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Computers and Technology

Top Reasons Why We Convert Different File Formats to Pdf

For corporate needs and for personal requirements as well, Portable document formats or simply PDFs have become the file of choice. Due to its adaptability, the PDF is, without doubt, the king of files’ format. 

PDFs are universal so that if you create your documents in Windows and transfer to Mac or vice versa. You receive the same formatting as in the originally created device. Contrarily, the formatting could not be maintained if your file is in another format other than PDF. When you transfer them from one device to another device.

PDFs may be excellent and a wonderful means to share data and information across the platform, which is why many firms and organizations demand the submission of your papers as PDFs. 

Some top reasons why we convert different file formats to PDF (JPG to PDF, EXCEL to PDF) are given here.

Visual Element Preservation: 

Visual elements developed on the original file before converting to PDF are retained as it is in PDF format e.g., every text character, photo, and graphics originally created in any format other than PDF are preserved. PDF format without difficulty when converting Word into PDF.

Thus you don’t have to worry about the loss of characters and graphics when your file is converted to PDF. Every element and each graphic just as your original file is preserved in PDF file and you can share and transfer your files without the fear of them being lost.

File Encryption

Other file saving formats i.e. JPG and Excel could be easily altered and modified when being shared. PDFs on the other hand provide full proof security to your file and no one can annotate or edit your file after being shared.

Moreover, file when shared via internet could be at a risk of cyber-attacks and extraction of confidential information by hackers. When you convert your files acquiring sensitive data to PDF you can secure it by an encryption password. And thus your private information carrying file is saved from any kind of malware attack and breach of information online.

File Compression: 

PDF offers file compression that is particularly useful in graphic element files as in JPG. Without compromising on the quality of the files compression can be reached between 2:1 and 8:1 to minimize the size of the documents in PDF conversion. Thus converting images to pdf not lose the quality of your images as well as the size.

Furthermore, with increased compression, firms may minimize archiving requirements and safeguard cooperation with electronic signatures used to implement PDF modifications. Thus the file compression can relieve us to share dozens of sheets created.

Merging and Splitting:

Your certain files in JPG or Excel format couldn’t be all merged into one single file. In the same manner, if your excel file contains several sheets and you require to divide them into several different files you can’t do so. However, if you convert your files into PDFs you can successfully merge pdf files together and even split them.

Therefore, your dozens of images in JPG could be merged into one single file and viewed at a time, so that you also don’t have to access them separately. Similarly, and if you have a lot of sheets in one file and have no idea which data is entered in which portion you can split them and access them separately for your ease.

Universal Document Format:

The difference in the format of shared documents is a prevalent issue faced by most individuals. The format is altered when the device is changed on which the file is opened after sharing. Thereby affecting the file originality badly. With a Portable document file, the format of your file are kept as originally created.

And therefore the format of the exchanged documents is maintained in its original form. It will display precisely how you have created your file. Furthermore, it is also the most helpful file format for sending out printed files.

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