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What is Brahma Mudra? Benefits of Brahma Mudra

The effect of Brahma Mudra keeps the body and mind healthy. If a man learns to keep the balance of health of his body and mind, then all the pleasures of heaven will become his slave. And this secret of a happy and prosperous life was known to our ancestors, which is why they invented various yogasanas and postures. 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh also offers a great opportunity to people who want to teach Yoga in the future. Inflammation occurs, causing severe pain. 


What is Brahma Mudra?

It has been giving mental and physical benefits to people in India for centuries. Brahma Mudra as the name suggests is a mudra influenced by the qualities of Brahma. The seer of Brahma Mudra expansion or triangle. In this way, this asana not only affects the third eye or male but also provides physical benefits.


How to do Brahma Mudra

  • First of all, sit in a cool and airy place by laying a mat or a seat.

  • Close both eyes, take a deep breath, and wait for a while. Then exhale through your mouth.

  • Repeat this breathing process three to five times.

  • Keep the neck straight and slowly move it to the right. As long as you can move smoothly and stably.

  • Take it till then. Pause in your mind until the count from one to ten is complete.

  • In Brahma mudra pranayama in hindi, slowly bring the throat to the left and fix one place.

  • Stop counting from one to ten again until you come to your mind.

  • After counting to ten, bring the neck in the middle and raise the head slowly.

  • Repeat counting from one to five in your mind. Then bring the throat to the normal position.

  • After returning to the normal position, rotate the neck clockwise then counterclockwise. Thus one cycle of Brahma Mudra was completed.

  • In Brahma Mudra Pranayama Hindi it is advised to complete at least five chakras in the beginning.


Benefits of Brahma Mudra |

  • Beneficial in curing skin diseases

  • inner peace and meditation

  • beneficial for eyesight

  • Helps in Cervical Spondylitis

  • Helps in hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism


1. Beneficial in curing skin diseases

The practitioner will see clear skin once they start practicing Brahma Mudra regularly. Brahma Mudra is also beneficial for those who suffer from dry skin problems.

The eyebrows are thin on the outer edge and the skin is itchy without a rash. These are some of the problems caused by the low production of thyroid hormones. Since Brahma Mudra helps in curing hypothyroidism, many skin diseases can be treated by it.


2. In finding inner peace and meditation

Brahma mudras brings inner peace and joy to the practitioner. It takes the practitioner to a state of higher meditation. This mudra helps in balancing all the five elements of the body and helps in chakra alignment. The sound of Om is the vibration of the universe. Gives peace to the mind, body, and soul.


3. Beneficial for eyesight

This mudra is best for those with weak eyesight. It improves vision. People who sit for long hours at the computer should practice this mudra daily as it helps in spinal cervical shoulder pain as well as improves vision.


4. Helps in Cervical Spondylitis

The Brahma mudra helps people who are suffering from cervical spondylitis 2 as this pose involves conscious rotation of the neck. Stretching the neck and shoulder muscles helps in curing spondylitis. Practitioners suffering from shoulder pain will also surely benefit greatly from this pose.


5. Helps in Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism

Our thyroid gland is located at the base of our neck region and is responsible for thyroid hormones. It is controlled by our pituitary gland and hypothalamus.

Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism 1 are two serious conditions caused by an imbalance in thyroid hormones. This Brahma mudra helps in the functioning of the hypothalamus gland which controls thyroid production in the body, thus this mudra is helpful in hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.


Method of Brahma Mudra |

  • Those who sit in Vajrasana or Padmasana keep them straight from the waist.

  • And keep the hands on the knees and keep the shoulders loose.

  • Whoever now lowers his neck up and down, do 10 or 12 such.

  • Which allows the head to be crushed more.

  • And while moving the neck, keep the eyes open.

  • In this way, turn the neck to the right and left 10 times.


Precautions |

  • In case of any serious diseases related to the throat and neck, first, consult a doctor and yoga guru.

  • While twirling your throat, focus on the same action. Thinking about something else can be distracting.

  • And there is a possibility of a sprain in the neck.

  • Do not bend the throat while lowering the throat suffering from thyroid and cervical spondylitis.

  • It is necessary to keep the whole body straight in the practice of this asana.

  • So keep the waist, back, and head straight and this Brahma mudra asana gives rest to the rest of the body.

  • In Brahma mudra pranayama hindi any kind of haste can have a wrong effect.

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