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iPhone 12 Repair: The Common iPhone 12 Problems and How to Fix Them

Apple has seen enormous success with the iPhone 12 series, releasing 100 million phones in just over seven months. The iPhone 12 is not perfect, though; seven months after its release, several of the device’s problems are still unresolved. Here is a list of some of the most typical iPhone 12 problems and solutions.

No smartphone is flawless, and all of them have their own set of concerns. Since Apple sells millions of iPhones globally every month, these problems are aggravated even more. While some of the problems are not major, others might be a deal-breaker for you. Thankfully, some of these problems are simple to fix, and there are solutions for others. While for other major problems you can always visit the nearest authorized iPhone 12 repair center. See some of the most typical iPhone 12 problems and solutions below.

Common iPhone 12 Issues and their Fixes

  1. Display Issues

There were complaints of a green tint and flickering issues with the iPhone 12’s display when it initially went on sale. Apple acknowledged the problem and later released an iOS 14 update to address it. However, some people occasionally voice their complaints regarding the green tint issue on their iPhone 12.

Make sure to upgrade your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro to the most recent version of iOS if you are experiencing display problems as well. All of your device’s display issues should be resolved as a result. If not, try adjusting the brightness to see if that eliminates the green tint and flickering problems.

Your iPhone 12 may have a hardware problem if none of these fixes work, in which case you should take it to an Apple Store or Apple-authorized iPhone 12 repair center for repair.

  1. Display getting scratched easily

Without a screen protector, several iPhone 12 customers have reported that the screen is easily scratched. Since the iPhone 12 comes with Ceramic Shield, the world’s most durable glass, many people are astonished by this. This is also the cause of the iPhone 12’s display’s susceptibility to scratches. The glass needs to soften, making it more vulnerable to scratches, to attain a particular level of durability.

Applying a screen protector is the only way to stop your iPhone 12’s display from quickly getting scratched. Fortunately, there are many screen protector options available for the iPhone 12. You can buy a good screen protector from any iPhone repair Jammu.

  1. Battery not charging to 100%

Your iPhone 12 might not charge completely even when it was left to charge overnight. This is not due to an iOS bug or an issue with your iPhone 12. Instead, iOS’s Optimized Charging function is in action.

The battery charging rate is optimized by this feature to lengthen the battery’s life. According to your usage and charging habits, your iPhone 12 will charge to 80% before delaying charging till 100% to maximize battery life.

  1. Slow wireless charging speeds

The wireless charging rate for the iPhone 12 series has been increased by Apple to 15W. However, most users are unaware that using a MagSafe charger is the only way to get quicker wireless charging speeds. Your iPhone 12 will continue to charge at a painfully slow rate of 7.5W with all other non-MagSafe chargers.

If your iPhone 12 is charging slowly even with a MagSafe charger, make sure it is a genuine Apple accessory. There are several inexpensive MagSafe wireless chargers available on Amazon and in your local store, but there’s a good chance they won’t function properly after a few weeks of use.

  1. Battery drain and poor battery life

With the iPhone 12 series, Apple did not boast of any battery life improvements. However, the majority of iPhone 12 owners have observed that due to significant battery drain, their new phone does not last as long as their old one.

The problem wasn’t as severe when the iPhone 12 initially came out, but the excessive battery drain can quickly empty the battery of your iPhone 12.

Updates to iOS 14 are the problem in this case. Compared to the initial iOS 14 public release, subsequent point releases of the OS have had a negative effect on the battery life of the iPhone 12 and other older iPhones. Battery life often decreases by an hour or more with regular use, which is noticeable.

With iOS 14.7, Apple appears to have addressed some of the battery draining issues. You can try installing the update to see if it resolves the battery drain issues with your iPhone 12.

  1. Lens flare issue

On the iPhone 12 series, Apple changed to a lens with a larger aperture. This has significantly enhanced both the performance of low-light imaging and the overall clarity of pictures and videos. Nevertheless, several iPhone 12 owners have reported experiencing lens flaring while shooting pictures with their gadgets.

The problem of lens flare is not particularly new; earlier iPhone models also had this problem. On the iPhone 12 series, the issue appears to be more severe. Sadly, there isn’t a patch or a solution for this issue.

The lens flare problem mostly occurs when you point the iPhone’s camera directly at a light source or the sun. To ensure that the lens flare does not appear in your photographs, you can avoid this. Or you may use the lens flare to your advantage and add a little bit of flare to your pictures.


The above are some common iPhone 12 Pro issues, but you may run into other problems. Always make sure you have the most recent iOS update installed as your initial step. If there are any further problems with your iPhone 12 Pro that weren’t already mentioned it is best to visit an authorized iPhone 12 repair center.

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