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Top Courses to Study in Australia for International Students

Australia is one of the hubs for international students now. The students prefer pursuing higher education in Australia for various reasons – right from quality education to excellent opportunities and the amazing lifestyle this country offers – the list goes long. The multicultural and diverse learning atmosphere prepares the students perfectly for the Australian workspace. Being a migration agent in Melbourne and having offices in Sydney, Adelaide, and Reservoir (VIC) too, we come across many international students asking for top courses to study in Australia. Well, we always suggest going for courses relevant to their educational background; however, it may not be possible all the time.

Most of the international students come to Australia with a prime motive of getting permanent residency. This is the reason that students need to plan a pathway that helps them get PR eventually. As Australia has a points-based system for PR, the students take up the courses. That are high in demand and gain work experience in the relevant field, eventually leading to PR in Australia.

List of Courses to Study in Australia

Although there is no fixed formula that can grant easy PR in Australia. But we generally suggest students enroll in evergreen courses. Mentioned below are some of the courses that may usually lead to PR, provided the student gains significant relevant work experience after completion of the course. Also, the student needs to accumulate enough PR points that are sufficient to get the PR.

Here are some of the most-taken courses that have a high likelihood of PR in Australia, provided the student gets significant relevant experience.


Nursing can be said as one of the most taken courses in Australia. The demand for healthcare professionals has always been huge in the past and it will continue to increase in the future too, thereby making nursing one of the most taken programs in Australia. Nursing is also a highly respected and well-paid profession in Australia.

The program’s demand is so high that students generally need to enroll well in advance of their session. Furthermore, due to the high demand in the healthcare industry for nursing professionals, most of the nursing graduates get relevant jobs easily and eventually get PR in Australia.

Information Technology (IT)

With new advancements in the field of information technology happening every now and then, the demand for quality IT professionals is at the highest at the present time. With almost every industry driven by information technology these days, the fields available for IT professionals are huge. There is a huge demand for cyber security professionals, IT managers, hardware specialists and many other similar profiles across different industries in Australia, thereby making the students choose IT programs.


Accounting as a profession has been off and on the list of in-demand professions; however, the number of students enrolling in accounting and related courses has been consistent over the years.

Every organization, whether big or small, needs to manage its finances regularly. And therefore requires accounting professionals at all times, thereby creating a steady demand for accounting professionals across the country. A student with a degree in accounting along with a Professional Year program and relevant work experience can easily score PR points.


MBA has become the new ‘evergreen’ course because of its application across a wide variety of industries. Almost all organizations require people in management; this creates a steady demand in the market for management professionals. Thereby making management one of the favorite courses of international students.

Furthermore, students from any and every background can take up a management course because of its application across industries.

Education & Teaching

Yet another in-demand field of study is Education & Teaching. With new methodologies in teaching getting introduced and new niche subjects being taught to students. The demand for teachers and educators has been steadily rising. This demand has increased the number of students enrolling in education & teaching-related programs.

In addition to being highly respected, the jobs in this field are also nicely paid. A student with a degree in the field of education & teaching with relevant experience can accumulate PR points easily.

Although there are many courses that students frequently enroll in, the cycle is primarily driven by the demand and supply of various industries. Being an education & migration consultant in Australia, we always have to foresee the industry trends and suggest the courses accordingly. We always ask students to avoid hopping courses just for the sake of elongating their stay in Australia. It may even hamper their overall profile eventually.

On the other hand, one of the best approaches is to start early and plan courses accordingly. Education & migration agents can help a great deal in suggesting the best courses based on the students’ educational background, financial health and other important factors.

Bottom Line

Therefore, if you are looking to study in Australia and still cannot decide on the course, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our experienced and always-updating education counselors know the trends of the industry and can help in suggesting the best possible courses and pathway in Australia.

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