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Ultimate Guide to Saving Big on Shipping Supplies

Only a few years ago, online business was only in our dreams. However, with time, E-Commerce stores and websites have established themselves as online brands. This activity has inspired many, and more and more companies are selling their products online. It also means having to arrange for products to be shipped to buyers. While the amount that shipping companies will charge for this service is important, so is the cost of packaging the products for shipment. Shipping boxes like custom rigid boxes, envelopes, and custom bags were not very popular before launching online shopping stores.

However, many companies have been using custom packaging boxes as a marketing and branding tool. The reason is that you can engage your customers with these boxes on which the company logo, name, and slogans are printed. More importantly, these boxes make you prominent on store shelves. Therefore, we can easily say that packaging boxes have been popular rightly due to their importance in branding and marketing.

Why CBD Packaging Boxes?

Here, it is necessary to mention that CBD packaging boxes like CBD rigid boxes have been sold as ordinary boxes. It means that no customization was involved in CBD packaging boxes only a few years ago. However, the situation is different now. The reason is that the competition is quite high among CBD product manufacturers. Therefore, every manufacturer wants to come into the market uniquely to help his customers identify him easily. Here, only packaging boxes help you become unique.

Therefore, the popularity of custom packaging boxes has increased in the CBD industry. Here, it is necessary to mention that only packaging does not resolve all your packaging and marketing issues. Other materials are also needed to ensure items are well protected and can survive during transit. Shipping materials like duct tape, bubble wrap, labels, and string are very helpful in achieving this target. Here’s how you can access these supplies at an affordable or even free cost.

Shopping around

Just like you would shop for an affordable yet quality box maker, you should also look for shipping supplies. A good place to start is with the box maker you already use. Many of these companies have expanded to include shipping and packaging materials in their product lines. It will be better to negotiate discounts that will make these orders even more affordable and anyone can easily afford. Try timing your purchases while ordering custom boxes.

Order free supplies from shippers

Many top shippers, such as UPS, USPS, and FedEx, offer free or deeply discounted shipping and packaging materials to customers who use certain services, such as priority shipping. You may need to log in to their websites to find these offers or visit a service center to check. If you qualify, the USPS can even have your carrier deliver them to your facility for free.

Print yourself

Instead of ordering pre-printed labels or being forced to waste time writing them by hand manually, consider investing in your own printer. New thermal label printers can be a bit pricey, but in the long run, you will save money because you don’t rely on ink and toner cartridges.

It is necessary to understand as a CBD product manufacturer that custom packaging is all-to-gather a new thing to consider. The reason is that packaging has become a permanent part of marketing and branding. There is no survival for most of the companies that do not have any packaging strategy or, have not made packaging a part of their marketing strategy. The reason is that customers can be convinced when you have displayed the product beautifully. And no other option other than custom packaging can make your product prominent and attractive.

Another important point to consider is the printing on these packaging boxes. Ordinary printing on packaging boxes cannot help you achieve the target you expect from packaging. Using bright colors, ambient color scheme and font style, and overall handsomeness of a packaging box create the results you expect from this marketing tool. So, remember that printing can multiply your efforts to make packaging a tool that helps in marketing and branding.

Look for recyclables

Filling materials such as newspaper and other packaging materials from packaging stores are readily available in cities and towns where recycling initiatives exist. People often post the availability of such supplies that you can pick up for free on social media, online classifieds, and bulletin boards.

Reach other companies

Transportation of supplies, such as filler material, inserts, and even boxes, can be obtained free or at a low cost from companies that receive their stock in bulk at wholesale prices. From department stores to supermarkets, these businesses are often happy when someone takes these items off their hands. Look around late at night or early in the morning as they unload loads and stock up on the shelves. 

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