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What’s Better: Photos or Video Marketing?

Taking pictures is easy. Even if you don’t own a professional camera, you can take good-quality images from your mobile phone. However, not everybody feels the same way when it comes to video. Your small business shouldn’t suffer from the lack of video marketing because it seems complicated.

Some people believe that video marketing requires too much effort and money since you need a high-quality camera, expensive editing software, and extensive editing skills. That is not always the case, nor should it be the reason you altogether avoid it. 

Here’s more information on what photo and video marketing entails.

Photo Marketing:

Person in White Button Up Shirt Holding Black Dslr Camera

When it comes to marketing, visual elements are necessary to engage an audience. Both photos and videos can tell stories, and people online love stories. Although text content is also engaging, people spend more time watching a video than reading the content on an image. 

A photo can capture one’s eye in an instant. Instagram is full of pictures and continues to interest millions of people. Marketing your business through images can never fail, and you can communicate a message through one or multiple photos. 

Some people enjoy viewing photos over videos because it requires less time. Those who want to consume media without sound can always resort to images. 

It’s easy to click a picture and post it online. So take photos of your staff, products, or office and post them. After all, pictures say a thousand words.

It does get easy to get the message across with one meaningful photo. Though, it doesn’t mean that people will always interpret your pictures with the intent you want them to. So you should put some thought into the image before clicking and posting it. 

Video Marketing:

Two People Blogging a Small Business using a Smartphone

Videos, on the other hand, open a whole new door of possibilities for your small business. Online marketers know the benefits of sharing videos and their impact on audiences. About 55% of people online watch videos every day. 

The best part about videos is that if the thumbnail or first few seconds are interesting, you can easily get more people to watch them. Videos have images, sound, and motion. They’re the ultimate form of media that engages audiences, offering them an experience an image may not. 

People want to multitask and consume as much information as possible while getting other things done. That is why some people want to listen to music while working or doing chores. They can watch a video with subtitles if they’re out in public or prefer not to have any sound. Or, they can work on another task while simply listening to the video without actually having to watch it. It makes it convenient for your consumers to maintain engagement while multitasking. 

Along with the fact that videos are a quick way to get someone’s attention, they’re also a fast way to retain information. Without reading too much or researching, a video can provide someone with quite a bit of information on the go. This is necessary since we live in such a fast-paced world.

Creating a video can be challenging. It requires a lot of effort and planning to make an exciting video. Maintaining someone’s interest in a video is complex. The second viewers lose interest, they skip to the next post. 

Videos are difficult to make because they can’t be made alone unless it’s a vlog. They require a team of people who know how to follow a plan, set it up accordingly, and make edits afterward. Creating videos for your business needs a well-thought-out plan and should cover how you will target your audience while getting your message across.

What’s Better: Video or Photo Marketing?

If we compare the two, video marketing is definitely the better option. It’s more impactful and engaging. Not to say that photos don’t positively impact your audience, but videos have much more to offer and can do a lot for your small business.  

As discussed earlier, people spend more time watching videos than viewing photos. The chances of customers purchasing after watching a video are higher. For example, a website with a video shows that people will spend 88% more time on that website. Videos also generate 1,200% more shares than images and context. 

Overall, videos are better at driving engagement and can help your small business grow. It doesn’t mean that you should use photos any less. With the right combination, you can implement an effective marketing strategy for better online engagement. Your videos can also include pictures and content, which many people enjoy because it includes a bit of everything. This can help you reach more people and target every type of consumer.

What Are The Benefits of Video Marketing? 

  • They stay visible longer on social feeds 
  • Get more exposure and engagement 
  • Increase the understanding of your product and explain it better 
  • Stand out from the rest
  • Provide a more personable way to engage with your audience 
  • Rank higher in search 
  • Are growing in popularity across platforms

How to Effectively Use Video Marketing 

A well-thought-out and produced video will compliment any marketing campaign. You must explore your options when creating a video, as there are multiple types. 

1. Showcase your product/ demo video 

Demo or product videos are a quick way to describe your service or product to your audience. They are educational clips that describe the nature of your business. You can use this video to highlight all the benefits your small business offers and encourage viewers to visit your website or make a purchase. 

2. Behind-the-scenes video

A behind-the-scenes video can help build trust amongst your clients. It can show the hard work and effort that goes into providing your customers with a service or product. Authenticity is built by letting your audience in on the process behind your small business. You don’t want to showcase too much in this video but just enough to portray honesty and hard work. 

3. Educational and how-to video 

If your company can provide its audience with information or advice on doing something, this type of video is also an option. You can increase engagement by providing free expertise to your clients, which they will appreciate. For example, as an accountant, you can make a video on intelligent financial decisions for teenagers. And if you are a chef, you can talk about your recipes. 

4. Customer testimonial video 

Customer testimonials are the perfect way to convince more prospects. They prove that people enjoy purchasing from your brand and can build trust within your target audience. A customer testimonial will impact other customers more and influence them to purchase from you. 


If you want to grow your small business faster, implementing videos in your marketing campaign is the way to do it. Although videos require more work, they are worth the effort. Don’t forget to include photos and content from time to time because you want to target a wider variety of people online.

If your small business is looking for professional help with online marketing, you can check out Practina. It’s a social media marketing tool that helps businesses from different industries to improve their social media presence. You can quickly grow your business online through automated posts, Smart ads, and creative content tailor-made for your page.

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