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The Best Tech Trends for At-Home Call Center Agents

It is amazing how tech markets these days are loaded with tons of interesting gadgets and tools for call center businesses. There’s a wide range of brilliant software systems, technologies, and apps that can help to enhance the overall call experience and work efficiency.

However, due to a plethora of tech tools available on the market, sometimes it gets difficult for call center entrepreneurs to choose the right products for their business. Things get even more complicated with at-home agents. Obviously, it is not easy to provide them with the ‘right’ gadgets to ensure round-the-clock connectivity with clients. However, after conducting a detailed survey, we have found some latest and easy-to-use tech tools that can help to maintain a better workflow, collaboration, and efficiency at call centers. In this article, we are listing our top picks. Let’s take a look!

  1. The Basics: Computer, Internet, and Headset

First things first – remote call center agents are going to need the latest version of computer, fast internet connection, and a good quality headset that can block the outside noise, up to some extent.

If you use any specific browser-based call center software, then you aren’t going to need a telephone connection, VPN or VoIP, etc. to connect with your clients. However, having a high-speed internet connection is a must, just like CenturyLink internet which is helpful in maintaining stable internet connectivity and high-coverage signals.

Similarly, a good-speed PC and noise-blocking headphones are also equally essential in making your everyday calls smoothly. A fast computer processor will make sure that you never get stuck between any apps or web pages while browsing.

  1. ACD – Automatic Call Distributor Software

ACD is one of the most popular and widely-used telephone software systems in call centers these days. It has an automatic system to divert incoming calls and routes to particular representatives. For example, an Automatic Call Distributor relies on the inserted customer information like the telephone and the call center representative information (agent skill and availability). This is particularly helpful to ensure that each agent caters to calls that are relevant to their skills/department only.

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

According to experts, call center agents can easily miss out on important information about clients while working from home. But thankfully, we do have a wide range of robust software systems CRMs that can easily compile crucial information about clients such as their phone numbers, email addresses, call history, conversation transcripts, and demographics, etc.

Now the agents can easily keep a track of important client information by updating their CRM on regular basis. It can allow them to cater to each client as per their requirements and specifications.

  1. Call Recording

Being a call center agent is certainly one of the busiest jobs ever. Just imagine the constant stress of answering back-to-back phone calls, taking notes of client issues, and updating CRMs every now and then. What’s even more hectic is to sound pleasant, and polite on every phone call.

Due to all these reasons, it’s always great to have an auto-call-recorder on your PC so that you can always listen to your telephonic conversations if you miss out on anything. Call recorders play a crucial part in maintaining the quality of overall interaction with your clients. It also helps the supervisors to keep a track of their employees’ progress.

  1. Call Monitoring

Call monitoring is probably the most useful and widely-used feature for call center managers, as it allows them to keep an eye on their remote call center agents, drop in during their live calls, and also provide them constant guidelines to maintain overall quality. Call monitoring software systems help drastically to enhance the performance of call center agents in general, as it promotes constant communication with the supervisors in case they require any training.

  1. Comprehensive Analytics

Monitoring your employees’ performance metrics becomes even more crucial when they are not physically working in the same building as you. You need to keep a track of their every day phone calls, and various other metrics factors like service quality, call duration, call diversions, and average minutes, etc.

Comprehensive analytics also help you to monitor when the agents log in or log out their unavailability, and idle time (if any). It is particularly helpful in keeping an eye on some specific remote employees that give you a hard time achieving daily work targets. The best part is that it provides you with detailed historical data that makes it even easier to ensure the accuracy of the results.

  1. Communication Tools for Constant Collab

Undoubtedly, constant communication is a solution to 90% of problems that occur while working from home. An efficient chat system on apps like Skype, WhatsApp, or Imo, etc. can help you to make productive video calls with all your line managers, teammates, and trainers. It can also provide you with the assurance of knowing that somebody would be able to guide you if you encounter any tough situations at work.

Besides this, the biggest benefit of using communication tools is that it can help you get rid of any ‘isolative’ feelings that occur while working from home. However, the only key here is to have a high-speed internet connection like CenturyLink internet during work hours, so that the quality of your phone calls does not get compromised. If you wish to order a new internet connection for yourself, simply reach out to CenturyLink customer service helpline and send your query to their customer services representative. They will provide you will all the details about the best internet packages as per your specifications, budget, and requirements.


Technology is constantly improving and getting more advanced with every passing minute, and so is the effect it has on call centers. Therefore, the best thing you can do as a call center entrepreneur is to adapt to these tech tools and gadgets and use them up to your advantage.

Don’t forget to use the above-mentioned tips to stay ahead of the curve and stand out in the market.

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