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What Services Does Wilmington Family Clinic Provides?

When it comes to obtaining medical assistance and support, having a backup plan is always beneficial. Your primary physician might not be able to attend to you at the time of urgent medical requirements. It is also possible that you do not have access to an emergency room during your weekly off. Therefore, visiting an urgent care center is the only viable option available. You can reach Wilmington family clinic in such a crucial situation to fulfill your needs. It is a walk-in medical clinic that opens seven days a week. You can visit to consult with a physician to get a rapid healthcare response for illness and injury. The healthcare facility is accessible to overcome the challenges of obtaining quick medical support. It works diligently to improve the local community’s health by rendering top-notch healthcare. So that everyone can receive medical consultation quickly, conveniently, and affordably. Look at the service bucket of this clinic below.

Medical services

The clinic offers a wide array of medical services to patients. It has arrangements for delivering urgent and primary care to patients to ensure their wellbeing and the proper treatment. So, you can visit the clinic to get several treatments ranging from common flu to bone fractures. The clinic has a team of doctors capable of evaluating the condition of patients to provide immediate care. Whether you have a minor burn, skin rashes, or ear, and throat infections, you can walk to the clinic. You will get the best possible treatment from the experts without any delay. Besides, you can visit the clinic without scheduling an appointment in advance. The family care clinic also offers physical examinations for pre-employment, sports, and pre-op clearance.

Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic testing has the utmost importance in the medical field. It works to detect the underlying medical conditions of patients. The practice also enables healthcare experts to provide the right treatment to patients. Therefore, when you visit this clinic, you can avail of several diagnostic testing services. These services include testing for covid infection with RT PCR and Antigen tests. You can also get antibody testing at the Wilmington family clinic to detect antibodies in the body. In addition, you can get screening for heart health by undergoing EKG testing. The clinic is laced with x-ray rooms and a clinical laboratory as well. So, you can avail of blood and urine sampling tests to trace the underlying health issues. This would certainly help you and your physician diagnose the illness efficiently in collab. 

Surgical treatment and services

Surgeries are scary, without any doubt. But sometimes, they are necessary to perform for the well-being of patients. Therefore, if you suffer from pain due to an injury, you can get a surgical solution. Wilmington center is equipped with modern surgical equipment to render the best surgical treatments to patients. You can consult the physician to avail of services for your wellness. It gets surgical removal of cysts, wound care, skin tag removal, ingrown toenail, etc. You can also visit the clinic in case you want to get a skin biopsy. It helps to know whether you have cancerous cell growth on skin tissues. You will get safe surgical treatments as the center has expert surgeons.

Non-surgical treatments

Some medical concerns do not require surgical treatments. So, they can be treated with regular medication and typically want non-surgical treatment. If you have breathing problems, you can visit the clinic to receive treatment. The physician can prescribe you medicines and recommend using a breathing pump. You can also get rid of ear infections by removing clogged earwax with a non-surgical procedure. You can also visit the clinic to get vaccinations and immunization.

Family pact program

You can also visit the clinic to avail yourself of the benefit under the family pact program. The Wilmington center is an integral part of this program run by the government of California. This is a free-of-cost program for people with low income than the federal level. Under this program, you can receive education and counseling related to pregnancy and family planning. Moreover, you can also get the advantage of free medical services to get birth control pills, reproductive tests, and more. The clinic also provides detailed information about this program. So, you can visit to consult with the medical representative to learn about this program. This would enable you to know various eligibility conditions and complete the registration. 

To sum up

Wilmington family clinic offers great medical services and testing facilities to patients. Thus, you can visit the clinic to get the best healthcare services. You do not have to schedule a prior appointment to consult with the physician. This is a walk-in facility to get a consultation without pre-schedule. Moreover, you can avail of all medical services at affordable prices than the emergency room.

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