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Selling on Amazon – Setting Up Your Store on Amazon Seller Central

If you’re considering selling your goods on Amazon, you need to get familiar with the various features and costs of this marketplace. In this article, you’ll learn about the set-up process and costs. You’ll also learn how to use the Amazon seller calculator, which can help you calculate your potential profit. This tool accounts for various factors such as advertising budget, referral fees, and overheads.

Selling on Amazon

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Amazon, you’ll first have to register. You’ll need an email address and a password. After completing the registration process, Amazon will verify your information. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of weeks. During this time, your account may go inactive. If this happens, you can contact the Amazon Seller Central support team to resubmit your identity verification documents.

If you’re just starting out, selling on Amazon is a good way to promote your products and increase your store’s sales. It’s also possible to list your products in minutes, making it easy for even beginners to start selling on Amazon. And, unlike retail stores and established brands, you don’t need a lot of capital to start selling on Amazon. You can even sell products with limited budgets if you’re willing to get creative.


There are a variety of fees that you need to keep in mind when setting up a store on Amazon Seller Central. These fees may include referral charges, storage costs, and even premium account services. The cost of these fees can easily exceed your sales. It is best to study them carefully and factor them into your costs.

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Central can help you keep costs down and improve your business. It offers more benefits than you might realize. For example, it enables you to forecast demand and keep prices competitive during the holiday season. Furthermore, you’ll be able to modify product prices as long as you meet their minimum fulfillment charges. In addition, selling on Seller Central is inexpensive for small businesses.


Amazon Seller Central allows merchants to sell products to Amazon customers directly. Sellers create a profile with the online marketplace and can choose between a professional seller or private seller account. Professional seller accounts require a monthly fee and provide additional features, like analytics tools and preferred marketing treatment. However, there are certain things to know before signing up for either of these accounts.

The Listing Quality Dashboard lets you see key product information and make suggestions to make your products more appealing to customers. This tool focuses on increasing product discoverability, improving customer experience, and reducing returns. It also allows you to view how many people have bought your products and what they bought.


Once you have set-up your Amazon Seller Central account, you can begin loading products into it. After you have finished loading your products, you need to decide whether to send them directly to Amazon or fulfill them yourself. This can be a difficult decision, but more clients are opting to send their products to Amazon.

If you’ve never used Amazon Seller Central before, you may find it difficult to navigate through it. Luckily, Amazon has a dedicated help page with a number of helpful documents, as well as a support community. This is a place where new and experienced sellers can ask questions and receive answers from other merchants. The support page also contains case logs to help you troubleshoot any problems that you may encounter.


In the middle of your Seller Central page, you can find a widget that displays information about your recent transactions and customer feedback. It also shows you how many cases you have logged, and the balance you owe Amazon. You can also view your recent sales from your Amazon store, and the status of your orders through Seller Fulfilled or FBA.

In order to make the most of these widgets, you need to ensure that they match the product detail page and are delivered on time. In addition, Amazon will want to ensure that they arrive in the condition they were advertised in. So it’s important to have a plan for such events.


Sellers who need assistance with their business should consult Amazon’s Seller Central support team. This team can help them during the registration process and once they have been approved as an Amazon seller. Depending on their situation, they can choose to sell their products directly, utilize Amazon’s warehouses, or sell and ship independently.

While it’s convenient to contact Amazon, it can be frustrating to receive no response from the support team. Amazon’s agents sometimes fail to understand your case because they miss certain details, such as screenshots or attachments. Additionally, their agents often do not respond to email inquiries, which can cause you to get stuck waiting for an answer.

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