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What is YouTube SEO? Tips to Rank your YouTube Videos

Google search engine and ranking YouTube videos work hand-in-hand. Both do not serve everything plate just like that. There is much that is required to crack these nuts. Definitely, same as Google has algorithms that decide the ranking, YouTube search engines also possess the algorithm with which the ranking of the videos is decided. With a sole aim to provide the appropriate results as per the use-intent according to the used keywords, YouTube SEO specifies the query that matches the content, description, and title. 

Considering the visibility factor, it is evident to follow the tips that help rank the videos in a higher position. That is why we are here! Read on to know everything related!

How to Rank the YouTube Videos?

Research the Keywords at First

For both Google and YouTube SEO, keywords are important. Practicing it, they discover the subject of the video, carry out the content indexing and correlate it with the searches.  

  • To carry this out, follow YouTube’s search suggestions. You just need to type the main keywords and then, all suggestions will be in front of you. Check out the below screenshot to confirm the same. 
  • The other method is to start the keyword research with Ahrefs’ free YouTube keyword tool. The platform will show you the suitable search volume of every keyword.
  • When deciding the keywords to include from the list, do not forget to consider the factor- Keyword Difficulty.  You can use Google Search Operators for finding the difficulty level of the keywords. 
  • In addition to that, you can research the competitors’ keywords. From that, you can have an idea about the YouTube ranking and what they are targeting. So, to find out who or what you should target, prioritize typing the main keyword only. Following this, you can check the high-ranking videos. 

Optimization of Title, Tags, and Descriptions

After working on finding the targeting keywords, now is the time to include them in the description, title, and tags. There are a few important factors that require consideration, check out below:

  • Do not make your video title too long. The reason is that almost 46.7% of users use mobile devices for accessing YouTube on monthly basis. It must be 60 characters. Here, one piece of advice is to insert the core keyword in the title. Also, the title should be at the beginning of the title. Below is the checklist that you need to follow while writing the description:
  • The core keyword has to be in the sentence or in the first line.
  • It should not be more than 250 words. Writing longer is recommended when demanded.
  • Targetted or related keywords should be integrated in a natural way in the overall description. Do not stuff them just like that. 
  • You can repeat the keywords around two to four-time. Though, the description length has a key role to play in it. 
  • The next is the YouTube Tags. It helps YouTube to know the videos and the content. “TagsYouTube” is the site on which you can enter the URL of the video. It lists down every tag of the video.  The tags of the videos of your niche present you with the “Recommended Videos” section for that popular video. With that, you can have a lot of views.
  • Adjusting the Video length is important. Here, YouTube SEO works as Google SEO. Simply as long articles perform on Google, the long videos also rank higher than the shorter ones on YouTube.

Editing of the file name

Do you have an idea that YouTube SEO services start before you even upload a video?  The reason lies in the fact that you should sprinkle the core keyword of the content in the file name. 

So, rather than using a file name, like, VID_86465.mp4 (full of numbers or codes), be descriptive to name the videos. For example, you can use “how youtube SEO specialist can help for high ranking vidoes.mp4″. 

It makes it easy for YouTube to understand what the video is all about at first while reading the file name.  

Generate Superior Content 

Forming excellent content is fundamental for ranking your videos and thriving in youtube video SEO services. In short, videos that engage visitors on YouTube tend to rank higher.

Thus, your priority has to be on improving watch time and viewer retention. This is the most influential YouTube ranking factor. Because various industries use several practices to estimate the quality of content, we cannot generalize about the quality standards of individual industries.

However, here are some effective tips to help you make high retention videos:

  • Prioritize on value despite over-marketing the service or product. 
  • Make a YouTube introduction for each of your video channels.
  • Make high-resolution videos with crisp and high-quality audio.
  • Let the first few seconds of the video give the same love.
  • Let your visitors engage in the full video. 
  • Integrate subtitles.
  • Be unique, do not copy your rivals. 
  • Include the “i” button as the info cards to different videos when it is required. 
  • Use appealing infographics in videos for easy understanding.

Generate captions and transcriptions of the videos

The YouTube algorithm can only read the code and the text. It does not understand the videos and images. So, for making the content understandable you can go with the captions and the transcriptions. 

The transcription is the conversion in the text regarding the video. This can be carried out in a manual way; else YouTube tools can also be used to do so.

With an integration of the timestamps on the transcript, you can change it into captions. They are used to allow users to check the video also when audio cannot be activated and act as an aid for the hearing impaired. Additionally, the transcript text can also be included in the description of the video to provide more information regarding videos.

YouTube Channel Optimization

To optimize YouTube SEO, however, is also vital. Of course, it is prevalent that whenever the audience visits your YouTube channel, they can perceive the essential information of your business. 

A properly drafted description encourages YouTube and its visitors to know the content type you are posting. Remember to include the core keyword in the description of the channel.

Though, there is no set length. But, do not write long descriptions, though, conclude the thing in bullet points or in short sentences. Many do not prefer reading lengthy paragraphs.

YouTube has a section called “links” at the page bottom. Here, you can sprinkle the links to the social media platforms and sites. Playlists can offer you tons of views as subsequent videos automatically start playing one after the other. This way, the user can stay on your channel for a long time. 

Start Promoting YouTube videos

Every effort has been made to optimize our videos and achieve significant YouTube rankings. The process of SEO services on YouTube does not stop here. Specifically, when there are difficult keywords to include. Here, you have to work on the marketing tactics. Work on promoting it on websites, social media platforms, and all other platforms.

Concluding Remarks

With a list of tips to Rank your YouTube Videos, you are left with one thing- implementing them to enrich the experience of your users. Make sure the YouTube algorithm knows how to identify your optimization efforts when you’re targeting user experience. 

So, are you implementing the strategies? Do you know other tips for ranking the videos on YouTubeSEO? Share your thoughts with us. Thanks for reading!

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