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Is Cloud Hosting Best for Bloggers?

The plans for cloud hosting in India are now being disclosed by hosting businesses. According to bloggers, shared Linux hosting is the most cost-effective hosting option for a blog with little traffic or a new blog. The hosting menu’s cloud hosting section is now at the top. The rigid criteria of CPU and Memory allocation depending on the chosen plan are also included. Should bloggers switch to cloud hosting then?

Shared Linux Hosting – What Do You Understand By It?

Shared hosting is the most practical method for hosting numerous websites on a single Linux server. The in question server is a Linux-based Web Server. A web server is a device or computer that manages a website or distributes web pages to users online.

A single Linux Web Server may host several WordPress-style websites. The only restriction is placed by the hardware of the server. Low-traffic blogs use relatively few resources. Hosting providers, therefore, attempt to cram as many blogs as they can onto a single server.

Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers


The demand for resources on your shared server increases as traffic increases. Your hosting provider will call you at this point and ask you to increase your plan or, better yet, choose a dedicated server. Investing in a dedicated server is still unaffordable. You can also buy a VPS, or virtual private server, to act as a middleman.

Using virtualization, this technique separates a physical server into several virtual servers. Then, each virtual server may be purchased by a different client. As if they were working on a dedicated server, the client has the same level of access and freedom. Each virtual server shares resources with the underlying real server.

What Precisely are Clouds?


Over time, the definition of a cloud has changed. Any data kept on the local hard drive is called local storage. The term “cloud storage” or “Cloud” refers to the network location where data is kept. This, however, is an outdated definition. The cloud now offers you a full computer, replete with an operating system and software tools, as opposed to merely storage. It is referred to as cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing, Exactly?


A photographer wants to use Adobe Photoshop to alter pictures. This requires a computer with Windows and Photoshop installed. It is necessary to purchase and license all of this equipment and software.

Then Adobe decides to update Photoshop with ground-breaking new capabilities. Our photographer needs to upgrade to the most recent version to compete with his employers and clientele. He pays for hardware and software updates that are no longer necessary due to the more recent version of Photoshop.

Microsoft will update the following year. He must once more spend money on PC hardware improvements. After installing the required RAM and processor upgrades, he finds that Adobe Photoshop has some compatibility difficulties and won’t launch. Problems for our photographer have just begun.

So, What Precisely is Cloud Hosting in India?


The shared hosting provider maintains its servers there. To access the Cpanel, you are utilizing a remote connection. Thus, it is the cloud. In no way.

You only have access to a Linux server that has been set up as a web server on the servers of your hosting company. The client is responsible for installing any extra hardware or software that is necessary.

On the slip side, cloud hosting in India will give you access to a variety of all accessible software tools in addition to the Linux Server so you can host your web application or website. The hosting bundle includes each of these tools. Additional software development tools are not required.

Cloud hosting in India provides scalability. Let’s go back to the shared Linux hosting idea. If you wish to switch to a dedicated server or upgrade your plan, you must go through a risky and time-consuming migration process that is also technically challenging. For users of cloud hosting plans, upgrades are straightforward. The website never experiences even a brief outage.

Is Cloud Hosting in India Suitable for Bloggers?

By offering better and more seamless management and integration of hardware and software, cloud hosting will provide your blog with a competitive edge. The benefits offered by cloud hosting, however, are not worth the price at this time.

Web and app developers will leverage cloud hosting in India to offer services to their clients through their websites. They are not, however, actual bloggers.

A shared hosting account, dedicated server, or virtual server ought to be able to handle heavy traffic on your blog.

Final Thought:

In this era of digitalization, the cloud is already on the boom. Several organizations leverage it for better website performance and several other benefits to beat this competitive world. But, the question is, is cloud suitable for bloggers? Well, this whole article is based on this particular question. But to be short, yes! Cloud hosting in India is better for bloggers because of its numerous benefits.

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