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What is fogging system?

The fogging system is also known as the high-pressure misting system. It consists of special atomizing nozzles and pipes installed in a fixed position. After turning on the power, the water will be quickly atomized through the special nozzles when the pipe is connected to the pump. Water droplets are as tiny as ten millionths of a meter (10 microns), the fogging system can generate billions of tiny droplets per second.

If the system is installed outdoor, the droplets can quickly cool the temperature through the evaporation process. This fog effect is the most common use of all fogging systems. When the fogging system is installed indoors, because it is a closed area, it can keep the humidity internal and keep it at a certain level (such as greenhouses, tobacco factories, paper mills, and other places with high requirements for moisture). Sometimes, the humidity level even can reach 90% above. This particular feature also makes it be the best choice for indoor humidification.

How does the fog system work?


Several fog fittings of different materials are usually used in this system. For example, nozzle materials are divided into stainless steel, nickel-plated brass, and brass. Pipe materials are also divided into stainless steel, PE, PVC, brass, etc. But no matter what material is used, the fogging system is a process of applying high pressure to make water droplets reach micron-sized particles without residual moisture. In some areas with poor water quality, filters and water softeners may be added. Connecting them to the water source and pump can form an effective protective net in the middle to block large particles of impurities, improve equipment performance, and prevent nozzle clogging.

What are the benefits of the fogging system?


  • Low cost but high efficiency

One of the essential features of this system is that it provides higher work efficiency than other equipment or systems. It can quickly obtain the proper humidity and temperature in the production area. Doing so also enables the company to minimize costs. From a long-term perspective, controlling the budget allows the company to maintain stable growth with higher revenue. Choose a suitable fogging system to exceed your expectations and provide more efficient production opportunities. The fogging system produced in accordance with international standards can be highly evaluated worldwide.

  • Can install in any area

Since the product only sprays water droplets through the nozzle to support the work, it will not cause any harm to the environment, so it provides opportunities for use in various fields. Whether it is industry or agriculture, social facilities or households, whether it is cooling, humidification, or disinfection and insecticide, it creates possibilities for industrial use in every different field.

  • Reasonable price but not bad quality

Compared with other fogging equipment, the high-pressure misting system can create the correct humidity and temperature balance uniquely, and the price is more affordable. Many companies provide a free warranty period of more than one year. As long as the preliminary design provides accurate data, you can also get an accurate quotation for free.

What are the areas where the fogging system can use?


Residence (Landscape)-Garden, Backyard, Terrace, Swimming Pool, Indoor

Commercial (Cooling)-Outdoor Restaurants, Outdoor Activities, Commercial Centers, Gas Stations, Water parks

Industrial (Dust Suppression)-Construction Sites, Coal Mines, Cement Plants, Unloading Areas, Ports, Conveyors

Agriculture (Humidification)-Greenhouse, Mushroom Farm, Livestock Farm, Paper Mill, Tobacco Factory, Wine Cellar

Public Facilities (Disinfection)-Hospitals, Airports, Bus Stations, Warehouses, Schools, Nursing Homes, Border

Rain And Fog Simulation (Fog Effect)-Stage Play, Art Center, Driving School


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