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Tips for Buying your first Dressage Horse

Nothing is more thrilling (difficult, complicated, costly, stressful, and time-consuming) than purchasing the perfect Dressage horse. It’s hard not to get caught up in the dream of a perfect team that results in each performance is flawless. Here is the Tips for Buying your first Dressage Horse.


Shopping for dressage horses is menemen escort
thrilling, but it takes a lot of diligence and expertise. If you’ve read this article, you’ll have the information to be able to tackle the process of shopping. Keep an eye out for what you should consider when selecting a dressage companion, where to locate your horse, and whom to reach out to for assistance with your hunt.



While it’s fun, Dressage horse shopping takes time and effort! Your ideal horse isn’t likely to fall from the sky and fall into your lap. The search for the perfect partner starts with a list. As this is a basic discussion, get creative! Love bay horses? Record it in your diary. Are you searching for a schoolmaster who is bombproof? Include it on your list. Do you want a horse that’s precisely 15.3 hands? fethiye escort
Keep track of it.


  • What are your riding goals?
  • Which level are you currently riding, and where do you want to be by the end of the year? What do you think of the coming five years?
  • Do you have a dream of taking an aspiring horse through the levels by yourself? Or do you prefer an expert horse?
  • What’s your budget??
  • Are there specific breeds that you are more attracted to over other breeds?
  • Do you desire a horse that can be versatile? A comfortable horse in the dressage arena and content spending the day in the field?
  • Do you rather have a gelding instead of a mare?
  • How many hours will you be able to commit to training or riding?
  • Do you like horses that have spunk? Or does your particular firecracker personality work better with a steady-Eddie type?
  • Can you devote your patience and know-how to investing in a new horse? Or, would you prefer to buy a “been there and done that” kind?
  • Can you cover longer distances to increase your search area? Do you want you can find horses that are closer to your home?

After you’ve finished your checklist, you’ll need to distinguish those “needs” and “wants.” The first process is a matter of honesty and some soul-searching. Perhaps you think you’d love to coach your horse to the top of the levels by yourself. However, your experiences in dressage have been limited, and you don’t have a trainer within a reasonable distance. At this point in the hunt, honesty can help you know what you’re looking for in an animal. It will keep your money and heart from becoming a slave to the horse that isn’t the right suitable fit for you.


Enlist Professional

One of the best methods to locate your ideal partner in dressage is to seek the help of several horse experts. Dressage trainers are a great source because they understand the sport and the requirements of horses and riders. They’re usually a superior judge of the horse’s temperament and the level of riding, which ensures an ideal fit.

  • Dressage trainer
  • Veterinarian
  • Breeder
  • Farrier

Another benefit to enlisting the assistance of a dressage instructor is the possibility of networking. They usually have a vast knowledge of dressage horses in your region and beyond. The dressage arena isn’t very large, but they could have insider knowledge on horses that are available before they are available on the market.


Veterinarians are a second important horse-related professional to call when searching for the perfect dressage horse. Like dressage trainers, they are experts on many horses.


Breeders can be a valuable source when searching for a particular breed. They’ll be able to provide you with the pros and cons of particular bloodlines, which is particularly relevant regarding temperament and training.


Much like veterinarians, farriers usually are knowledgeable about a variety of horses. Dressage is among the most athletic horse games, and a horse’s health is of paramount importance. Farriers might also be able to tell if there’s a horse you like in the market you are buying from.


Do you need to pay a commission?

It is contingent upon how they buy directly from the owner, buy from a sales booth, or ask for the help of an agent.


Certain trainers are also horse dealers and assist owners with trading their horses. Owners might choose this route instead of selling their horses independently due to the effort to market horses.

The process of finding a dressage horse requires time and effort. Engaging a horse dealer to help explore the possibilities is often more effective than trying it yourself. Buyers looking to buy a horse can also seek the assistance of a dealer since they have a vast experience with the available horses.


Be aware that both horse buyers and sellers may have to contribute a commission for the sale to the seller. The laws regarding this practice differ according to the state.

