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Steps To Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 1304

On a Windows PC, QuickBooks error 1304 can appear during the program’s CD-based installation. Additionally, you can see the error when upgrading your software or updating it to the most recent maintenance version. When an error occurs, it affects multiple Windows applications in addition to QuickBooks’ functionality. Numerous factors may contribute to error 1304 in QuickBooks. Read this blog post through to the conclusion to learn some crucial facts about this problematic error code.

QuickBooks Error Code 1304: Description

You can see the QuickBooks error message 1304, which reads “Error writing to file [THBImg45.dll],” on your screen while installing QuickBooks software from a CD. Make sure you can access that directory. Depending on which file is causing the problem, there may be another file name in the bracket. Error: 1304 is primarily caused by problems with the installation CD. However, there are some other reasons to be aware of that could result in QuickBooks writing to file error 1304.

What Causes Error 1304 During QuickBooks Installation?

The following are some reasons why you might be unable to install QB software or update it to the newest version:

  • The installation files distributed on the CD by the QB installer cannot be read by it.
  • The installation CD may possibly have problems that cause QB error 1304
  • While updating QuickBooks, a damaged Microsoft.NET Framework may potentially result in an issue.

Intuit QB Error Code 1304 Effects

When an error happens, a quickly appearing error message crashes the currently open window.

With error code 1304, it halts the QuickBooks installation process. Because of the problem, QuickBooks stops functioning correctly, and might not be able to carry out your accounting tasks using the software. The system also becomes unresponsive, and no input is sent to the console.

How Do I Fix Error 1304 With QuickBooks Update?

Solution 1: Transfer Installation Files, Folders, and Setup to Local Storage on Your Computer

  • To finish the installation process and prevent any data disruption, you must copy the entire installation software, including all files and directories, to your computer’s local storage.
  • Place the CD in the CD ROM of your computer. (Click Quit if the installation has started right away.)
  • Next, right-click any place on your desktop that is empty.
  • Place your cursor over New, then choose Folder from the list.
  • Put “QBInstall” in the folder’s name.
  • Double-click CD Drive in Windows File Explorer to open it.
  • By hitting your keyboard’s CTRL+A and CTRL+C keys at the same time, you can select all files.
  • Open the newly created folder QBInstall once more, then use CTRL+V to paste the copied files there.
  • Once all files have been transferred, locate the setup.exe file and double-click it to begin the installation.

Continue with the following troubleshooting step if QuickBooks problem 1304 “error writing to file” continues.

Solution 2: Reinstall or repair a damaged Microsoft.NET Framework

The effective installation and operation of the QuickBooks program depend on certain Microsoft Components like MSXML, C++, and.NET Framework. You must fix the damaged.NET Framework if QB error 1304 occurs when the software is being installed.

Download the Microsoft.NET Framework Fix Tool from the internet, and then use the tool to repair the component. You may discover additional information about the tool, including system requirements, installation guidelines, and other specifics, on the same website.

Solution 3: Advanced Data Settings (Restore manually)

The user can try the Expert user resolution as a backup option if the first strategy doesn’t work. The stages involved in this process are as follows:

  • The initial step of the process is to log in as the system operator.
  • Press the start key after that. Select Restore settings after selecting All Programs > System Tools > Accessories.
  • The user must then select “Restore my computer to an earlier mature” from the expanding box.
  • Restructure Reduction from “On the list, select a modernize reduction list” to “On the list, click a modernize reduction list” and then “Next.”
  • You need to restart the system after the repair is complete.

Solution 4: Use the installation CD to replace the installation files.

To resolve the issue, the user can use the installation CD to swap out the installation files. Normally, you can achieve this by taking the actions listed below:

  • The installation files must first be copied from the CD to the hard drive.
  • Install QuickBooks now using the relocated directories.
  • The user should next open the QuickBooks folder, which is where the files were essentially copied.
  • To begin the activation process, double-click the setup.exe file.
  • The installation must be completed by following the onscreen instructions.


It is strongly advised to try all aforementioned fixes to fix QuickBooks Error Code 1304. However, not all users may find success with these remedies because the damage is so severe and calls for professional advice and QuickBooks assistance.

Our Intuit QuickBooks Error Support Team assist you in fixing this error and manually repairing all the crucial files. The procedure takes a little longer than usual, but there is no better option available. You can contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks error support to speak with one of our QuickBooks Experts or ProAdvisors. We are pleased to assist you.

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