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Some Clear-Cut Indications that Show You Have Become Spendthrift

You cannot take the money and money habits for granted, as both acts according to the treatment you give to your personal finances. Sometimes we miss understanding or tracking our financial habits and become spendthrift.

There are many reasons to make us spend extravagantly; similarly, many signs can tell you are a victim of spending too much.

Signs showing that you have become spendthrift

Detection of the factors may help to improve the circumstances at the right time and prevent a messed up financial life in the future.

You keep giving reasons for spending money

  • Those who cannot control spending always want to spend more, more and more. It becomes their addiction to throw money on anything but have a solid reason to do that. Do you also relate to this kind of psychological condition? If yes, then you have become a spendthrift person.
  • Usually, the desire to spend a lot is provoked due to blurred differences between desires and needs. The weekend parties become more critical than expenses. Expensive clothes become more important than savings.
  • In short, you are driven mainly by the temporary conditions and that too for the causes that are not important. It can be a mental condition where the mind keeps giving excuses to take money from the wallet or bag. Only you can change yourself in such circumstances because no one else can bear the condition of your money crisis.
  • Spendthrift people always tell the stories of the complications of their lives, and their ultimate solution is always some expense. They keep showing that there are many difficulties and need more money to make things normal.

Poor debt management and multiple missed or delayed payments

You frequently miss the repayments, or to be more exact. You do intentionally miss the instalments. Sometimes the bad money habits also make you forget the dates of the repayments. When spending money becomes more important than anything else, it happens now and then.

Poor debt management

  • You should not forget that this habit leaves the first impact on the credit score performance, and the credit score degrades. You cannot get even a short-term loan if you continue to have a poor credit situation.
  • Here is an example – Your close friend is getting married, and you have committed him a gift just like spendthrift people do. But the credit score is poor, or even you have a County Court Judgement (CCJ). As a financial solution, you plan to get CCJ loans with no guarantor from a direct lender.  Due to consistently missed repayments, you get rejection. Will that be good for your plans?
  • Another sign is that you start taking too many short-term loans for no or almost every reason. The ultimate result is multiple debts, which affect the overall finances. Sometimes for wedding gifts, for a luxury stay in a hotel, to buy new home textiles, your mind is always ready for some reason. With such a habit, forget about the mortgage you cannot even get small loans.

You make a joke of those who save money

Oh, it is an annoying feature of the spendthrift people and if you also have this habit, then in place of other sensible people, changes yourself. Those who are saving today will laugh at you. They are sure to enjoy prosperity with the consistent habit of saving money, and at that time, you are also sure to feel the difference between good habits and bad habits.

  • It is always tricky for the spendthrift people to digest the concept of saving or investment. They always mention thousands of reasons not to save. In their eyes, those who follow self-discipline in life always have to face criticism from those who throw money. The most important thing is that they only have the same stereotypical reasons to avoid saving money.
  • It is better to start saving your additional money because the faster you embrace the correct habits, the brighter will be the financial future. You need to change your mind if you continuously insult people who are smart in money management. They can teach practical lessons on starting as a beginner and what to do with the failures.
  • Spendthrift people usually have a low or no balance in the bank account, so they do not want to talk about savings. They even hate people who manage money smartly. It is again a mental situation and also the core of human nature. First, we make mistakes in life or a sure thing, and when we see others doing good in the same aspect, we feel jealous and frustrated.

Not making a budget for household expenses

Budgeting is the most challenging task for people who spend carelessly. Can you relate to this? Well, if yes, then it is better to talk about your expenses here. Why is it so difficult to budget every month? Have you ever tried it? If not, then at least start it.

  • Everything takes time, and budgeting habit also takes some effort. If you keep trying, surely smart management of funds is possible. Do not worry about failure. It can happen anytime but learn to get up.
  • Some people even have ego issues, which means they do not want to start budgeting because they have established a carefree identity. If they start saving or budgeting, the others will ask, ‘finally, you have improved habits’.
  • To organise the spending behaviour, it is necessary to plan the future expenses, and budgeting is the best tool. The moment you embrace it, your personal finances improve.

In the Nutshell

You can avoid all the above signs, change your spendthrift habit, and enjoy a happy, prosperous life. Save and feel proud to make a budget and get control of personal finances.

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