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Serious Mistakes When Moving Yourself

Most people don’t move very often. That is, many who are about to move will for the first time decide for themselves the task of collecting, preparing, and transporting things. And some have experienced, but not entirely successful – packing things in a hurry, at night, irresponsible movers, lost boxes or broken things … How to avoid repeating mistakes? How to prepare for the move “perfectly”? Sure there are professional moving services or just local moving services that will help you with this period. Because no one can do this job as perfectly as a moving company.

For everyone who is waiting for a change of location in the future, we have prepared the TOP mistakes and described how to avoid them.

Mistakes in preparation while moving.

As you know, the preparatory stage is perhaps the most important. What “thin places” can you expect?

  • Last minute fees.

Perhaps this is the most common problem. Moving people rarely can accurately estimate the volume of things, and, accordingly, calculate the time to pack them. Perhaps you think that you can do it in a couple of evenings? Try to experiment with packing things from the mezzanine or from a small closet. You will see how much time this can take! Therefore, we always insist – please start preparations at least 2 weeks before the expected date.

  • Refusal to dismantle furniture.

Heavy, large items are easier, faster, and safer to carry unassembled. If you intend to load your belongings into the car yourself, don’t put your health in danger! At the very least, disassemble the furniture into its component parts! Yes, and if you intend to entrust this task to movers, preliminary disassembly will allow you to quickly take furniture out of the apartment, put it more compactly in the back of a car, and reduce the risk of damage during transportation.

  • Savings on the packaging.

We run into this often! There are a lot of ideas for savings – ask for used boxes of dubious quality at the nearest store, buy the most budgetary packaging materials at a construction hypermarket, or wrap fragile items in the stretch film instead of bubble wrap. All this is a direct path to property damage, chips, scratches, and, as a result, spoiled mood and losses. 

  • Lack of marking.

Many people neglect to label altogether or put short labels on the boxes like “kitchen” or “clothes”. But this is not enough! consider this: once you’ve moved into your new home, you’ll be greeted by a slew of identical boxes and faceless bundles. Finding the perfect item will become a test or a lottery. Sign the boxes in detail during packing (or make sure that the assistants follow this rule), and in the new house, you will reduce the time for unpacking by several times!

  • Complete denial of preparation.

It occurs when people who are moving decide to use the turnkey moving service. The moving company really takes care of the maximum. For example, prepare the essentials so that the move itself and the first hours after it are comfortable for you. It may be worth sorting things and getting rid of everything superfluous in advance so as not to carry unnecessary things to a new house. And be sure to pack all the valuables yourself – documents, jewelry, money, etc. These are the minimum steps to prepare for the move, which you should still do yourself.

Errors related to the organization of work.

If the upcoming movie is even a little bigger than moving a couple of boxes, then you will almost certainly need helpers and a truck. Their choice should be approached responsibly. What are the most common mistakes you make at this stage?

  • Cooperation with unreliable loaders.

Now the Internet is full of ads and offers. If one of your priorities is budget, then the temptation to choose the cheapest movers is very strong. However, these are the people you trust with all your things. They must be neat and reliable, and have relevant experience – for example, in assembling furniture or packing things. And even if you do not plan to trust the assistants with anything other than loading and unloading the car, in no case agree to cooperate without concluding an agreement. Check-in advance that the document contains the necessary items relating to the contractor’s liability for the safety of your property, as well as tariffs for all types of work.

  • Use of a car or tilt car.

The first option – transportation by car – is suitable only if you plan to transport a very small amount of property. Let’s say a few boxes of stuff and no large items.

We categorically do not recommend using unreliable trucks with tents. Only specialized furniture vans equipped with a system of fastening belts in the body are suitable for transporting furniture and equipment. They will provide reliable and safe transportation of things.

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