Best Place to Buy

The options for buying online are numerous when looking for horses with lower levels of dressage. Suppose you’re looking for something with experience or an established performance record. You may have to be a bit more unconventional regarding your choices. In the past, purchasing in Europe for horses for dressage was very popular for riders at all levels. Riders who were amateurs in Europe were in abundance and often would take their horses up to higher levels before selling them to start the process again with a new horse. With the exchange rate for the currency, American riders could get the most value for their money across the Atlantic.


The sport has grown in popularity, leading to greater competition at a high level, making it less than an amateur sport. This means the demand for horses for amateurs in Europe is also declining. Europe is your best choice if you’re searching for a Grand Prix horse.


Websites such as or Dressage Horses for sale, UK – Horse & Hound ( offer a range of horses across Europe. You could also consider hiring an agent like Peter Tomlinson from for the ultimate European horse buying experience.


Red Flag In Horse Sale

Every horse has quirks, so if you find the horse is “bombproof” or “kid-safe,” you should be suspicious immediately.


Dressage is an athletic activity requiring the horses to be completely free of lameness or other conformity issues. After a while, joints may be damaged by pressure, resulting in discomfort or decreased performance.


Sometimes horses require injections or other treatment to remain healthy and pain-free. However, injections can be costly, and you should consider maintenance concerns when calculating the cost of your horse’s care.


Be cautious of horses that appear too appealing to be real… as they often aren’t.


Test your horse

It is the place where all your hard work can be realized. It’s an absolute requirement! Horses can look stunning in a film, but until you’ve ridden him, you’ll not know if you’re the right match for one or the other.


Make a note of questions that you haven’t yet addressed.

When your horse is ready, ask the owner to get on first, then your trainer.

Request your trainer to join you on the horse before you. It is possible to pay to get their opinion. However, most trainers are willing to take a look.


It’s best to be there early to watch the owner catching and saddling the horse.

If everything goes as planned until this point, it’s time to experience the horse to see if you like it!

If you feel uncomfortable at any time, there is no need to take the horse. It’s better to get off in complete safety instead of regretting the decision to ride the horse in the first place.


If you and your trainer agree you and your trainer are a great match for you, then talk about the next step with the owner. It’s common practice to place an initial deposit on a horse you’re keen on to establish your desire and keep the right to your first choice.


The owner and owner must sign a written contract before any money is exchanged. Purchases should be contingent upon your horse passing the vet examination.

If you’re unsure about the horse, inquire whether you’re able to return to see if the horse is still a good fit at another date.


Be a Successful Rider

The horse’s performance ought to correspond to the standard at which they advertised. Check to see if their gaits were easy to sit on and if the horse has an easy and friendly disposition. If everything goes as planned, you’ll feel at ease to attempt the horse again. You should also be grateful to leave the horse.


While you might not have a direct emotional connection with your horse, you’ll feel most satisfied with your overall experience. If you don’t, feel free to look around or even return to the horse once you’ve looked at other potential horses.

Read about – Get the tip to tackle Spooky horse.

Riding Red Flag

It is a sure sign of trouble when you arrive for a test ride, only to discover the horse already tied up or even more sweaty. In this instance, it is imperative to conclude that the horse is suffering from issues with its saddling, like kicking out while tightening his waist or is full of energy. Whatever the case, you must examine every aspect of the horse before deciding.


It’s best to let the owner ride the horse before you do. It lets you observe how the horse moves and will give you an idea of how it reacts to a rider.


You may want to leave if the seller refuses to let the vet you choose conduct the pre-purchase examination. It’s hard not to conclude that the seller is concealing an important health problem.

And leave immediately if you turn up to the riding test and an owner informing you that the horse you requested to meet was sold, but he also has several other excellent horses. The owner’s dishonesty is not worth the time or your money.


Check with Veterinarian

Involving your vet to perform the pre-purchase test instead of using the seller’s veterinarian is smart. It can be a challenge if you’re considering purchasing a horse located many thousands of miles from where you live. In this case, choosing a vet not affiliated with the seller could be the best choice.

Other methods are suggested by your vet and based on the horse’s background. Your vet might recommend some or all of these procedures based on the circumstances.


For instance, if you’re considering an FEI dressage horse prospect, anticipate seeing x-rays and perhaps an ultrasound. An investment in this kind of scope is worth an examination of the horse’s physical health as far as it is feasible before making a purchasing decision.

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