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Types of Speech and their explanation

Types of Speech and their explanation

A speech is a casual or formal presentation presented to an audience. While some speeches deliver a piece of information, others are delivered to entertain. Understanding the different styles of speeches will guide you in delivering the perfect speech. We have listed the numerous Types of speech on this page. Start exploring if this has piqued your interest.

Informative speech

Informative speeches are intended to teach an audience about a specific topic or message.  They employ facts, data, and statistics to aid audience comprehension.   A tour guide, for example, provides an instructive discourse to a group of people about a place, utilizing various statistical figures or historical information to educate them. 

Entertaining speech

The goal of entertaining speeches is to entertain a large audience. Entertaining speeches often express emotions rather than facts and data to the audience. Instead, they zero in on humor or amusing stories. At a birthday celebration or a wedding, you can often discover fascinating speeches.

Demonstrative speech

Demonstrative speeches are used to educate an audience about a topic or concept that they are unfamiliar with. Visual aids are frequently used to help better demonstrate or describe something in greater depth. While a demonstration speech can be readily confused with an instructive speech, a demonstrative speech genuinely demonstrates how to do something. 

Persuasive speech

Persuasive speeches are used to persuade an audience that the speaker has the correct viewpoint on a given topic. Speakers typically use solid evidence to persuade and obtain support from their audiences. When you provide proof, it helps to make your point more credible, and it may even be enough to persuade a listener to change their mind about the topic you’re discussing. 

Debate speech

Debate speeches are a form of speech that is delivered during a debate event and follows a set of rules. During a discussion, each side has an equal amount of time to express their point of view or opinion. A debate speech differs from a persuasive speech in that, rather than aiming to persuade someone to join a certain side, like a persuasive speech would, debate speeches seek to support a stance on a given topic.

Special occasion speech


Special occasion speeches do not fit into any one genre and do not follow a specific pattern. Instead, whether it’s a wedding, an award event, or a birthday celebration, they attempt to fit the unique occasion. Special occasion speeches are tailored to the circumstances in order to successfully express the message and capture the attention of the audience. They’re intriguing and direct, even though they’re brief and peppy. Special occasion speeches, unlike many other types of addresses, do not require the inclusion of statistics or data.

Speeches given to introduce a speaker or a guest’s arrival are examples of special occasion speeches. This style of speech can also be used to accept an award. You utilize a special occasion speech when accepting an award to emphasize how much the prize means to you.

Pitch speech

Pitch speeches are used to gain support or acceptance for a product, service, or idea. If you’re a salesperson, you might try to persuade a consumer to buy a new product. You’re essentially presenting the product to them by describing its best features and how they may use it in their everyday lives. 

Motivational speech

Motivational speeches are intended to motivate an audience and instill confidence in them to do better or improve themselves. They primarily serve to cheer up the audience and boost their self-esteem. Motivational speeches assist a person or an audience in reaching a specific objective. This also helps you in Speech writing service.

Impromptu speech

An impromptu speech is one that you give without any prior planning or rehearsal time. Someone usually approaches you and asks you to give an impromptu speech at an event or other occasion. Because of the nature of an impromptu speech, giving one can be scary and stressful, especially if it’s not your cup of tea. However, with some advice and practice, you’ll be able to confidently deliver an impromptu speech.

Farewell speech

A farewell speech is a speech in which you bid a group of people farewell. For example, if you’re leaving your job, you may deliver a farewell speech to your coworkers, or if you’re moving far away or traveling abroad, you can give a farewell speech to your loved ones. Because farewell speeches frequently have a depressing tone, they can elicit powerful emotions in both the speaker and the audience.

Eulogy or funeral speech

Funeral or eulogy speeches are given in front of an audience at a funeral service to honor a recently deceased person. They’re usually offered by a minister or a close relative of the dead. The speaker strives to find the proper words to honor the individual with a passionate speech while simultaneously praising them for their accomplishments while alive.

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