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Summer Fashion Trend Alert! – Women’s PLUS SIZED JUMPSUIT & ROMPERS


They re-appeared on the fashion scene several years ago and initially were received with mixed reviews. But I have to admit, women’s rompers and PLUS SIZED JUMPSUIT & ROMPERS have indeed grown on me! I used to joke and refer to them as “baby clothes” – but as tends dictates – they are anything but kid-like! From dressy rompers, suitable for a night out with the girls – to more casual styles, for a day in the park or at the beach…these throwbacks are making a come-back!

There are many people who have varying opinions on rompers. Rompers are similar to jumpsuits; however, they tend to be shorts rather than long pants. A romper may have short sleeves or it may be sleeveless. It is possible to find rompers that have three-quarter-length sleeves. This season, they are being seen primarily in bright, solid colors, and they are also being seen with military-inspired accents.

Constructed Of Jersey Or Cotton

They are generally constructed of jersey or cotton. Though you will find more dressy sets made of silk and poly/rayon blends. Many women view ropers as comfortable loungewear for the home or a vacation. However, there are very few workplaces that would allow a woman to wear such a garment, so don’t press your luck and think you can wear one to work!

Rompers tend to be highly fitted garments, and they can be quite unforgiving to a woman’s figure. You’ll definitely find plus size rompers, however – whether you be a size 2 or 18…it’s best to wear some sort of foundation garment or women’s body girdle (like Spanx) just to keep things smoothed down. There are women who believe that if a person is overweight, she should not wear one because it tends to emphasize bulges or extra body fat. However, it is possible to find jumpers that are designed for larger women. It is mostly a matter of what a woman is comfortable wearing.

jumpsuits May Have Short Sleeves,

Women’s jumpsuits can vary in length. They may be pants length or end in a Capri style length. Jumpsuits may have short sleeves, be sleeveless, or have a spaghetti strap style top. Jumpsuits, for the 2010/2011 fashion season, may be constructed of almost any type of material, including silk, cotton, jersey, or denim. This season, they are commonly paired with gladiator sandals or espadrilles. Unlike ropers, jumpsuits are seen on the runway in an explosion of different patterns and colors. Another popular feature of jumpsuits this season is a belted waistline. This is quite flattering to slim figures, and it is quite effective at producing an hourglass figure for women who do not have one. Jumpsuits are generally most flattering on slim women; however, if you are comfortable wearing one, then rock it.

Online Catalogues Article Source:

Accessing sites on the internet has become one of the easiest ways of buying clothing. Plus-size jumpsuits cater to women by uploading multiple images of a variety of outfits. Today, a woman of size 14 or size 22 can find the same outfit online. Image uploads help women further to check and see whether a particular outfit will suit their body type. The key to good fashion sense is being able to highlight your curves and other assets while de-emphasizing other problem areas. Customized dresses can help you achieve just that and they will work wonders for your confidence.

Wide Range of Options

Plus-size boutiques help women to try out various outfits for all kinds of occasions. Women can make a unique fashion statement based on the fabric type, color, or design of their choosing. These boutiques also offer regular discounts to loyal customers which makes it financially worthwhile. The staff in these outlets also have been trained to provide the right kind of fashion advice. You can choose between your favorite colors and designers after deciding on your budget. The range of designs and attires on offer is truly eclectic and consumers can go in for skirts, jeans, pants, jumpsuits, sweaters, and rompers.

Confidence Booster

The arrival of affordable plus-size clothing has been a huge confidence booster for plus-size women. The fact that these outfits today are endorsed by a number of celebrities further adds value to their presence. If you are reluctant to try out high-street fashion, make it a point to play it safe in the beginning. Once you develop the confidence to pull off any kind of outfit, you will automatically start to improvise with experience.

Fashion Tips

When you are shopping in plus size Rompers & Jumpers, there are some fashion tips you can follow to zero in on the right type of clothes. For starters, full-figured women should avoid tapered pants or jeans. These cone-shaped outfits do not provide a streamlined look and will make the legs appear larger.

Garment Industry Revolution

Modern designers have fully realized the need to cater to plus-size women. Garment companies today have their own size charts where they produce a wide range of outfits that help to enhance the beautiful bodies of full-figured women, rather than to try and hide it.

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