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Reasons to Invest in Sustainable Packaging in E-Commerce

Investing in eco-friendly e-commerce packaging is one way to save the planet, but it can do even more. As sustainability becomes an increasingly important issue, showing that you are a company that cares about the packaging of its products can be a crucial differentiator. According to Nielsen’s “Green is the new black” study released in 2019, about 32% of consumers make sustainability one of their top three concerns. It is because more and more consumers realize that the waste produced and thrown away, especially regular plastic, does not last long. The planet desperately needs a solution, and investing in sustainable packaging such as folding carton packaging could be an essential step in that direction.

What is sustainable packaging?

Also known as eco-friendly packaging, it is packaging that uses processes that have a low impact on the environment. It is also environmentally friendly when disposed of, as it is recyclable and can be reused in other products. Its primary function is to replace conventional packaging made of traditional plastic. Despite its widespread use, it is very harmful to the environment.

Why invest in environmentally friendly packaging?

Investing in environmentally friendly packaging should be a good value for money, both from an environmental and economic point of view. We analyzed the benefits of focusing on this and realized that it is worth doing.

The benefits of investing in sustainable packaging are:

Importance to the environment

First, the introduction of sustainable packaging in e-commerce is in line with the environmental impacts that various studies and organizations have warned about. The planet can no longer cope with the amount of waste produced today, especially non-biodegradable waste. This waste tends to flow into nature and the oceans, destroying habitats, affecting production, fishing, and tourism, and causing social and economic damage on a global scale.

Social responsibility

Positioning itself as an environmentally sustainable brand sends a message to the market about social responsibility. After all, society is facing the consequences of what is happening to the planet, and we can all do something about it.

Brand recognition

Environmentally conscious companies can improve public perception of their brands by showing that they genuinely care about sustainability. As noted above, sustainability is one of the top concerns of nearly one-third of the market, and therefore, sustainable brands are at the top of the list.

Chain reaction

An e-commerce company’s introduction of a sustainability package served as an example. Combined with communication and education initiatives, this can also have a synergistic effect by drawing attention to issues such as recycling and the intended use of plastics.

Market diversification

With more and more people wanting to support environmentally friendly brands, investing in eco-friendly packaging can be a competitive advantage for your e-commerce business. In a market where few companies take this approach, making a change can instantly differentiate your business from the competition.

Increased sales

Imagine the reaction of an environmentally conscious consumer when they hold a product with packaging that is fully compliant with sustainable practices. Chances are they will have a positive experience and want to share it with others!”. The more of you there are, the more customers you will have. And more customers, which means more sales. So, there are many benefits to investing in sustainable packaging. But what alternatives are there on the market? Let’s talk about it now!

How is folding carton packaging used today?

Folding Carton packaging has become an integral part of store shelves worldwide. There are many reasons to consider paper packaging when choosing the design and presentation of your products, including

Environmentally friendly packaging

Today’s consumers are doing everything they can to be responsible stewards of the planet. That means buying and using packaging made from recycled materials such as kraft paper. Kraft paper is made from at least 75% paper from sustainable sources and products. It means that choosing corrugated paper for your products is an environmentally friendly solution that will have a positive impact on your brand and business.

High shelf appeal

Beautiful packaging is what we call “shelf appeal.” A well-designed fabric box also helps establish your brand with consumers and is a sign of quality and consistency. They also provide ample space for brand messages. Packaging design tells your story, highlights product benefits, showcases promotions, and demonstrates social responsibility through environmentally friendly packaging. The possibilities are endless.

More and more companies are becoming environmentally friendly.

Why invest in more expensive eco-friendly packaging? Being environmentally friendly is an important part of our lifestyle, but it should also be a benchmark for consumers. As mentioned above, sustainability is the third most important concern for consumers. And this trend is growing. Sustainable brands are also popular with the general public. So much so that they have become a trademark for companies.

If few companies are striving to make all of their packaging processes sustainable, why not go a step further? Offering environmentally friendly packaging can be a business differentiator. As business leaders become more aware of the importance of this issue, the demand for environmentally friendly products will increase. Common sense dictates that this will result in lower product prices. Everyone wins, especially the planet.

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