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When You  Need a Top Root Canal Specialist in Brooklyn, NY

Sometimes, root canal fails to work as expected. The root canaled tooth might not heal properly or a patient might feel post-root-canal complications that jeopardize the survival of the tooth. Root canal retreatment means the cutting and removing of the previous porcelain or metal crown and root canal filling material, the recleaning and shaping of the root canals, and the re-filling of the roots and redoing the crown of the tooth. In short, root canal retreatment is similar to the original therapy, not considering the gutta-percha and crown removal. The rate of success for a root canal redo runs at around 75 percent. At Doctors Network, we understand the value of having an experienced endodontist, so we have made it very simple to find a local root canal specialist.

Root canal therapies and re-dos are a better option than tooth extraction for most Brooklyn patients. If a tooth has good bone support, a solid surface, and healthy gums beneath it, it stands a good chance of being saved and restored. Getting root canal redo in Brooklyn, NY can be far less costly than the alternatives. Dental implants, extensive bridgework and the creation of aesthetically pleasing prosthetic teeth is more costly than keeping the natural tooth. They also need maintenance and are less natural than a “real” tooth.

Why is root canal retreatment needed?

Even though the prospect of more endodontic therapy isn’t pleasant, root canal re-do is fairly simple. In general, the whole treatment can be completed in 1-3 visits.

There are several reasons why root canal suddenly fails, including:

  • Delay in the restoring the tooth after the root canal.
  • Narrow or curved canals not treated during the initial treatment.
  • Broken crown leaking filling material.
  • New decay to the tooth.
  • New crack in the tooth.
  • Undetected root canal structures.
  • Saliva penetrating the tooth crown.

When you need a top root canal specialist in Brooklyn, NY, please do not wait. Visit Doctors Network to find the ideal dental specialist for you.

What does root canal retreatment involve?

On the day of the redo procedure, local anesthesia will be injected for anesthetizing the area, unless another anesthetic is recommended. The infected tooth is draped with a rubber dam. The dental dam protects the tooth during treatment from bacteria in saliva. The extent of cleaning the dentist can do on a single visit depends on the amount of infection and inflammation present, and the irregularities of the root canals.

The first challenge in root canal redo is to gain access to the pulp chamber. If a post and crown are in place, they need to be removed first.

After that, filling material and any obstructions that cover the root canals will be removed. The excavation is performed using an ultrasonic instrument. The benefit of using this instrument is that any unwanted material is vibrated loose. Small files will be used to clean and shape the infected root canals. Dental X-rays may be taken to make sure that the roots are clean. If this step of the treatment proves to be complex, medicated agents will be applied to the preparations, and the remaining procedures can be performed at the following visit.

When the dentist is confident that the canals are completely clean, gutta-percha material is used to fill the preparations. This rubbery material seals the canals to prevent re-infection. Lastly, a temporary filling or crown is applied to the tooth. At a later visit, the porcelain permanent crown will be cemented.

If you are considering getting a root canal redo and you are looking for some of the top root canal specialists in Brooklyn, NY, or its neighborhoods such as Crown Heights, Fort Greene, or Park Slope, please contact 1st Impression Dental, or its founder Dr. Shahin.

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