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Neon Genesis Speed: Evangelion Car Wrap


In the world of automotive customization, car wraps have become a fascinating canvas for car enthusiasts to transform their vehicles into works of art. From sleek matte black finishes to vibrant and eye-catching designs, car wraps allow owners to express their individuality on four wheels. One of the most intriguing and iconic themes to emerge in recent years is the “Neon Genesis Evangelion” car wrap. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of these unique wraps, exploring their origins, designs, and the cultural impact they’ve made.

The Genesis of Evangelion:

“Neon Genesis Evangelion,” often abbreviated as “Evangelion,” is a groundbreaking Japanese anime series created by Hideaki Anno. Originally released in 1995, it quickly gained a cult following worldwide for its complex storyline, psychological themes, and mecha battles. The series explores the emotional struggles of its young protagonists as they pilot giant biomechanical robots known as Evangelions to protect Earth from enigmatic beings known as Angels.

Fast forward to today, and “Evangelion” remains a beloved and influential series, inspiring countless spin-offs, merchandise, and fan tributes. Among these tributes, the “Evangelion” car wrap has emerged as a distinctive way for fans to pay homage to the series.

The Design Aesthetic:

The “Neon Genesis Evangelion” car wrap draws inspiration from the series’ unique visual style and iconic imagery. Key design elements often include:

  • Eva Unit-01: The Evangelion Unit-01, with its distinctive purple and green color scheme, is a central figure in the series. Car wraps often feature this mecha prominently, either as a full-body wrap or as a focal point on the vehicle’s hood or sides.
  • NERV Logo: The NERV logo, representing the secret organization in the series, frequently makes an appearance on the wrap. Its stark black and white design contrasts beautifully with the vibrant Eva Unit-01 colors.
  • Evangelion Eyes: The eerie, glowing eyes of the Evangelions are a recurring motif. They can be incorporated into the design, adding an element of otherworldly mystique to the vehicle.
  • Text and Typography: Quotes and phrases from the series are often integrated into the wrap’s design. These can include famous lines like “I mustn’t run away” or “Congratulations.” The typography chosen often mimics the series’ distinctive title font.

Cultural Impact:

The “Neon Genesis Evangelion” car wrap has transcended the boundaries of anime fandom and resonated with car enthusiasts and pop culture aficionados alike. Here’s why it has made such a significant cultural impact:

  • Unique Expression: Car wraps are a form of self-expression, and the “Evangelion” theme allows fans to showcase their love for the series while standing out on the road.
  • Conversation Starter: These wraps are a conversation starter wherever they go. Fellow fans and curious onlookers are eager to strike up conversations about the series, fostering a sense of community among enthusiasts.
  • Pop Culture Mashup: The fusion of automotive culture and anime creates a fascinating crossover that appeals to a broad audience, from fans of high-performance vehicles to those intrigued by the world of “Evangelion.”


The “Neon Genesis Evangelion” anime car wraps are a testament to the enduring influence of the series on popular culture. It combines the passion of anime fans with the creativity of car enthusiasts, resulting in visually striking and conversation-worthy vehicles. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of “Evangelion” or simply appreciate the artistry of car customization, these wraps offer a unique and exhilarating way to celebrate one of anime’s most iconic creations on the open road.


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