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Things You Don’t Know About ESA Letter Housing

According to recent studies, mental health issues are increasing rapidly in America. Research has been done on this topic, and results have shown that an Emotional Support Animal can normalize a person’s heartbeat and stress level. A person gets cheered up when an ESA is around and doesn’t feel lonely.

While living with an Emotional Support Animal in accommodation, an ESA Owner has to face many challenges. An ESA Letter for Housing can be helpful to protect an ESA and ESA Owner from landlord discrimination. It is an official document signed and written by a licensed mental healthcare specialist. It proves that a person living in the accommodation is facing some emotional health issues and needs a pet as a part of treatment. When an ESA Owner uses this letter, he/she gets the following benefits:

  • It enables owners to reside with ESA in a no-pet condo, house, building, etc.
  • They are exempt from paying the landlord additional pet or security costs.
  • It allows owners to keep any animal they choose, regardless of breed, size, or weight. The landlord is prohibited by a Housing ESA letter from denying a request for a reasonable accommodation based on the requirements of an assistance animal.

An ESA is not an average pet. It helps people who are facing mental health issues with companionship. Every ESA is a not, but we can’t call every pet an ESA. 

Benefits of an ESA

When a pet is an emotional support animal, its role and importance for its owner are magnified. Pet owners are aware of how vital their animal is to them. An emotional support animal has several health advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • An emotional support animal can help its owner recover from mental diseases like anxiety, despair, and panic attacks.
  • Studies have demonstrated that using an emotional support animal can benefit those who have experienced long-term trauma.
  • People with emotional support animals feel at ease and self-assured in socially awkward situations.
  • People who have an ESA have serotonin and dopamine at a high level.

What Does a Housing ESA Letter Look Like?

Before acquiring an ESA letter for themselves, one should be aware of the various scammers operating in the market.

A genuine ESA letter should include all the necessary details and its purpose.

You should request a housing ESA letter sample before receiving an ESA letter. It’s essential to include the following information:

  • Name of the Patient’s Emotional Support Animal Recommendation
  • Mental or emotional sickness is a requirement for an emotional support animal.
  • the emotional support animal’s name, breed, and weight
  • Hallmark or a logo ( mostly on Top of the letter)
  • Issue and expiration dates for the ESA letter

This emotional support letter sample must also include the full name, address, and phone number of the ESA doctor who is writing and signing the letter. Thus, an ESA housing letter must be composed on business letterhead and include the following information:

  • Name and area of expertise of the healthcare provider
  • license number, license issuing date, and license expiration date of a health professional
  • Address and phone number for the healthcare provider.

Benefits of ESA Housing Letter

  1. A person gets FHAA Protection.
  2. ESA owners can avoid pet politics in this way.
  3. An ESA Owner can live anywhere.

Who is Authorized to Write an ESA Housing Letter?

In the US, an ESA letter can only be written and signed by a healthcare professional who holds a valid state license to assess and treat people with mental and emotional problems. A list of licensed mental health professionals can assess a patient’s need for an emotional support animal is provided below.

  1. A behavioral therapist with a license
  2. a certified addiction specialist
  3. An authorized cognitive-behavioral therapist
  4. professional psychiatrist
  5. professional psychologist
  6. a Marriage and Family Therapist with a license
  7. a professional counselor with a license
  8. A licensed medical professional qualified to perform mental health evaluations.
  9. Any Licensed Mental Health Professional, including a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Medical Conditions Required for an ESA Housing Letter

Several medical problems are listed on the most recent DSM-V ESA qualification list.

Although they are unable to provide you with an ESA letter, your personal therapist can let you know if you qualify for one.

Suppose you do not currently see a therapist or physician. In that case, you can check your eligibility by requesting an ESA letter on some website.

How much time can a landlord take to approve ESA Request?

The landlord must react to the tenant’s request for an emotional support animal within ten days of receiving the ESA letter for Housing and all supporting documentation.

However, you have the following choices if your landlord rejects your application despite receiving a genuine ESA letter or if they don’t react within ten days:

  • Make a complaint about your landlord to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  • Employ a lawyer to draft a letter to the landlord outlining the landlord’s ignorance and the repercussions if they refuse to comply with your ESA request.
  • Contact a knowledgeable ESA advocate for a better recommendation.

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