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Technical Indicator: A Comprehensive Guide for cryptocurrency trading

If you’re a novice in cryptocurrency trading, it’s normal to feel a little bit frightened by the notion of using tools for technical analysis. In a simple language, technical trading is a method or system that features some reasonably advanced-sounding theories and a lot of unfamiliar jargon.

But, the fact is that any trader can become an efficient technical investor.  Once this foundation is ready, the more complicated analytical tools or indicators will become relatively simple for you to perceive, allowing you to start trading with a robust new set of instruments at your disposal.

What is the Fundamental and Technical indicator? 

When an investor estimates assets such as cryptocurrency or stocks, they generally do so by two methods: Fundamental analysis and technical analysis. want to start trading with the best broker providing advanced indicators and tools exness review

Fundamental analysis:

It helps to estimate the intrinsic value of securities and assets by examining factors such as profits, assets, competitors, liabilities, sales, etc.

Technical analysis:

Other than fundamental research, the second method is technical analysis. It is entirely concerned with the estimation of statistical trends collected from the trading data such as volume and price. The technical examiner looks at the chart formations, cost patterns and different primary indicators for spotting the various trading opportunities.

These indicators are necessary calculations depending on the asset’s volume price or open interest. Some of the most famous among these indicators include Moving averages, Bollinger Bands and Relative Strength Index or RSI. These indicators are widely used in both types of trading markets cryptocurrency and the stock market, and they have equal application in both areas.

With this in view, let’s move further by taking a glance at these technical tools and indicators and how they are applied in the cryptocurrency market.

The types of technical indicator and their use 

Technical indicators are not a necessity for trading success, but offer investors another valuable tool to use when estimating markets and assets. It is because these indicators can be used to classify both long-term and short-term trading opportunities. Many platforms for trading offer access to famous technical indicators which traders can use for building a basis for trading, and along with this, they help to identify sell and purchase signals.

There are a wide variety of these indicators available in the market, but a cryptocurrency investor should be aware that no single solution can fix things. The choice of right tool largely depends on the trader’s situation, analysis and trading strategies adopted. Along with this remember, successful and profitable trading can also result without using these indicators.

Some of the best technical indicators for trading in the cryptocurrency market include the following:

Relative Strength Index or RSI:

It is the indicator of momentum, swinging between 0 and 100, which measures the velocity and variation of the price movement.

  • When the value of RSI surpasses 70, it symbolises that an asset or security may be over-purchased, signalling a potential sell opportunity.
  • When the value of the Relative Strength Index is below 30, it implies that security or trade may be oversold, pointing to a possible purchase opportunity.

For tracking the Relative Strength Index, an individual needs a data of about 14 days, but one can also manage to estimate it on longer timeframes.

The RSI is a useful indicator for cryptocurrency investors because it allows a simple numerical or statistical representation of oversold or over-purchased condition.

Bollinger Bands:

Lines on a chart serve as the representation of Bollinger Band, plotting two standard deviations beyond the simple moving average of a security’s price. In more simple words, one can say, the cost of an asset depends on the lower and upper line or bands.

  • When these lines or bands widen, it indicates the increase in the volatility.
  • When the bands or lines are constant, it implies the reduction in the volatility.

It is a popular tool among various cryptocurrency investors because it gives a visual reference or central point for recognising the oversold and overbought conditions. The closer the cost line moves to the upper line, the more over-purchased the financial market, while a movement toward the lower band signifies a state of oversold for an asset.

Simple moving averages or SMA:

For its calculation, one needs two figure closing prices and the number of time intervals. Divide these added closing prices with the number of time intervals given to obtain the result.

Cryptocurrency investors give attention to this tool because it can trace the development of new opportunities and trends.

For example, suppose the value of a short-term average surpasses above a long-term average (also called golden cross). In that case, it may indicate the development of an uptrend.  Another variation to this tool, the MACD (moving average convergence divergence), brings out the relationship between two moving averages of a security’s price. It is another instrument which signifies sell and buy signals.

Fixed Purchase/Sell:

Though it is a type of primary technical indicator, yet a popular tool among traders. It allows investors to estimate fixed cost points to exit or enter their cryptocurrency positions. A modification of fixed purchase/sell, known as Dynamic purchase/sell, which allows an advanced system or robot to make these decisions on account of the investor by calculating price over a designated interval of time and creating sell/purchase thresholds.


This technical indicator helps cryptocurrency investors to measure the intensity of price variations by comparing closing cost over an interval of time. A single line represents the momentum indicator on a chart, and an investor can examine how fast the price (in the market) is moving by studying this momentum indicator.

  • If the reading is higher above 100, it means that the prices are rising faster.
  • Conversely, if the reading is lower or below 100, it indicates that the prices are moving faster in the downward direction.

It is an extremely beneficial instrument, as it can check when trends may be losing or gaining momentum. For instance, if the cost is heading in the downward direction, but the lows are rising on the momentum indicator, it symbolises that a sell-off may be falling steam.

The Bottom line 

Still, they can increase the perspective of the trader to a broader level on developing conditions and trends. It is the main reason behind cryptocurrency indicators gaining widespread popularity and becoming a central part of the trading environment. By deploying and learning about some of the primary technical indicators for virtual coins, it’s possible to support your trade with a broader spectrum of information.

If you are new in the trading landscape and want to start trading with the best broker providing advanced indicators and tools for analysis, then exness review can be the right choice. It is an authentic firm, regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It provides advanced tools, graphs and charts for trading, on which you can check the real-time market price for comparison and decision making.  allows you to speculate over the different markets, including cryptocurrency with a minimum deposit of about $250.

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