber-attack. No wonder, it is an alarming signal to an OTT app builder to build an app that’s even more secure than before. The most common challenges that OTT applications are all-time exposed to are as bahçeşehir bayan escort follows-


Online Piracy hasn’t gone anywhere but has evolved a lot more than ever before over the past few years. Downloading and distributing copyrighted content to others is still a well-flourishing culture across digital landscapes.

DDOS the servers

The Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attack on the server continues to shake up almost every OTT app development company with fear. The malicious activity disrupts normal traffic of the targeted resources like a server.

For example –, it is like a flood of internet traffic jam clogging up the main server preventing it to reach the destination.

Reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering continues to drop OTT service provider sales by a big figure. Simply put, in this cyber threat, a hacker would analyze the application’s code. Hereafter they may modify it and inject some kind of changes into the codes. Simultaneously that grants them free access to the application. And with this method, they can also re-share the access with others.

VPN access to gain content

You build an OTT app that works not just in a specific work but across continents and that’s a common thing. OTT service providers offer personalized content to users based on their geo-location. Cybercriminals can readily access free content by Virtual Private Pin that masks geo-location. Thereby, identifying cyber threat origin turns out difficult as well.

PII data proliferation

Almost every OTT service providers have the PII (Personal Identifiable Information) of the customers. With the support, they serve them with a better experience. If they aren’t secured, cyber attacks like DNS attacks and SQL injections can collect this information.

‍How to identify vulnerabilities in your OTT streaming service?

It’s time to figure out the key vulnerability that may be available in your OTT streaming app that you’re ignoring.

  1.       ‍Vulnerability management and assessment systems

The best way to identify vulnerabilities in your OTT app security goes through the VMA system. The system conducts a quick scan of the application resources and generates a report. Later on, it arranges them in a list and makes potential threats identifiable before they are surfaced and cause trouble.

  1.       ‍Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

SCA systems could be the best helping hand to protect the OTT app. Sometimes vulnerabilities are born from third-party libraries. Simply put, if your application depends on a third-party platform that catches up with a cyber threat, challenges can arrive for your application as well. But thanks to the SCA system that reduces the potential risk by proposing a new version or update of the respective third-party connection.

  1.       ‍Penetration testing

Penetration testing tools when combined with a continuous integration system can catch the vulnerabilities in the software before, they are released. The tool alone can identify broken authentication, crashes, or memory leaks in a matter of a few minutes.

How To Safeguard Your OTT Streaming App

Almost every OTT app developer must be trained on how to safeguard OTT streaming apps. The key steps that must have been involved in these safety checks are as follows.

  1.       ‍SSL Certificate

The security protocol is also popular across mobile application platforms. Through an SSL certificate, you can keep sensitive information, content, and entire data encrypted.  This ensures you provide services to the customer and not others. 

  1.       Multi-Level Firewall & Server Level Security

It is an advanced security system built for the OTT app platform that examines a total of seven layers of open system interconnection to build a fully-encrypted database for the software. But it must be providing 24×7 security monitoring.

  1.       Built-in Multi-DRM Security

Multi Digital Rights Management makes robust OTT security available as it protects copyrighted material from being theft from your platform. The security system even monitors and handles unauthorized access ensuring streaming service consumption is always transparent.

  1.       Geo-Blocking & VPN Detection

For securing the OTT platform application, GEO blocking & VPN Detection can emerge as the best helping tools in many ways. Simply put, you can restrict access from a particular country to your content. If any user is about to bypass their geographic location, these detectors restrict them at the same time.


So when you are about to create an OTT app, make sure you prioritize the security of your system as well as your customer’s information. A small mistake can expose your business to its biggest challenge. So consider it today!

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